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So are you curious to see what I have in my lockers at work? I suspect I have some readers (out of the 1100 - 1200 plus daily) that read my blog because my life and what I do is different from theirs and that makes some curios. I don't sit in a cubicle or by a desk, wearing the typical office attire. When I arrive at work I start with touching up my make up. That involves maybe applying a little more eye shadow and a black thin line of eye shadow on the bottom of my fake lashes to blend them in, a coat of mascara and maybe some lipstick and gloss for the evening. Lately I have been wearing a rose scented lip balm from DIOR. Back in the day I used to put on foundation and loose powder, I stopped with that a long time ago. I like my skin better natural and the foundation application took way too long. I never use blush or any kind of contouring techniques. Sometimes I apply a shimmery highlighter on my cheekbones. Then I change into whatever I choose to wear for the evening. I might add some bracelets, a necklace, earrings or my belly chain. A few spritzes of VIVA La Juicy or some lotion.
And I am done.
So I start with picking out a bra and panty. Here are all my bra's. They come from either Victoria's Secret (8), Fredrick's Of Hollywood (3) or Betsey Johnson (3).

Sometimes I choose a triangle top bra. I got those at various stores in Vegas that sell dancer attire. Like Strings By Judith.

Here are my panties. I only wear Honey Dew's at work, low rise boy short cut. I have duplicates of a few and I didn't bother including the duplicates in the pics. I am always on the lookout for a new cute bra and a new color/style of Honey Dew's. I can't have enough. Right now I only have 24 pairs to choose from.

I keep the stuff I wear at work separate from my panties and bras I wear outside of work. I prefer sports bras when I am not at work and Hanky Panky thongs.
Then I pick a shoe. I rotate between three pairs. The height? 7 inches. So yes, I appear to be very tall but I am 5'9 without heels.

I also have some boots. I have not yet used them at work but I have put them to use in some photo shoots. If you want to see some of the pics write the word boots in my search engine.

I have a large collection of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Too many to line up and photograph. I keep all of the shiny stuff like this.

Sometimes I wear leg warmers. I have a black pair and a light pink pair. I bought them in a store that outfits ballerinas. They are really long but I scrunch them so they reach a few inches over my knee. All of this I keep separated and organized in bins in my two lockers and all the shoes and my regular clothes (that I put in a bag) I keep in a third locker. I also have some small sweaters/cardigans (five I think) that I keep folded up in a box in the third locker but I rarely wear them so I didn't bother taking a pic of them either.

You can see some things hanging in the upper corner in one of the lockers, those are garters. We have to wear a garter on the main stage, it's some kind of a law.
Then I have all the small towels that I sit on. I never sit down on a chair with my barely covered behind without a towel. I don't want any germs. Also baby wipes. I clean my shoes with them and all kinds of other things....... ;-) A bottle of rubbing alcohol in case I do feel like I need to wipe myself clean, after being on a dirty stage for example.
Some Lysol. I spray down the guys with Lysol before I dance for them, like I said.......
I don't want any germs. They never object to being sprayed down, they are too busy admiring my fake eye lashes and all my other attributes.

And then of course my perfume, lotion, deodorant, gum. And a Barbie horn. If people don't throw enough money at me I pull that out and honk it in their ear until they fork up at least an additional $ 50. I am a tyrant. And I always get my way.

That is my inventory at work..........Now you know!


This is so typical. I am at work and there is one guy here. One! This is how it was last Monday too, so slow that I didn't even bother changing into what I wear at work.
And the nights when I choose to stay home always turn out to be the good nights, like last night for example I heard. It's always like that. You have to work every night to not miss out on the good nights or to even out the good nights with the bad. I only work every night when I go out of town to work. That is my only mission then, to work.
When I am in town I don't have the willingness to work every night. Staying at home......and I have a nice home by the way, with Chhaya and a book or a movie is just as necessary as working. So I am at work, sitting on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket, listening to music and waiting to go home. I am so not in the mood for this right now.
If nobody shows up and it is slow I get bored and absolutely not in the mood to be entertaining and chatty if somebody does decide to show up right before closing.
Then I just want to go home. I bet that if I don't show up here tomorrow I will hear later that it was a good night. Sigh........ I am hungry, cranky and wish I was at home. Bleh.


