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Tampon Fund

Tati's Tampon Fund is up and running! I got some stickers and put it all together last night at work. All the donations will go to a women's and kids shelter, victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault, LeeShore Center in Kenai. I have never been there. I usually beat my men and they have to go to a shelter for abused men. Yea, I am mean like that. ;-)
So I hope to be able to scramble together something for this fund. Something is better than nothing. Besides that I am at work right now and it is totally lame so far, what a waste of my DiorShow mascara! Well, not completely a waste of time I take that back......I managed to collect $ 19 for Tati's Tampon Fund! A good start I have to say.
It is 1 28 am and I am getting dressed and driving home.


The other day when I was getting some groceries I saw this man in the store together with a woman that I assume was his wife or girlfriend. He comes into my work once in a while. Actually I do remember now that he told me he is married. Anyhow, when I saw him in the store I just walked by, I don't think he saw me. The thing with him is that every time he comes in he stares at me like Urkin the town rapist. I don't like that. Creepy. And to top things off, he has asked me three times how much. You know, for sex. Really? He even offered to give me $ 500 for it. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to make a fortune like that! NOT! What do I look like, a village dweller from Kazakhstan? After telling him a firm but polite no twice, the third time he had the nerve to to bargain and plead his case with me I told him to shut his trap. One more time and I will have him kicked out and banned from coming back. 500? Really? I have said it before, IF I was going to sell my VAGINE (pronounced vazhïn Borat style) it would not be in some dusty little town with limited potential for that kind of business.
And definitely not for a meager 500. If you are going to do that you need to be savvy and charge high. Because it is possible. Therefore I do not understand why young pretty girls do porn. They don't even make that much. A few hundred for some sloppy gross bj that involves body fluids (romance explosion) and around $ 1500 for a forever traumatizing dp. Why do it for cheap in porn when you can freelance or work in a brothel and make at least the same or more and use condoms so you don't get herpes or something else? If you are going to have sex with random people for money anyways. I am not into sex with random people and not into selling my VAGINE.
Never felt the slightest temptation. Not my cup of tea.


Yeaaaaaaay.........I am at the laundromat, it is my FAVE place to be! :-D NOT. But I had some large stuff to wash that won't fit in my washing machine at home and some sneakers too so I had to come here. I am slightly grossed out by public laundromats, imagining what nasty stuff people might wash. Like me, washing my sneakers for example! One time when I was here I spotted a long pubic hair laying on top of a washer. I was like, HELLLOOOOOO........! Yuck. We all have pubic hair but I don't want some strangers pubes anywhere near me or my clothes.
So anyhow. Eleven is my favorite number, I see eleven everywhere and today just as proof that it really is my special number I found eleven cents in one of the washers before I put my clothes in it. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Beach Art

Spent some time at the beach with Chhaya this afternoon. Made some beach art from pretty stones and sea shells. If you ever find yourself on the beach in Kenai and come across a heart, a peace sign, a star or a smiley face in the sand - chances are I made that.

Chhaya is the ever so patient and great model.

There was one piece of snow left and I made Chhaya get on it. I say, "Place" and she will climb up onto anything I point at.

A small yellow plane flew by.

This is not exactly Miami Beach or Malibu. I would never even think about going swimming in the water here. Although one day it was nice and warm so I did lay out on the beach in Kenai in a bikini.


Look.......I finally found a Kaladi 16 ounce to go mug for my lattes. I have been looking for one but it needed to be at least 16 ounces, because that is the size latte I get.
The other week when I went to Kaladi with my Starbucks to go mug, some snarky lame old fart said, "Getting coffee at Kaladi in a Starbucks mug?" And, "Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks". I looked at the fogbone and said, "Whatever, at least I am not drinking out of a disposable cup like you are". Spare me your preaching please. But I have been wanting a Kaladi mug since it is my fave coffee place here in Alaska.
And I need two mugs to rotate anyways with my daily latte habit.

