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Must feel better tomorrow!

OK, I actually feel SICK today. I might even have a slight fever because I feel really warm, it comes in waves, took a pill for bad stomach cramps. I feel greasy, tired, gross, achy and flabby. Yuck. I really hope that I feel better tomorrow. I was even out and about this afternoon, drove into town, did some errands and thought I was going to make it into work tonight. And then it suddenly got bad and there is no way I could had worked tonight, I would had been under my blanket on the couch all night long. Where you will find me some nights anyways if I am bored or not in the mood to talk to drunk guys.
Been watching the Olympics, sorry if I offend any Americans now (some people are very sensitive when it comes to sports) but I think that Viktoria Komova should had won the gold in gymnastics, she did so well on the mat (floor exercise), flawless landings, she moves so much nicer than Gabby, so much more graceful. I am not saying that Gabby did bad, obviously not, I just thought Komova did better. After her performance on the mat I was surprised that she didn't get the gold.
Anyways, here is a pic of me and Chhaya. Though you can only see Chhaya's cute butt.

Photographer Wolf198.