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March 31

Went down to the beach to catch the last sun rays of this month. March 31 already.......It has been three months since New Years Eve, the months went by fast huh? Did you make any New Years resolutions and stuck to them? Have you done anything special? Anything good?
I did not make any resolutions, I stopped doing that a long time ago. What I can say is that I think my life is kind of boring and stagnant right now, although I am healthy and mostly happy and for that I am very grateful, that I want to point out because those are things that are priceless but I still wish for some kind of a positive change of direction for my own life in 2013. And that might come. If not, will come sooner or later. Change always happens and is always looming around the corner, whether it is for better or worse. What I do have to look forward to is my trip to Chicago in May and experiencing (finally) Burning Man in August.
Well, the last sunset of March 2013. Sunsets make me a little melancholic. I feel small in comparison to the sun, the ocean, the sky.......nature. And I usually miss my family and my friends, often wondering if they too look at the sunset........and think of me.

All About Business

So the other night while I was sitting and talking to some people at work a guy told me, "You are alllllll about business". I didn't even protest just kind of brushed it off you know. If I would allow myself to get fired up by everything I witness at work
(bad behavior, girls breaking rules CONSTANTLY, guys acting like total asses etc etc) then I would be walking around in a constant stage of irritation. Maybe that's why some people drink or smoke weed on a daily basis, to take that edge off but I am sober.
This guy obviously doesn't know me, although he did mention that he reads my blog.
To my surprise another girl at work told him about my blog. He probably doesn't read on an everyday basis which is fine btw, cause if he did he would know that I am not all about business.
Don't get me wrong. I work so I can support myself, it costs money to live. I am not a house wife that gets taken care of by the husband. I mean YOU go to work also so you can pay your bills, put food on your table and take care of all your other expenses, right? I know of plenty of people that absolutely HATE their jobs but they work because they have to. So yes, work is business. I live in a small town (right now) and there is not much to do here. I do not like going to any of the other bars around here and hang out so I might as well go to work and make money, right? If I was in Vegas still or any other city where there is a plethora of night clubs, restaurants, shows and various sources of entertainment then I would much rather enjoy any of those other options than go in to the strip club for a night of work. I work so I can make money, yes I do. But I don't hate my job, actually it can be rather fun.
See the girl this guy was sitting with was going to lunch with him the next day,
I happened to sit next to them when they talked about it and he invited me join and I (politely) declined. So that automatically made me "all about business". Trust me, I am probably the girl that is the least about business in the club. LOL. But I am not going to go to any lunches, dates, give out my number or get random guy's fingers dug up in between my ass cheeks while doing dances because that kind of business is not the business that I conduct. I much rather not have that money.
Do not be fooled you guy that thinks that I am all about business. If the girl you took to lunch was NOT about business then she would not have allowed you spend any money on dances from her the other night. I didn't even ask you for a dance. And when I do dances I don't aggressively push for another dance like some girls do. I am not saying it is good or bad, I am only making a point.
Of course I go into work (and my place of work happens to be a strip club) to make money, I like having good nights but it is not all about business with me, if it was I would be acting like a total slut at work (like sadly many of my co workers do) just to make as much money as I can......and I don't. See? So no, I am not ALL about business.
I am all about not bending any of my comfort levels at work and at the same time make money. I occasionally decline dances. If a person seems to have bad hygiene I will not traumatize myself be giving them a lap dance. No way. Or if a person is too grabby or aggressive. No thanks. Or give dances to a boyfriend's friend or relative. Also dancing for a friends boyfriend/husband/Dad while the friend is not present. That is creepy and speaks volumes about integrity.
I turned down some money last night. We have a couple that comes in to the club a lot, sometimes together and sometimes separately. The guy used to do some work for the club and the girl is currently employed by the club (not as a dancer). I feel like they are my friends although I don't hang out with them outside of the club. I was asked to dance for them last night but I just couldn't. NOT because they are smelly or gross in any kind of way. It is the other way around, they are both good looking, the girl is a knock out. BUT I feel like I KNOW them and dancing for him or her would only feel kind of funny and I would only be shy. So I told him to keep his money and gave him a hug instead. Every situation has a different dynamic, of course I sometimes give dances to people that come in to the club on a regular basis and that I feel like I have a friendship with but I still dance for them. Do I make sense?