So back in 2002 I got tired of dancing in Vegas and went to London for a few months, thinking that perhaps dancing would be fun and good there. Ha! It was awful, I was seriously a broke stripper in London. It is an expensive town and I had to sometimes be on a budget after paying for rent, food and other expenses. I needed to do some shopping too! I worked at a few different clubs. Two Spearmint Rhino locations, some club called Secrets, a club called The Bad Bing Club and an other place called LAPD (that stood for lap dance and pole dancing) and a few more but I can't remember the names of the clubs anymore. I must have Alzheimer's.....already! I checked out the Windmill club but it seemed to be a weird place, you were supposed to sit and drink with the guys. Not my kind of place. I wanted to work at Stringfellows and I auditioned but didn't get hired. My butt was really big in 2002 and I don't think Peter Stringfellow was looking for a huge, pasty white butt at his club. I remember auditioning there. It was me and probably 15 or more girls, we all stood in line. Each went up on a small stage, we had like 30 seconds to twirl around the pole and take our tops off while an expressionless manager sat in a large armchair and watched and either nodded or shook his head. Like some kind of an emperor. I think one or two girls got hired and I wasn't one of them. Anyhow. At the Spearmint Rhino I met a cool chick from Ukraine, her name was Anastasia and I rented a room from her in Golders Green, a Jewish neighborhood. She cooked me Ukrainian style borscht and she was also three months pregnant by some guy from an African country (can't remember which one). He was a real sleazeball because he was married to a Swedish chick while dating Anastasia for years and that whole drama was interesting to say the least.....One night at Spearmint Rhino Anastasia met some young dignitary from some far away place, I think it was Azerbaijan. He always had two large gorilla looking body guards with him wherever he went, even into the strip club. We went to the movies with him and the gorillas, to some restaurants and stuff. He was actually really cute and paid for all the entertainment.
But Anastasia had to break it off with him, it was never anything serious from her side and she was pregnant anyways. She stopped dancing when she couldn't hide her growing belly anymore. At the Bada Bing I became good friends with the dj, Armando. We still check in with each other on occasion. He took me sightseeing and I met one of his fun and crazy dj friends Scott. Fun times playing records at his place. I also learned how to greet people in the proper English way, "Oi". I love saying oi. It sounds fun!
Me and Armando met up a few months later in Los Angeles after I was back in the US again and went to Together As One (a freakin' fantastic rave). Armando was super cool and opened up my eyes and mind to many different and interesting subjects, those are the kind of friends I like to make.
I also met and became friends with a girl from Georgia. Her name was Georgia at work too. We would hang out and do stuff together. Back then I was "in love" and completely obsessed with Keith Flint form The Prodigy and all I wanted was to meet him and make him fall madly in love with me. Well, that didn't happen although I got to know some people that took me to three Prodigy shows (one of the shows was in Glasgow). And I met and dated a guy that used to be a Prodigy member. Yep. His name was Leeroy.
He liked to party. And make out. I was more interested in the making out part, the rock star party lifestyle didn't do anything for me. One night while sleeping over at Georgia's she told me bleach or tweeze some peach fuzz above my lip. She was concerned Leeroy might think I had a mustache. LOL! What else happened in London........? I got my first platform Swear boots. I still have them. And these
I went to a club I absolutely love called Fabric. My kind of place. It's an old factory
(I think) and looks like it too. No plush couches or bottle service. Dark and grimy, top notch sound system with a total body buzz base and amazing music. Fabric has been voted the number 1 club (out of 100) twice, I understand why. I would go back to London again just for a night at Fabric, it is that good. I went to one rave somewhere in London but it was lame. I did lots of sightseeing. Pierced my tongue after having a very vivid dream that I should. Why was I broke? Strip clubs in London were kind of lame. Maybe they are better nowadays, I don't know. The guys (the English blokes) had to be super wasted to be relaxed enough to spend money and talk to the girls. And I think sloshed people are annoying and I don't have much patient with idiots in general. I am impatient and have a temper. The money wasn't good (I did have some ok nights) and there were tons of hookers from Russia and Brazil working in the London strip clubs. And how do you "compete" with that? Anyhow, after some interesting months in the English capital I went home to Sweden for a visit. Then I flew into LA, went to Together As One and arrived back home in Vegas and went back to work at Crazy Horse Too.


I have an idea for a fun thing for work. Not only do I have a spay and donation fund going for cats and dogs. Which is filing up slowly buy surely by the way. I put in some of my own money almost every night and I ask for donations once in a while. Now I am going to have Tatiana's Tampon Fund. Why? Just for fun. I am very childish and silly in many ways and I like that. I am not a Mom that needs to be some kind of a serious role model for my children or a person that acts boring in general. So I have to spend some time working on my tampon fund donation jar. Not sure if I will start on it this afternoon. I need to eat, hang out with Chhaya and take a bath before work. ME time. But when it's done I will make sure to put up a pic of it here (of course......!) I am starving. Time for some chips with melted cheese on top and some fresh locally made salsa, mmmmmm........!

I just thought of something. Maybe I can use the tampon fund for something good? Like the proceeds could go to some real charity out there for girls and women. Like a shelter.
Of course I make enough money so I can buy my own tampons. Duh!
The tampon fund is my way to break up the regular monotony at work. But I am going to look into if I can actually do something with this fund. Once I have the jar decorated and ready for $ collection.


It is sunny, warmish and nice outside. I am lapping up the sunshine on the deck with Chhaya, sipping on a cold beer. I do like a cold beer once in a while. If the bottle looks pretty, has a fun name or anything else interesting about it like a chocolate or fruit flavor I want to taste it. I do not like boring beer like Budweiser, Foster's or Coors. I am a light weight, half a bottle and I am loopy, a whole bottle and I am funny, two bottles and I am done. I think I am going to rest, maybe even take a small nap now. Then go for a run and later it is hair washing time and work.


I had a fun night at work tonight. I got home a while ago, right now I am in bed, freezing under the covers because I just had to eat some ice cream. How can ice cream taste so heavenly? I had Ben & Jerry Banana Split and yes I ate the whole container.
I always finish the whole thing. It tastes too good not to.
What makes work fun? The people I meet and the conversations I have. Tonight was a good night. I met quality people.
So I thought I would measure my heels just to make sure they really are 7" because I used to think that they were 6 1/2 but they are almost 7, right underneath the 7" mark. I am a little tempted to try the 8" heels. They look really high, like stilts, but they do wonders for the legs. I have seen girls with short, stubby legs put on some 8" heels and the transformation to a long, lean leg is instant. I have long legs but with my heels on they appear to be really long.

