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Work stories from last night.....

A typical evening at the strip club.....Tatiana arrived around 9 30 PM and went straight to her locker. Changed out of her black Miss Sixty jeans, two pink and gray layered shirts from Victoria's Secret and pink flip flops into a peach colored panty and black triangle cut bikini top. Slipped into her 7'' Stardust platform heels. Put on some earrings and applied some lip gloss.
It was a slow night but even on a slow night Tatiana deals with all kinds of people.
For example, two drunk girls came in. Both around 30, definitely seen better days.
First they seemed fine but the more they drank the angrier they got. They were hustling random guys for drinks, trying to look "sexy" by dancing all over each other, badly copying some grinding moves they studied on MTV.
Then they started becoming insulting. Even a random guy noticed and asked the bartender to kick them out of the club because of how they were acting, bothering everybody around them. So, of course both of them just happened to sit at Tatiana's stage when it was her time to go up. Tatiana overheard one guy tell one of his friends that he thought she was very beautiful.
The chunkier of the two lard asses didn't like that a bit and her jealousy got the best of her. LOL. Well at the end of her two songs Tatiana let the cow (sorry to all the real cows out there, you are so much better than that woman) know that she could just shut her ugly trap because she will NEVER ever be like Tatiana. Really. Unless you are an Adriana Lima look wise and have the ability to beat Tatiana in chess AND carry on an intelligent convo raging in different topics then you really should be quiet. Do not sit at the stage in a strip club and talk shit unless you want to be put in your place, loudly in front of everyone. Nobody wants to buy you and your friend a drink, buy the drinks yourselves.....and good luck finding a new man too. Go home and take care of your kids instead of making a spectacle of yourselves, trying to act sexy while looking pathetic.
Later on Tatiana met three very nice men visiting this area. They were having a great time and it is always so nice to meet good people. One of them had MS and he was rather affected by it. Made Tatiana sad and very reflective over life.
She also had to deal with a group of Neanderthals out having a good time.
Understand that it is NOT ok to try to touch the girls when they are on the stage, ESPECIALLY anywhere close to their private parts. That just might result in the girl taking all the $ you just put up on that stage, getting annoyed and leaving the stage. And no, Tatiana has no desire AT ALL to "hang out" with you and your five drunk friends after work. Yes, she knows, this might be somewhat difficult for you to comprehend......but she rather be alone, any day. And projectile sneezing repeatedly in the dancers direction while she is on stage, without covering your mouth will also result in the dancer getting away from you, as far as she can. Gross! Tatiana doesn't need your sneeze on her perfect boobs. Sure, Tatiana sneezes too but she learned a long time ago how to sneeze in public. You should learn this also.
All of this and more in the span of about 6 hours. It was a slow night. After tipping out $ 125, Tatiana went home with $ 390.

Barbie Girl

Soooooo, I did make it in to work last night......yaeeeeay! It was actually a good thing because I did good and had fun. :-)
There were two guys in there that insisted that I danced to Barbie Girl by Aqua because according to them, I look just like Barbie. LOL. I've heard that before.
And not only from guys that are drunk or tipsy. Even from girls in the daytime while out shopping. I do not think that I look like Barbie at all, she is more blonde, tanned and plastic.
I mean, I don't even have fake boobs. I have seen Barbies at work before - mainly in Vegas, lots of Barbie lookalikes and Barbie wannabe looalikes.
But to make my two new fans happy, I did play Barbie Girl . Cute song but so not me.
Even though I love pink....the color that is..... Here are some of the lyrics......

I'm a barbie girl, in the barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic!
you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation
Come on Barbie, let's go party!

I'm a blond bimbo girl, in the fantasy world
Dress me up, make it tight, I'm your dolly
You're my doll, rock'n'roll, feel the glamour in pink,
kiss me here, touch me there, hanky panky...
You can touch, you can play, if you say: "I'm always yours"

Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please
I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees
Come jump in, bimbo friend, let us do it again,
hit the town, fool around, let's go party

So the next time I went up I had to make up for it and played my new fave song by Blackburner Freak You .