That is all for me this Sunday. It is noon. My phone rang BEFORE 11 and woke me up. Note to people out there, do not call a dancer before 11 am unless it is something very urgent that can't wait. I usually don't go to sleep until anytime between 4 and 6 and I need and love my sleep........

Saturday Start

HELLO Saturday! Not too shabby out, kind of warmish, the snow is melting away. I hope it melts away fast. I started my Saturday off with a visit to the gym. Here I am........and no I don't work out wearing only a sports bra, I took my t-shirt and hoodie off for the pic so you can admire my fine physique......or my pink and yellow sports bra, whichever you prefer. ;-) I would be way too cold working out at a drafty, air conditioned gym in only a sports bra on top. I get cold easy and it looks a little funny to me when ladies run around in small sports bra's at the gym, it looks better in pictures than reality (for some).

Then I got happy because I found this blueberry drink from Sweden at the store! YUM.

Stopped at Coffee Roasters for my latte and drove home.

Now I am going to take Chhaya out and later it is time for work. My day is far from over, another 10 or 11 hours to go........

Tonight's Pics

I am home in bed and I am hungry, debating with myself if I should rummage through the fridge for some food or forget about it and eat when I wake up instead.......
Tonight's pics from work. My VIVA LA JUICY bottle, love this perfume and so do many others that smell it on me or when I walk by.

New manicure. Colors by OPI. I like the combo of gray and pink.

Tonight was kind of fun. Threatened to rip somebody a size extra large asshole.
And then a guy handed me a $ 1 bill and asked me if I could write down my number on it and give it back to him. LOL. Of course! NOT. We showed the boys such a good time tonight that I know that they will all be talking about us tomorrow and come back soon.

Discovering Some New Fun

So I did mention that I have been going through the older blog entries, checking for spelling errors etc. Well, I also had some old papers that I looked over just now. I used to write down some of my blog entries on paper first before I sat down and typed them out on the computer. I had forgotten about this, that was so long ago and I don't do that anymore. Well, I found one that I don't think I included in the blog. I looked for it but couldn't find it. So here is an old entry I wrote in......hmmmmmm......I am guessing late 2007? I named it "Discovering Some New Fun" then so that will be the title now too.

Last night was a bad night, we had a lot of time on our hands. But we soon found some new amusement. The male strippers at Sapphire! The club also has entertainment for bachelorettes and women is all stages of life, as long as they are over 21. The male strippers at Sapphire get undressed down to their skimpy g-strings or awkward looking banana hammocks in a separate area called The Showroom. We did not know that we were allowed to go into The Showroom while working until tonight to take in all the debauchery happening in there. So we went inside, sat down in a booth and spied on a few lap dances going on nearby. After a while we got approached by two muscular hunks, one of them tried putting his neither regions way too close to my face while I giggled nervously and squirmed. Ugh, too close buddy! It turned out that one of them was from Hungary and he had only stripped for about two weeks (maybe trying to money to send home to the village?), he was not very DA NANG at all but the other hunk was pretty nice so we chatted with him for a while. All this time we had on our small outfits that we picked out for work that night, since technically we were at work too. Kind of funny. I wish I had a picture of that. The boys had a slow night also, not very many excited women in there to perform for. We sympathized with the situation. Julia even trotted up to the stage and shoved some dollar bills down a confused looking cuties g-string. The we returned to our side of the club.

I have a blog about when I dated a male stripper. He worked at Olympic Garden. Curious? Read it here

Worked Sucked

Worked sucked tonight, I basically went on stage twice and slept on the couch the rest of the time. Only one girl made any kind of money but that is how it is sometimes......even in large clubs that tend to be busier. Where I am at it is slow at this time and has been for a while.
So I am home, in bed with my head on my pillow. I love to sleep. Seriously, sleep equals pleasure to me. So.....goodnight and I will talk to you again tomorrow at some point.


Got home this afternoon after doing some errands and fed my other animals -
the birds. I have an area in the yard where I put out bird food, bread and all kinds of leftovers. Nothing (food wise) goes to waste around here.

Then I had to feed myself. Bread with fried eggs, some yogurt with granola and tea.
I drink tea and coffee everyday.

Tea is full of flavonoids, a type of antioxidant. And in case you didn't know, tea is considered to be a superfood meaning it is very good for you. I prefer black tea and these two are my favorites. Earl Grey and English Breakfast. I like.

