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I read a snippet from a kind of funny article today based on a study funded by a grant from Coca Cola (soft drink giant) that women today are fatter than 50 years ago because they do less work around the house. I immediately pulled out the vacuum, filled up a bucket with water and started cleaning frenetically. OH NO! I can't get fat!
I need to double the time I spend vacuuming, dusting, doing laundry, mopping floors etc around here. Then again, I wonder are men too fatter than they were on average 50 years ago? Of course they are! Look around, duh! Time to get those hours in doing housework guys! Does drinking large quantities of soda like Coca Cola have anything to do with expanding waistlines? I can think of all kinds of reason that people are larger sized today on average than they were 50 years ago. I usually break a sweat when I vacuum but I would have to do a whole lot of vacuuming every day in order to get in a good work out. 30 minutes on the elliptical gets my heart rate going way more than some vacuuming. Besides......I am not a housewife, since I make a living outside the home I don't qualify to be in the housewife bracket. I am busy with my career as a DANCER - Thank You very much! Tons of opportunities for all kinds of promotions in my line of work! For example, when I started dancing I was rather shy and quiet (for about three months) now I tell others what to do, I boss people around all the time - it's FUN! Also, in the beginning my heels were not as tall, now they are 7''. Next step? 8''.
What's next for me? How about politics? If Ashley Judd and Eva Longoria are dipping their toes into the political field, so can I. I associate Eva Longoria with drama with her ex husband and some interviews where she talked about her butt and staying skinny.
If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I have a hell lot more to talk about than my butt and my weight. ;-)
Speaking of my butt......I really do need to get in the shower and get ready for work.
All kinds of people are going to stare at my butt tonight and pay me for the privilege of doing so.........


I just finished watching a movie called The Family Stone's almost two in the morning here. Now I can FINALLY return it to Sharon that lent it to me, I promised her that I would watch it since it is her favorite movie. The characters in it were actually crazier than me and I felt totally CRAZY earlier this evening. Let's rewind.......
I went to Coffee Roasters yesterday afternoon, had plans to go to the gym afterwards but felt lazy and weird so I changed my mind........then I changed my mind again and did indeed go to the gym because I knew that I would only feel good from going, which I did. Came home, started feeling slightly insane. Thought of going to work, good that I didn't, started feeling borderline homicidal later on. Didn't want to stab somebody in the forehead with my heel for looking at me for too long, so I stayed home. Laid in bed, had a weird feeling in my stomach, started crying for no real reason besides that I felt like I had the worst bout of PMS ever. If you are a guy then you can't relate, it's unexplainable, anything can make you cry, everything sucks and feels like BLEH. So I cried for a good 15 minutes, loud, sobbing. Then I ate (some more). Yoghurt with granola and pickles. No, I am not pregnant. Although I feel fat and ugly. LOL. I told you, I felt CRAZY! Then I decided to finally watch that damned movie because I promised Sharon that I would. So at least I got that done. Now I can give Sharon her movie back. Mission accomplished.
A few years ago I started taking birth control pills after a long break. After about a week on them I started feeling really emotional and unstable, like I did earlier this evening but kind of a constant feeling. It was awful! I knew it was the pills so I stopped taking them and felt like myself again right away, now I do have an occasional PMS moment but it passes. I took birth control pills on and off a few times. One day I came across and read a book about the dangers of taking hormones, because that is what birth control pills are, hormones. After reading that book I regretted that I ever took birth control pills. If I had a daughter I would advise her to never take birth control pills or any other form of birth control that releases hormones into your body (for example NuvaRing or contraceptive patch) or at least wait until about 22 or so. Absolutely not as a teenager when you are still growing and developing. Who knows what damage girls do to their physical and mental health by eating birth control pills? my crazy ass is going to take a bath. I feel better, slightly. :-D

Old Pic

After going to Coffee Roasters I had plans of going to the gym........but I decided not to........or I can't decide, maybe I'll go anyways. I am feeling unmotivated and lazy this afternoon. Instead I might go home, do laundry and make my house look nice.
Open up the front door and some windows and let the air in. Maybe gym tomorrow.
Or today? Indecisive. Maybe work tonight? Not every day can be productive, at least not for me. And that's basically all I have to say for today........this is an old pic of me and my Kaladi cup.

Photographer Mick Cukurs


Got some stuff done today - finally. My taxes. I got it all figured out, calculated and sent off, all my papers organized and filed. I keep everything in different folders. I got this years Permanent Fund Dividend filled out and sent off. Feels good, I can't relax if I have stuff looming because I keep thinking about it. While out today I ran into our waitress at the club, Teresa. She works when it's busy, so not right now since we are slow.
Teresa is so much fun. I didn't like her when I first started but then I changed my opinion about that and now I really like her, she is great.
Chhaya is eagerly awaiting her dinner. I am boiling some carrots for her, she is also getting brown rice and a can of dog food, beef this evening.
I think I am staying in tonight. Relaxing and reading. I might do a honey face mask and a moisturizing coconut oil treatment for my hair. Oh.......and I have to brush Chhaya's teeth.

Santa Maria Novella

I am about to try some new skin products for the first time. I have been using L'Occitane for a while but now I am going to switch things up a little and try some stuff from Santa Maria Novella. Here I have the Lipid Cream and the Papaya Gel both from the Skin Restoring Line. I love the Santa Maria Novella stores, it smells heavenly in them and everything looks and feels very luxurious. Excited over the new products!


