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I Absolutely Agree

Today has been a great day so far. Me and Chhaya just got back from a one hour walk outside in the sunshine. I make hearts in the snow around here, it's my message to others kind of and also I think the heart symbol is cute.
I think I am going into work tonight, I am missing my girls at work.

So......I just came across an article that I absolutely agree with. Some guy named David Attenborough calls human kind the plague on the Earth and says that population growth will outsource resources and there will be a lack of space. I have always believed in population control myself. Many think that limiting the amount of children you have is like being told what to do by the government, like in China and everybody is free and can do whatever they want, right? Well, at least generally speaking in countries like the US and Sweden, two places I can say that I have lived long enough so I can make statements like these and feel like I am making a valid point. You know, we think we are FREE but are we REALLY? That's another subject in itself, lets' get back on track and talk some more about the 7 billion plus people that exist on the planet today.
I think one child, MAX two per woman. Not per couple since people get together and have children with a bunch of different people, PER WOMAN. And since gay males also want children (some of them) I would say they can adopt as many as they want, if they can provide a good home for the kids or get a surrogate that can give them one, MAX two kids. Of course certain circumstances like the death of a child would allow you to have another........But if you want more "because you just loooooove being a Mom" or "just looooooove children soooooo much" or "want to give the little monsters you already have a sibling" then STOP and THINK a little.
Don't be selfish, think about your children's future, yes even YOUR future, have you though of what this place that we call Earth might look like 10 -20 years from now if all that we do is reproduce and consume? If you really looooooove children so much then maybe you should look into taking in a foster child or adopting a child. Plenty of unwanted children out there that long for somebody of quality to love them and give them a home. And with somebody of quality I mean, a family or a single parent that is willing to put in the time and effort it takes to be a good parent. People that reproduce and have no means to care for their children and rely on the state (welfare) for assistance or abuse their children I do not respect at all. Just because you squeeze out a child doesn't mean that you are a parent, you gave life - now take responsibility for it!
And to mention the article, some other guy name Paul Ehrlich says, "government propaganda, taxes, giving every sexually active human being access to modern contraception and backup abortion, and, especially, giving women absolutely equal rights and opportunities with men might very well get the global population shrinkage required if a collapse is to be avoided". Again......I absolutely agree.
And to quote another person from the same article, Jerry Karnas, "what's needed is not population control but a real emphasis on reproductive rights, women's empowerment, universal access to birth control and education, so more freedom for folks to make better, more informed family planning choices." Yes, ok he is mentioning reproductive rights. I do not think every idiot out there should have the right to reproduce, no I don't.......sorry. That goes back to that I do not think that every person is fit to be a parent. If you have no control over your own life, if it's spiraling out of control, if you are heavily addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, if you don't have an income then HOW are you going to be a quality parent? How? Shape up, get on track, make some positive changes and then think about having a baby.
I have a very good friend in Sweden, she is married and has two boys. A while back she mentioned that she would like to have another child, a girl because she wants a girl and also she misses the time when her boys were babies. So......I gave her some of my thoughts.......what I think about having what I think are too many kids and the present problem with what I believe is an over populated planet. If she wants a girl she can adopt one, I think. Then at least she will get a girl for sure.
And you know, having a difference of opinions and beliefs doesn't mean that you can't be friends. I welcome people into my life that are open to discussion, then I can learn something of value hopefully and keep and open and always evolving mind.
But you know.......the issue with over is definitely a very important subject.
You might not think about it too much but you should. And I think that every adult has a responsibility to do something positive for the Earth, something. THINK a little, don't just barge through life like you don't care about anything or anyone but yourself. Don't take life on Earth for granted!

Read the article I am referring to here

Another Dusty Douchebag

I recently saw off some friends that I had over for a dinner at my place. I like making nice dinners once in a while, lighting many candles and having friends over. I tried a recipe for a chicken dish that I have never made before. Yes, I do eat meat once in a while, although it's rare. The chicken, chicken thighs to be precise I stuffed with crushed walnuts. Then I folded the thigh and attached the ends with a toothpick, then fried the chicken in the frying pan in butter. I made some mashed potatoes that I served topped with roasted walnuts. I also made two sauces, avocado sauce for the chicken and brown sauce for the potatoes. I made the avocado sauce from scratch and the brown sauce came out of a bag. Very yummy! Dessert - blueberries, strawberries and fresh whipped cream. And champagne, it was a belated New Years dinner.
It was so good that I think I am going to invite a few of my girlfriends from work in a few weeks for the same meal, a Valentine's Day celebration. I am already looking forward to it.

So I sat down in bed, opened up my laptop and saw this article on msn.......