I have to tell you about some random chick that tried to kiss me at work the other night. I was siting at the bar talking to a friend, there were two girls sitting to my left, one which I know a little and one that I have never seen before. All of a sudden I feel somebody reach around me, like around my face and I turned around and this girl sitting to my left that I have never seen before grabs me behind my neck and moves in on me and tries to kiss me. All I see is her half open mouth inches away from mine coming closer. WTF?! I pushed her away and asked her what she was doing. Like get away from me! Yuck! I don't even know you! She was just some random chick in there. Drunk. Decided that she wanted to make out or something. Maybe kiss a girl and look cool in front of her friends. I don't know. Well, NOT with me. I take kissing seriously and I don't have any random hook ups or make out sessions with people, even though I am a stripper a few nights a week. I know........can you believe that??! Being a stripper doesn't mean that I make out with everything that is willing to make out with me.
It's funny that regular people (girls) sometimes have so much bad to say about girls like me (that strip) but they do things that I don't do. Get wasted, make out and sleep around with no meaning behind it. Good for you if that is what you want to do. But I tend to be more selective about my partners. Have I ever been drunk? Yes of course. Made out with almost strangers? Sure. But not many times.
And speaking of kissing....... My first real kiss (with tongue) was in fifth or sixth grade.
I can't remember if I was 11 or 12. But his name was Rickard and he had black hair, blue eyes and freckles. We were classmates. He had a boxer. And we were at his house, in his room and it was awkward (too much saliva) but exciting. Yeah, no kissing strangers for me.

In Bed

It's almost 5 pm, a snowy and gray Sunday afternoon and I am in bed. I woke up at 2, went to the store for some food and a latte at Coffee Roasters. Came home, immediately went straight back to bed with my food and read The Ice Princess for about two hours. I have to get up soon, do the dishes and sweep downstairs, it is muddy paws season here. Even when I dry Chhaya's paws off after being outside, there is still a lot of dirt on them and I have to sweep and vacuum if not every day at least every other day.

So if you have been reading my blog for a while you might recall that I wrote about a married couple that came into the club a few months ago, picked up a guy in there and left with him. You can read that entry here
Anyhow, they came in again last night. They seem a little desperate, I don't bother talking to them because honestly although they seem nice and warm I just don't have the energy. Because of that desperate vibe I get. It is obvious that they are looking for somebody.....actually anyone that is willing to go home with them, man or woman.
We now make inside jokes about them at work. Like, who wants to have a threesome tonight? I think it is great that they seem to have a happy marriage and that they are open with each other. I am all for that. Much better than lying and cheating. But I don't want to deal with them. The last couple I danced for was at New York Dolls in New York and as many of the other times when dancing for couples the woman was acting way too aggressive = too creepy for me . The one in New York conveniently forgot to wear her panties that evening, I found that out when she spread her legs open in front of me and showed me all her lady bits. thanks, I am so not interested.
Then she tried to pull me down onto her crotch, she grabbed me around my hips while I leaned as far away from her as I could. This kind of encounter has not been my first at work. Couple, woman not wearing panties, wants lap dance, acts a little too crazy, her partner grinning like a fool. Yeah. But hey, they don't know who they might encounter on a night out. Anything is possible.
Then we had another interesting couple drama take place last night. Some other couple was in earlier in the evening. Too bad that they were not there at the same time as the regular swingers, I would had tried to connect them. Talk about a great match! Well this couple, not sure if married or together but I suspect at least together for a while.
SHE seemed to be interested in getting a job at the club, was even in the office talking to the owner. Nobody is in the office unless you have some business there. Like a new hire going over the rules and the hiring process. Then she came out and sat by her obviously uncomfortable male partner and it looked like she tried to convince him that she too should be dancing. By the look of things, she should not be dancing. I think that she was a little too old to be starting dancing and a little too house wifey looking.
Plus her man was not happy about this, that was so obvious. She really put all her effort into coaxing him to smile and relax a bit, he was very uncomfortable. It was kind of fun to observe. I love people watching. And observe in general.
The swinger couple were the last to leave yesterday. They stayed until the end, after the music had stopped, trying to pick up a girl to go home with them. The result? No luck. We don't even want to dance for them. I think that they would be much more successful finding somebody willing to join them at a place geared towards what they are looking for. A swingers gathering place. Not a strip club. But like I said, you never know what you might encounter on your night out.

New Books Arrived

I picked up my new books that arrived yesterday afternoon. I had a really busy day yesterday, it is 5 am here and I just washed the eye shadow off my eyes put on some face cream and made myself comfortable in bed. I got these two by the Swedish author Camilla Läckberg, looking forward to a great time reading them.

And I finally ordered and got the Kate Moss Book !

A large, heavy book filled with photographs of my fave model Kate. This book comes in eight different covers and I didn't know which one I was going to get since I couldn't pick the cover when I ordered the book (Amazon). I was happy when I saw this cover, it reminds me of a pic of Kate that I tried to re create once (see my pic below). And it ended up being one of my favorites of myself. Although not looking anything like Kate's pic.
I actually have a few things in common with Kate. We are both Capricorns. We both have brown hair and pale skin. She has lots of moles, so do I. We were born in the same decade (70's). And she is not shy either when it comes to nudity and taking pics where there is some uncovered skin showing. I love Kate. ❤

And me. Photographer WOLF189.

