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Matching Purple

I painted my nails at work last night. The nail polish is by ESSIE and is called Play Date . My nails and my t shirt are matching purple today. It's almost 4 pm here, I am taking Chhaya outside for a while and later I am going to work.

Tatiana's Chore

Work last night was FUN. Although there was a psycho in there, a man with a problem but Tatiana is not going to write about him in this blog entry. Check back tomorrow........
First of all.......for all you curious people out there....... ;-) This is what Tatiana wore last night, she really likes her pink leg warmers right now, or like Clay (the dj) calls them - socks.
Leg warmers, not socks!

And here are some pics of the stage after one set, we had to do three songs last night.
Tatiana still loves Diamonds by Rihanna. How much is that in ones and fives? If you really want to know, $ 227. Could be better, could be worse. Tatiana is not complaining, just explaining.......We have two stages, one large (well larger than the small one) and this small one that is located behind the bar, we dance on it when we don't have a lot of people in the club.

When Tatiana came home around 3 am she had to do chores.......bleh! Some people iron clothes, Tatiana cannot recall the last time she ironed an item of clothing, in her mind that is a complete waste of time. Instead Tatiana's chore is ironing money.

Chhaya is making sure that Tatiana is putting away some for her treat fund. Chhaya gets a treat every morning, after she comes back inside after going to the bathroom. It's nice to start the day off right with a treat! Tatiana's daily treat is a vanilla latte and usually some sort of pastry.


Got some new pretty nail polishes by ESSIE. Can't decide which one I am going to use first world problem of the day.


Look at these absolutely super cute heels! You can send in your heels to and have them put on crystals on them however you like.
It would be fun to send in a pair of clear stripper heels and have them custom blinged out.
I love Hello Kitty. Super KAWAII!!!!


The latest Vanity Fair has my fave model Kate Moss on the cover and there is an interview with her and more pics inside. OF COURSE I had to get it!
I looooooveeeee Kate, she is incredible. Her nose, eyes - everything. I love that she is natural.
I'd rather look at Kate instead of working....... ;-)

Finally Mermaids

Drove into town to pick up my Mermaid I giclée print by Olivia . I collect Olivia's and now with Mermaid I, my collection is complete......finally!
I already had Mermaid II and a few other giclées. So I am happy now, my mermaids are home.
I love mermaids and faeries.
Besides that I had a really bad headache yesterday that started a few hours before I went into work, I took an aspirin and felt better. Well, as soon as I got to work and had to breathe in all that gross cigarette poison air in there my head started pounding and I felt like I was going to throw up. I don't understand how it can still be allowed to smoke in a place where non smokers work, it is SO unhealthy and I HATE cigarette smoke. So, I lasted about two hours and then I went home, feeling awful. There was nothing going on in there anyways. Besides some annoying people.
I feel better today. Had to sleep it off.

Mermaid I & Mermaid II

Pink Sky

Had grand plans for today......I was going to leap out of bed and go to the gym. LOL. Well, that didn't happen. Instead I went to the store, got my latte and a blueberry scone. Took care of some everyday things around my house. Talked on the phone.
And took Chhaya for a long walk. Really pretty out and cold. It's not that bad if the wind doesn't blow and you dress warm.
Alaska is a huge state and the temperatures vary a lot depending on where you live. This afternoon it was about 7 °F here whereas in Fairbanks it was -15 °F. Fairbanks is Alaska's second largest city, the largest is Anchorage and I am about 500 miles away (driving) from Fairbanks and 140 miles from Anchorage. It would definitely be way too cold for me to live in Fairbanks, it gets to be really cold there in the winter. I don't know how people do it there. Or how people lived in cold climates back in the day when they didn't have the comforts we enjoy and take for granted today, I would had been sooooo miserable!
Sweden gets cold too but the winters in Stockholm where I grew up and lived most of the time are not as long as the winters here. Northern Sweden gets to be cold, Stockholm is in the middle of the country. So not Fairbanks cold.
Anyways, enough of weather talk. I am going to lay around and do nothing for a while, before I get ready for tonight.
Here are some pics from this afternoon, the pink sky was really pretty.......

Back Home

Back home from work, laying in bed and listening to Coast to Coast AM (that I love).
Tonight's guest is Dennis McKenna (brother of Terence McKenna) and he is talking about plant hallucinogens, something I am personally very interested in.
Work was alright, I am glad I went in. I found some pink leg warmers in my sock drawer at home, they are really long, I got them in a store where ballerinas get their outfits. So I wore the pink leg warmers tonight.......


After work I gave a coworker a ride home, she was supposed to stay the night at a friends house. Well, the friend was not home and the girl I gave the ride to thought it was going to be ok for her to wait outside in the cold with a blanket. I said no way. She didn't know when her friend would be back. What if she would fall asleep outside? You can die like that. I took her back to work,
I insisted. Anyways, it's 3 am where I am at. I am going to listen to Coast to Coast now and read some blogs.

Forcing Myself

It's a little after 9 pm and I am about to go to work. I am forcing myself to go......imagine if you had no work schedule to follow, felt fat and unmotivated, was on your period, it was cold and dark outside on a Sunday evening.......Would you go to work or would you stay at home in the warmth and cozy up in bed with a yummy cup of tea and your dog if you had one?
LOL - yep I am forcing myself.......
I am going to work instead of sitting at home, eating and adding an extra layer pf padding to my butt and thighs. One week at home with no exercise and lots of food works wonders for your figure! :-)

Been In A Slump

I have been in a slump since Friday. I have been getting a lot done around the house and I have also been eating everything in sight. BUT there has been no work and no gym all week and it is Sunday evening now! I feel guilty, lazy and fat. Again.......
I have not been in the mood to work, get ready for work, talking to people ......none of that.
I get like that sometimes, usually for a few days each month. Then it passes and I feel normal again. I need to get myself together this next week because I am leaving soon, for work (out of state) and the last thing I want is to look and feel fat then. That would not be good. Anyways, having a "fat and feeling sorry for myself" day today......that has been lasting since Friday.......
Maybe tomorrow will be better?