I think I have to get a trim, my hair is getting long. I was hoping to wait until October, I think I will be in LA for a few days then and I was going to get in cut and conditioned at a place called George Michael of Beverly Hills. I love that place. But I might have to take off an inch or so sooner than that. It's starting to look a little thin in the ends.
Actually my hair is getting thinner, it used to be kind of thick. But we lose like up to 100 hairs/day, that's normal. And since I have long hair it's just more noticeable I think than if you have shorter hair. And my hair is also kind of fine (the texture of it) and not coarse, that too makes it appearing thinner.
But I highly recommend that salon!
You can read some reviews here

And the site for the salon

You can see that my poster that I made about the importance of taking care of your pets by spaying and neutering them is still hanging in the dressing room.
It's to the left in the pic. I mean, why let your dog or cat have litter after litter? Can you find a good home to all of those puppies and kittens?

Right Now

I could not pull up my blog from my house yesterday, don't know if the strong winds the other day blew a tower down or something? My internet was super slow and that was highly irritating.
Anyways, I brought the Tatiana show over to Coffee Roasters this afternoon. My make up artist is here, hair stylist, personal assistant, PR person - I roll like J LO, sans Casper of course. I am just sitting around looking cute & casual, writing my blog, posing for an occasional pic with a fan and writing autographs.

Have you read the story about the farm worker caught on camera abusing the turkeys at a Butterball turkey kill factor? More workers are being investigated.
You might not think it's a big deal to torture animals before they get slaughtered for consumption, hopefully you are a compassionate person and do care.
My eyes are full of tears and my hands are shaking right now when I am typing this because I feel upset and sad because of that. I do not eat turkey.
Those birds live a hellish life before they end up slaughtered. Sure the meat is tasty, I've had turkey before - until I started caring.
I am sure that the conditions for the factory/farm workers are bad and that they are underpaid and overworked. I feel bad for the people that work in factories.
But it is not the animals fault! If anything, the animals are the ones suffering the most. Animal abuse and torture is NEVER right. Would you feel ok eating a cow, pig, chicken or turkey if you knew somebody tortured it, made it suffer and scared it right before it died and eventually ended up at your plate? I hope not.
It is easier NOT to care, I know. Ignorance IS bliss. I have my own problems and things that I am sad and worried about. Like right now I am not at all motivated to go to work because it feels meaningless and boring. I have an awful mortgage to deal with. I have bad days. But at the same time, I have to care about things that are not right. And I can't stand animal abuse. So if you can, make at least one day or even better two days a week a meat free day, if you are a meat eater.
Look at the bigger picture. The world is about everybody and everything, not only YOU. Or me.

Meat Free Monday

Since it's Monday and the beginning of the work week for many, it can also be the beginning of something else. Meat Free Mondays! I think that everybody, if they eat meat, should strive for AT LEAST one or two days of no meat each week. Why not? It's healthier for YOU and the planet. Nobody needs to eat meat every day, many people falsely think they do because they have been bombarded with propaganda about that since childhood. So stop being so selfish and cut out the meat at least once or twice a week, preferably more.
Paul McCartney was involved in starting the Meat Free Monday movement and he is also a vegetarian (or a vegan, I'm not exactly sure), this is when he decided to become one, "Many years ago, I was fishing, and as I was reeling in the poor fish, I realized, ‘I am killing him — all for the passing pleasure it brings me.’ And something inside me clicked. I realized as I watched him fight for breath that his life was as important to him as mine is to me."

Anyways, today I went to the dump with all my recyclabes. Went to Kaladi too.

Coffee and Kotex, what else does a girl need? Besides some Prada purses and some really nice fall fashion boots........of course!
Last night it was so windy here that I worried that some of the trees around my house would fall over and land on the house. I guess Fall is arriving with the winds. That's my philosophy on that.
I got lots crossed out on my to do list yesterday and last night, I stayed up until 6 AM this morning because I couldn't sleep.
I might go camping this weekend, if the weather permits, I don't want to go camping if it rains non stop, some rain is ok. Better with no rain at all.