Friday Today

So it is Friday today. What have I done so far.......first a latte of course. I want to get an espresso machine so I can make my own lattes but then I would probably drink five a day. So maybe not a good idea to get an espresso machine after all.
Me and Chhaya went to Arc lake today. I was hoping to see some water but the snow and ice are still here and thick. The winter in Alaska sticks around for half of the year.

Then I went to the gym for the first time this week.

Now I am digesting my dinner like a full anaconda. It is work time tonight.


Instead of going to work this evening I went for a run, first outside run of the year! Earlier today when walking Chhaya I saw that the snow had melted away from the roads around my house. The run this evening felt soooo good, only 19 minutes but I needed that cool fresh air. I felt alive. Maybe I'll do it again tomorrow. And it's staying light out until about 10 pm now, I love that. Pretty view.

Puddle in the yard, there is going to be a small lake outside my house when all the snow melts.

I decided that I need two new sports bra's and at least one pair of new running/gym shoes. Maybe a cute pair by Stella McCartney for Adidas? I know that I won't find anything I like around here. I have to wait until I am somewhere else.

Anyhow, I am in bed drinking tea and eating super yummy coconut cookies. Sleep in an hour or so. First I need to read.


I gave Chhaya a bath today. It is not her favorite activity to suffer through. She know very well what "take a bath" means or "brush the teeth" and "clean the earsis" (ears). Now she is clean and happy to be out of the tub. I am sitting here, stuffed myself with pancakes and contemplating whether I should make an appearance at work tonight or not......I feel laaaazyyyyy and fat! :-)


The sun is shining, it is warming up and the snow and ice are slowly melting away. Slowly is the word. The whole yard is still covered in a thick layer of hard snow. I went to the beach yesterday and the large ice formations were melting and the water was lazily making it's way down to the ocean.
What did I do exactly one year ago? I can look in my archives. Ok......I had a bad rash on my butt from work. The stage obviously needed a good cleaning. I had a hectic day of running around and sending out my taxes (due date was April 17 last year) and I was in need of a massage. And I put up a kissing picture with Chhaya.
I still need a massage. I always need a massage. I don't have a butt rash today. I did take some kissing pictures with Chhaya today. I do feel stressed out and worried due to some unsettling news I received from Sweden the other day. I didn't sleep well last night and I have a lot on my mind. I feel a nervous kind of energy in my body. And that is my April 17th so far for me.

Look at the thick layer of snow.

I love her.

Being Friends

What I wanted to talk about today is being friends with girls at work and outside of work. A lot of times I like the person, who they are but outside of work. Because at work they can sometimes act in ways that are totally inappropriate. I am talking about doing dirty dances for example and breaking the rules. That does affect MY work environment and my income as well. And many of the girls I work with are only looking at the situation from their perspective, how much money they have at the end of the night. Even if that means doing stuff that we are not supposed to do. It makes it difficult to be friends with a a girl that acts like that at work outside of work.
Because she messes up work for me and for the rest of the girls with her behavior.
This is where management SHOULD step in and put an end to it. But in many clubs management looks the other way, it has to do with money. Most of the time, the more money the girl is making the more money the club is making. For example, getting a cut of the dances made. There are always rules, not always followed though and that makes it very annoying and frustrating. I can think that the girl is a total sweetheart outside of work, feel like we have a friendship going but that does not take away the fact that she behaves really bad at work. After a while that will impose on the friendship. At least it will for me. I can't overlook stuff like that. Especially if she is also talking bad about other girls and what they are doing but does pretty much the same thing herself, even worse at times. It would be as if I would sit here and preach about the importance to stick to the rules at work, so it is fair for everybody but then sneak in a few handjobs and blowjobs if I got offered enough money. That would make me a hypocrite, I try not to be one.
Last Friday some guy offered me a few hundred more if I was going to let him touch and lick me under my panties. I said no. No means no with me. Every time. I don't care about the money, I care about me. I made a promise to myself shortly after I started this occupation to not do things that I am not comfortable with. And I don't. Also I have to look at the bigger picture and think about how this will affect me and my co workers in the future. And how that would affect me emotionally. I would not feel good about myself if I had random guys touching me intimately like that. Or if I would touch guys in that way. Some girls are ok with it. If I was ok with that I would perhaps consider working in a brothel or as a very high priced escort. And by the way, a strip club should never ever be about taking it that far. Therefore I prefer to work in clubs where touching is either limited or not allowed at all and that being strictly adhered to.
Then you do not have to deal with girls that act like that and guys who think they can do whatever.