"Texas lawmakers are cracking down on strip clubs. State Rep. Bill Zedler has authored a bill requiring exotic dancers to get a license -- and wear the document while performing.
Asking strippers to get licensed is nothing new. Several cities in America already have that requirement. But Zedler is getting attention for his suggestion that the dancers "conspicuously display" the license -- with their real names on it -- while working.
Zedler, a conservative Republican, thinks it might deter women from choosing the profession. "They won't want to get a license as a stripper from the state of Texas," he said, according to the Star-Telegram. "I think it would keep a lot of girls from getting involved in that lifestyle and basically wrecking their lives."
In order to get the license, strippers would need to be at least 18 years old and take a class about human trafficking awareness and reporting. The license will not be given to anyone previously convicted for human trafficking, prostitution, public lewdness or possession of child pornography. "This will force everyone to clean up their act," he told the Star-Telegram.
"Overall, it will be a benefit to everyone concerned."

Bill Zedler a conservative Republican is also a dusty old douchebag! How typical that some old man that has not much knowledge of strip clubs besides the obvious - that girls take their clothes off in them, is taking it upon himself to crack down on strip clubs! HAVE to be 18 to strip. Hello! Unless you use a fake ID. I highly doubt that any girls working as dancers are into child pornography. I don't know if the same goes for some of the men that go to the clubs. Human trafficking? I am absolutely against human trafficking and have even mentioned it several times in my blog. I have never witnessed or suspected any human trafficking going on in any club I have worked in. I did hear of some girls at Crazy Horse Too in Las Vegas that supposedly had pimps. I am absolutely against pimping as well. I think there is much more prostitution and human trafficking going on at truck stops across America, massage parlors, the streets and motel rooms where men go after responding to sex ads they find online. I have personally NEVER slept with anyone or done anything sexual for money.
I guess you can argue that going on stage topless and/or naked and doing lap dances is sexual although I personally do not feel like it is sex at all. To me it's entertainment. Nobody is touching any of my "private" parts ever, that INCLUDES my boobs. To me that WOULD be sexual and I am not at work to engage in that. I never put my hands down in anyone's pants or give them any kind of happy ending. If you really want to know I can count on less than my five fingers on one hand how many guys I have slept with in the last ten years. I do not like to be intimate with many people. But that's me. Other girls might not feel the same way and that is ok too as long as they do what they want.
Bill Zedler is talking about forcing everyone to clean up their act. Really? My act is clean.
I am NOT ashamed that I am a dancer (my occupation doesn't define me), I am supporting myself, nobody is taking care of me. I am not on welfare. In fact, I have economically helped out several people throughout the years. I'm a rather generous person. I do not feel like I am wrecking my life. I have worked with girls that had a very promising professional career staked out for themselves outside of the strip club and I have also worked with girls that didn't.
But that's life. Not everybody is working on some kind of a career. Just like the reference Bill Zelder make about "the lifestyle". What lifestyle? Drinking and drugs perhaps? If you are into booze and drugs you are most likely going to do that regardless of the strip club. There are plenty of addicts out there that have nothing to do with strip clubs.
I don't drink at work, neither do I use drugs at work. And that reflects on my life outside of the club as well. I rarely drink or do drugs. But if I am going to do that I am for sure going to enjoy my drugs or alcohol to the fullest in some fun place and that would not be at work.
I do not feel like I'm doing anything wrong by dancing. Bill Zelder should look into his own act and do some cleaning up himself, what a righteous pontificating prick! As far as displaying a license with your real name, first and last...... Why? What's the point of that? To scare girls off from dancing? To display our personal identity so perhaps some sexual predator we might encounter at work can find us, stalk us and maybe hurt us? So then the guys that go to clubs and the women that come in as guests too for that matter should display a badge with their first and last name I assume? That would only be fair. Not that I meet many sexual predators at work
(I hope), I meet mostly nice people believe it or not. Some are assholes and annoying but that's good because that gives me material for my blog! :-)
In Las Vegas you do need to get a sheriffs card before you can get hired in any of the clubs in the city. The sheriffs card is valid for ten years. They basically check that you are eligible for work in the US, that you are of age and not convicted of a felony. Fine. You need to have something similar to work in the casinos in Vegas too. I am aware of a few other clubs around the country that require something like a sheriffs card too. But to talk about prostitution, child pornography and forcing people to clean up their act, that is taking it too far. Bill Zelder is basically saying that all dancers (strippers) are prostitutes, might be engaging in child pornography and are overall no good and lewd women. So not true! And very disrespectful of him. As a feminist I am protesting this.
Sure, some dancers sleep with guys they meet in the club. Some for money and some because they want to. It is actually possible to meet somebody you really like inside a strip club. I know of girls that have met the love of their life in the club. Marriage and happiness ever after - or something like that....... And yes some clubs are "dirty" and the owners and managers should make sure that the dancers follow the rules and get rid of the ones that don't. Then girls like me would thrive. I would love to meet this Bill Zelder for a debate. And good luck on passing that bill, Bill. Don't you have anything more important to deal with in Texas?