Well, now I am going to rest, then take Chhaya out and later work. Maybe some pics from work tonight if I feel motivated.......


Last night when the clock neared itself 7 pm I looked at the temperature and it was 9 degrees out. BRRRRRRRR!!! Kind of cold I have to I started debating with myself, wondering whether it was even going to be worth driving to work or not.
It takes me about 25 minutes to drive there. And I'd rather not go all the way there for nothing or almost nothing. So I decided that the cold weather probably would entice people to stay at home, at least it did to me.
Instead I spent yesterday evening with Sheldon (Big Bang Theory). I just love him......
but I have already said that. And I went back in my blog archives and looked through all the blogs from 2006 through 2008, took care of some minor errors like spelling etc. That took about five hours to do.......In 2006 and 2007 Julia also wrote entries and we wrote some together, if you look back in the archives that will be specified. From 2008 until today would probably take me a week or so of putting in three hours/day, since I really started picking up the blogging in 2010 and by picking up I mean writing more entries. So I don't even know if I am going to bother with that, correcting and proof reading the old blogs I mean.
Today looks like a regular routine day for me. Hopefully something fun or shocking will happen at work this week so I can entertain ya'll with something interesting. Here is an old pic I found from some photo shoot. I was checking my hair in the mirror before getting in front of the camera.

Hard Time

I usually have a hard time getting going in the mornings. I have read that other people feel the same way, kind of have a mini depression if I can use that word, before they settle into their day. Unless I have somewhere I have to be I take a while to get out of bed........then everything feels like a huge task before I actually get around to doing it.
It can be as simple as paying a bill online, just thinking about that bill or the errands that I have to do while I am still in bed makes me want to pull the covers over my head and keep on sleeping. Once I get up and dressed my day starts to unfold and moving.
But those moments when the smallest things feel like mountains are very hard to deal with. What always wakes me up is the first walk of the day with Chhaya, that makes me feel better whether it is sunny or raining. Fresh air is great for your mood.
My plans for today? Well, pay some bills right now, a visit to the gym, take Chhaya out again, laundry and then work.

Questioning the Iditarod

Here in Alaska a famous dog race is held yearly called the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Basically it is based on a commemoration of a diphtheria outbreak in an Alaskan village called Nome and the serum that got transported there from a place called Nenana by dog sled to save the sick. Today's race stretches about 1100 miles between Anchorage and Nome. The musher (the person driving the dogs) that wins the race gets a hefty check and a brand new Dodge truck. Every musher that participates in the Iditarod gets some kind of money. The dogs run in very harsh Alaskan winter conditions - cold, windy, icy with little rest and sleep. I totally understand why groups like PETA and others that care about animals are so against this race. I AM TOO against it. When I first came to Alaska and heard about the Iditarod I thought it was a fun thing, I even watched the start of one in Anchorage. But then I found out more about the race. And I am questioning the Iditarod now. I do not think that dogs should be subjected to a race like this. It is all about winning the money, the truck and bring more business to downtown Anchorage during the race, selling merchandise like t-shirts and postcards and filling restaurants. It seems like there are dogs dying every year either during the race or while being transported to or from the race. Not to mention the injuries the dogs can and will sustain from the race. There are also plenty of proven examples of mushers abusing their dogs and/or neglecting them and not giving them proper care. MAJOR thumbs down! It is a constant competition to win the race and in the shortest time possible. The dogs are pushed relentlessly. And no, I do not think that the sled dogs that run the race were born to do this. No more than you or I were born to run 1100 miles through deep snow in cold windy weather. I suggest that if you want to win that new Dodge truck and all that cash YOU gather up a gang of your buddies that need to work off some of that extra winter chunk. Strap them in front of a sled and take off running day and night through the icy cold with destination Nome. Don't subject an animal to this solely to feed your ego and your wallet. I don't care that this was done in 1925 because of a diphtheria outbreak. That was a one time event and people's lives were saved. There are no lives at stake today, only a title, cash and a brand new truck. To me the Iditarod IS animal cruelty. As are other long and grueling races/competitions that involve animals.
How can you treat a beautiful sensitive being like that? I would never ever run Chhaya so hard that she could potentially die or get injured. I want her to enjoy her life. Because she gives me so much.