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Got Coffee

I got my coffee for today. There is a bakery in Gregory with decent coffee and pastries. It's owned by an old lady that is half deaf. When I asked for "a receipt" she thought I was asking for whiskey! I had to repeat myself three times and finally made a hand gesture pretending to write something and then she got it. Yeah, can I have some whiskey with that coffee and Bavarian Cream doughnut at 11 AM please?
It is still windy here, 68 mph, I think it's kind of scary, signs have blown down, trucks rolled over on the highways around here and fires are spreading, power outages.
I hope I don't get stuck here! What a nightmare that would be.
So I have been showing my "intellectual" side at work the last two nights discussing politics, impressing the hunters with my wit and knowledge. Since nobody is buying dances.
I think politics is a bunch of mumbo jumbo with it all revolving around doing favors for the people who give you the most money. Corruption.
I'm not going to get into it too much but if I had the power to change things around I would make it illegal for people on welfare to keep popping out kids just so they can collect money for their lazy asses. If you can't afford to feed yourself you shouldn't have kids. Simple.
Everybody can fall on hard times in life but things don't get any easier if you decide to get pregnant.
Also, population control - worldwide. Too many people on the planet, not enough resources and from what I've seen (especially this last week), many of them seem to have the mental capacity of an inbred. Scary. Beer can glued to hand, mouth agape with a string of drool coming out of it and can barely form a three word sentence. Yikes!
Legalize drugs already. I don't do them, I have but the times are few and far in between. The reasons to why drugs should be legalized are many and valid, plus people use drugs anyways legal or not.
I already know who I would vote for if I could. Since I am not a US citizen I can't vote. But if I could I would and it would be for these two. Just to make things more interesting! Like Romney is that much better than Sheen anyways. At least Charlie is funny.

So we have to gather at the club at 5 PM today, why I don't know. Probably to discuss how we are going to handle the sudden influx of people that are supposedly amassing here this weekend, I hope so because so far it has been a disaster.