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A Touch Of Summer

I can't say that I am as evolved and pure in my soul as Balpreet Kaur, the young Sikh lady that recently made the news. Reading about her made my heart melt and eyes tear up.
What a wondeful person! If you are not familiar with the story, I recommend that you look it up.
I am too vain (at least for now) and I have no problem admitting that. I don't know what I would do without my tweezers. Probably the "tool" I use the most. I can go without make up. But not without a tweezer. And I have to shave my legs and some other body parts for work. No, I am not going to go on stage with hair sticking out of my g-string. Or with long, dark hair decorating my legs. I save that for my "private" life at home.
It actually snowed yesterday in some places around Alaska. Here in Kenai too though the snow melted right away.....but it will be back to stay - soon. Therefore, here are some more summery pics from a beautiful, sunny day in August.

Photographer Eye on Alaska.

Good Afternoon!

So today started out fantastic with shining sun and blue skies, a picture perfect Fall day, that officially start tomorrow btw. Though I retired my flip flops about a week or so ago, it got too cold here for flip flops. :-(
If I was in Vegas I could still wear them, basically year round flip flop weather there.
I am packing a few pairs on my upcoming Vegas trip.
But now it's overcast out. Bleh. I just gorged myself on one apple fritter and a carrot cake covered with very sweet frosting, I think I overdid it actually. In a bit I am going to get a sandwich and head home. I need to squeeze in brushing Chhaya, mopping the floor, walking Chhaya and going for a run (fourth day in a row if I run today) before work tonight.
Here are some more pics.....I had 700 pics to go through from this shoot, I narrowed it down to about 160 that I liked and picked out a few from that, not an easy task!

Photographer Eye on Alaska. Location Stormy Lake.

With my Best Friend

These pictures make me soooooo happy and proud. I am proud that my baby Chhaya is so pretty, so fun, so willing to do whatever I ask of her. I am immensely grateful that she is in my life. My best friend. I love her so much!!!

Photographer Eye on Alaska.


So it's time for Tatiana to go back to work tonight.......noooooooooo!!!!! She has not been since last Saturday and from what she's heard it's been rather uneventful in there, not surprising. Once the summer is over things die down here out in the boondocks.
Well, at least it will be fun to go on stage tonight to the new fave song by Ellie Goulding Lights .
The worst is when you work in a club where you can't pick your music, it can be awful and even embarrassing. When Tatiana worked at Shotgun Willies in Denver she was stuck on stage to Crazy by Gnarls Barkley more than once and Two Princes by Spin Doctors - a song that Tatiana thinks should NEVER be played in a strip club. So NOT sexy. Same goes for MMMBop by Hanson and Baby by Justin Bieber. Tatiana also remembers one time when a girl played Heal the World by Michael Jackson.......while strutting her stuff on stage. That just does not go together......

Here are some pics from a few months ago........
Photographer Mark Wiggin.

One more thing while Tatiana still remembers.....last Saturday work started out very slow. So the bartender told us to "call our customers" and tell them to come in. Tatiana has heard that before, from the owner, on slow nights.
First of all, that's kind of pathetic. The girls should not have to call anyone to get people to come in. And Tatiana very rarely gives out her phone number. She can count on one hand the times she given out her number to anyone she met at work, those people became a friend outside of work too. The number thing is absolutely nothing personal but if Tatiana would be giving out her number to everybody then all she would do would be either answering calls, texting or avoiding calls. Night and day.
Tatiana knew a girl once that would give out her number to anyone that asked, her phone would ring constantly, she would never answer or call anyone back. Tatiana rather NOT give out her number than avoid answering, she considers that rude.
Also, today you can email Tatiana if there is something you need to tell her, she is very good at answering e mails or you can read her blog to keep up with her. There is no need for any numbers.
Some girls also give out fake numbers. Not nice either. Another girl Tatiana knows gives out this number 867-5309. Do you get it? It's Jenny's number, you know the song! LOL.
Then there are girls that have two phones, one for work and another phone for their other life. Kind of like a business phone.
Plus Tatiana doesn't have "customers" - she has fans. Or friends. A customer is somebody that is buying something, it just sounds so weird Tatiana thinks. So no, Tatiana doesn't get on the phone, ever, to beg anyone to come in and spend money on her, she doesn't have to.
Yes, of course she has bad nights, most girls do - unless they look like Irina Shayk, Barbie or doing something nasty that they shouldn't be doing in the first place. Bad night happens, not a big deal, it's life.