I like these two 8" heels by Pleaser (Bejeweled 801DM). Nice!

This is what I had on tonight. Those black things are leather cuffs with rhinestones, one around each wrist.

And when it was all said and done I had 225 dollar bill balls to unwrap (stage tips only). And one hot ball (the red thing) to suck on. Unwrapping all those dollars takes a long time. I finished about half and going to do the rest tomorrow.

But now I am going to sleep, my eyes are closing on me. I love sleeping.


I am feeling so bored and unmotivated.......I don't know why. Well, I DO know why.
I live in the most boring place ever. There is nothing going on here and my days look the same, everyday is the same. I can't wait to move. Maybe soon.
Yes, I might......MIGHT be leaving Alaska in the not so distant future.
So today when I pulled up to Coffee Roasters (my excitement for this afternoon, yippie!) I noticed a little lost girl dog. All alone, scurrying around and looking nervous. She had a collar. I got out of the car and tried to get her to come over to me but she got scared and took off running across the parking lot and towards the busy road. I felt so bad and scared that she would get hit by a car. I hope somebody will be able to pick her up and return her to her owner.
I saw a cat get hit by two cars a long time ago. It was awful, that poor thing tumbled across the road and I can still remember his face. It makes my stomach ache when I think back to that and I want to cry.
I know that some people around here let their dogs run loose but I would think twice about doing that. Some people shoot stray dogs that go in on their property, it's crazy but they do. Each year there is a discussion around here about people that shoot other people's dogs.
I am lucky with Chhaya, I can let her outside and she will stay close to the house.
Either lay right outside on the porch or in the grass. Or go sniff close by in the forest. She always comes right away when I call her. If I had an issue with her running away I would not risk it and keep her supervised at all times or on a long leash. If I would lose her it would be entirely my fault and I would be devastated.
One more thing about dogs. I have spoken to a few people in the last couple of weeks that got rid of their dog (euthanized) because the dog bit somebody else in a situation that could had been prevented. When I was a little, around three years old we had a dog and a cat in the household. The dog bit me and the cat scratched me. I pulled on the cats tail while it tried to get away from me under the bed. I was probably pestering it and naturally the poor cat turned around and scratched me. The dog bit me because I climbed on top of him and bounced up and down on his back. He growled, the baby sitter didn't react in time and the dog bit me on my ear. I remember a lot of blood and laying in bed when my Mom came home. Did my Mom get rid of her pets? Of course not. They were not viscous. They reacted in a normal way. My Mom had told me many times not to bother the cat or the dog but when you are a toddler you are a toddler. Therefore when you have small children around animals you should always pay extra attention to make sure to avoid situations like these. The bite from the dog healed and I learned my lesson and the scratch from the cat healed too. I would never let a small child be around Chhaya's food bowl when she eats. That is a given. You can have the friendliest dog but when there is food involved they react in a way that is natural for them. The pack mentality and hierarchy. I can stick my fingers in Chhaya's bowl and take it away from her if I want to, she lets me. I don't bother her like that on purpose, I leave her alone when she eats but I have been feeding her all her life and she feels secure with me and her food. I can put food in my mouth and she will gently take it.
But I would not let a child stick their fingers in her bowl, even come close to Chhaya when she eats, chances are she would bite and I would never get rid of Chhaya if that happened. Ever. A situation like that can happen in an instant but it can also be prevented. How sad to put down a beloved dog because you did something stupid that could had been prevented. It's not the dogs fault. In general small children should always be supervised with animals.
One more thing that popped up in my inbox today. Police shooting dogs. I have seen that a lot and it really bothers me. They seem to be way too trigger happy when it comes to shooting dogs. For no reason than some excessive barking in some instances. I don't want trigger happy cops out there. Cops are just as unbalanced and psychotic as the rest of the crazies out in society. It doesn't make me feel safe when I know that they have no qualms about shooting an innocent animal. What if this happened to your beloved dog? You should sign this petition. SIGN


I don't have much exciting to report today. I am tired because I woke up early.
Decided on staying in tonight instead of working. So I am going to spend the evening with taking a long bath, changing to this light pink nail polish on my toes and applying mud on my face. Those little packages contain mud face mask from the Alaska Glacial Mud Co.
Oh.....I should probably explain here that I was just JOKING about spraying Lysol on the guys before I dance for them. And honking that Barbie horn if I don't get enough money. But I should bring out that Lysol bottle tomorrow night and pretend to spray somebody down just to see how they react. I love joking around. I need to entertain myself somehow. My latest idea is to make a tampon fund for all of us at work and start a collection. I am going to find a large glass jar or plastic container. Write tampon fund on it and attach some (unused) tampons around the rim of the jar and put it out on the bar. I love to do things and say things at work that is not expected. Just to see people's reaction.