Bound feet. Chinese foot binding, outlawed since a while.


Dancer. Me.

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I had a great Sunday. I'm in bed, belly full of food, feeling kind of tired. Last night I told Sharon (the bartender at work) that I would most likely work tonight but I fell asleep around 7 pm and when I woke up an hour later it was dark outside and my bed is warm and comfy so I am staying in.
So every day when you read or hear the news you find out about bad stuff. There are some nasty people out there. More rapes in India, the latest three young girls, sisters raped and murdered. More priests raping boys. Some man in Ohio played the part of the loving and concerned adult, taking in three boys as foster children and ended up raping all three. Even let a few friends in on the "fun". He was in the process of adopting a few more kids. Just lovely. When I read that I got really upset. I get very emotional when I read about innocent children and animals that get hurt. To me, there is only one good solution. One bullet in the head. Sounds harsh? Perhaps. But I don't want trash like that taking up space and sharing the air I breathe with me. I have no excuses for filth like that. Taking in children, pretending to be caring and concerned only so you can torture them and destroy their soul? Abusing animals. Raping women. Just take the perpetrator out with a bullet. Why spend money on keeping them alive in some prison? They are no good for society anymore.
When I raise my hand my dog does not cower, she is expecting me to pet her or throw her toy somewhere so she can play. How an adult can beat an animal is incomprehensible. Only a twisted coward does that. Only a seriously sick individual rapes children and women. AND what about the women that gave up their children, got them taken away due to being unfit parents. How about you THINK before you decide to become pregnant and give birth to a child that you obviously were not prepared to provide for in any way. Having kids should NOT be any idiots right, it should be a privilege. Some people truly disgust me.


Do you know somebody that has been catfished? I mean besides the dumb looking football guy that made the news a few weeks ago when he thought he had been dating some imaginary girlfriend and then she died......although I think he was lying. Or he really is THAT dumb.
Well, I actually knew somebody that got conned like that. LOL. To me it is funny. To fall head over heels "in love" with somebody online, that you haven't even talked to on Skype seems strange to me. You need to have some kind of a communication besides
e mails. At least I would need that. The person I knew met some girl on Myspace years ago. She lived in France. She only had a few pictures of herself on Myspace and I thought there was something very fishy about the whole situation and told him this several times. This was way before I knew there was a word for this - catfishing.
Well, his dumb and blinded by "love" ass bought a ticket to Paris, he was almost broke to begin with so a round trip ticket between Vegas and Paris definitely put a dent in his finances. When he got there, the girl that he loved......I guess she loved him too......oh how romantic......was nowhere to be found. Huh? What? And then she died! And he blamed himself somehow. It was a mess. Instead of enjoying Paris he sat at some internet cafe, frenetically awaiting to hear from this never existing girl. When he got back home he was devastated that the love of his life had died and he was convinced that somehow it was because of him. Talk about crazy! I repeatedly told him the whole thing was fake and eventually he did realize that he had been fooled. Catfished! Well......time showed me that he was crazy indeed. His relationships with many women were imaginary, even with me. I was his friend - ONLY. But in his mind I was supposed to be more than a friend and the ways he expressed his anger and jealousy over that were psychotic and delusional. Therefore he used to be my friend, not anymore. I am a very loyal, understanding, forgiving person and a great friend but I finally had enough of him. Even though he was a friend for a long time, well at least I though he was a friend......he had some positive qualities but enough is enough.


I am at Kaladi coffee in Soldotna right now, having my latte and munching on an apple fritter. I love Kaladi coffee, so far it's my fave although I have heard that Corner Cafe has good coffee too, me and Lexi are planning on going soon. My second fave coffee place around here is Coffee Roasters and once in a while I go to the coffee carts that are all around here. There are usually cute girls working in those, dressed in something revealing and tight, trying to make as much tips as they can. I always tip a dollar, more if they flash me some boob or butt.

So I picked purple for my toes yesterday, I matched with my purple bra that everybody always compliments and a pair gray Honey Dew's with purple trim. It was a good night. I had lots of fans. ;-)
But some nights are awful, like last Monday when I made a whole $ 3! That doesn't cover my gas back and forth to work. That doesn't even cover my daily latte. Or the week before I made a combined $ 20 Tuesday and Wednesday. That is how is it, but it usually evens out - you have bad nights, some ok and then you have the good ones sprinkled with a few amazing nights here and there. Unless you are lucky to work at a club where almost every night is good, that is how it was for me when I worked at Flashdancers a long time ago. It was great. And when I went to New York last December to try it again I didn't get rehired because they had too many girls. Now I am kind of missing New York again, maybe I'll go in the fall for a few weeks......
The plans for the rest of my day, some errands, about one hour at the gym, grab some Mexican food to go, eat and relax and then go to work.

Superficial Activities

This evenings superficial activities before work tonight.......touched up my roots and painted my nails. While the color was in my hair, 45 minutes, I took off my old nail polish, cut and filed my toenails, I like them square shaped but usually the salon does a better job at that than I. Applied two coats of polish and a clear topcoat. Perfect.
I didn't have time to take care of my fingers, maybe later at work if there is some dead time or tomorrow.'s getting late, have to drive to work.