So.....what do you meat free day a week or two? Is that possible? I think it is! :-)

When I worked at TENS NYC

A long time ago I worked in New York City, I went there twice for work and I liked it a lot. Thinking about going back.....maybe.
Anyways, I was just sitting around reading dancers talk about different clubs at Stripperweb,
an online dancer site - quite interesting.....when I came across this about a girl's experience at some club in NYC. And that took me back to my New York memories.......

"I worked in an NYC club where they insisted that we wear civilian heels. After a month of 8 hour shifts, working 3-4 days a week, I got wicked bad nerve damage in my toes. Not to mention fasciitis (inflammation of the tendon on the sole of the foot) and the angle of my toes got somewhat deformed. The nerve damage (which consisted of numbness, spasms, and extreme pain) took 2-and-a-half years to correct. The fasciitis took about just as much time but still springs up once in a while. The toe angle issue is sadly permanent. It sucks. My feet are cute... but they were cuter before. After leaving that club and going back to 7" stripper heels I have suffered no ill effects at all.
But I look back and think about that time of night when the club would close, and I would sit on the dressing room floor, in my gown, crying, desperately rubbing my feet to get rid of the shooting blasts of pain and odd waves of cold numbness.
Besides the horrible physical consequences of dancing in civilian shoes, there were aesthetic issues too. My stage performances suffered because the shoes didn't grip my foot as well.
My range of dance moves was limited. Also, shorter heels made me look shorter, heavier and made me feel less confident.
And all this awful stuff happened because some guy... that has no idea about how uncomfortable high heels can be... has a pet peeve against a stripper-looking shoe. Newsflash management! You're running a strip club!!!
I wish managers would REALIZE that strippers wear clears for practical reasons... they match any outfit, the clear upper part sticks to the foot (so we don't end up like cinderella or accidentally toss a shoe off and poke a guy in the eye) and they are designed to keep a girl comfortable for hours and hours and hours of dancing. The idea is to look invisibly tall, to be so comfortable that you don't think about shoes even once during a shift, and to create a sexy, upright body angle/posture.

P.S. I have learned that customers don't care what kind of shoes a stripper wears. Unless they have some specific fetish. And then, they are always welcome to buy me a pair of the kind of shoe they fancy."

HA! I had a dispute over my shoes with one of the managers at TENS, that dispute lead to him firing me, all because of some shoes. When I worked at TENS you were not allowed to wear a shoe on any kind of platform, I guess that changed over the years to "platform is ok as long as the shoe does not have a clear (see through) bottom part, because that is too stripperish looking".
So upon arriving in New York and getting hired at TENS, me and Shelley had to go for a shoe hunt, trying to find some ok looking shoes to dance in that were also somewhat comfortable. Pretty much impossible. The platform is there for a reason, it makes it comfortable for your foot, it's just better for the foot and arch.
My feet never hurt so much from dancing as they did in New York.
Well, not only were we not allowed to wear platforms, the shoe also needed to have an ankle strap. I found a pair of cute shoes without a strap and thought that maybe I could get away with wearing them since there were so many girls in the club, who was going to look for an ankle strap anyways?
Well, we had one nazi manager that was just one of those mean, angry, bossy guys and of course he noticed the missing ankle strap and told me to get another shoe. I tried to reason with him and that led to him FIRING me over the shoes. Or standing up to him. Whatever. I was upset and sad that night, the next evening I went to Flashdancers, auditioned and got hired. So that manager at TENS actually made me a favor, I liked it much better at Flashdancers and made more money there. I could also wear platform there.
I would never again work at a club that does not allow platform heels. Yes, I know I'm tall in my 7'' platform stripper heels. But I do not care. They are designed to be comfortable for dancers. Of course the taller shoes also makes you look better, women wear heels for a reason.
Some girls could never achieve the look of long and lean legs without those platform heels.
But dancing for eight hours in "regular" heels is painful. Unfortunately I developed two corns this last year from my Stardust platforms, one of the pairs
(I got two) has a very tight plastic top part, so before it got stretched out it rubbed me on one toe on each foot and those toes now have corns. I am NOT happy about that since I always liked my feet and thought they were kind of nice looking compared to some other feet I've seen. But now I don't like them that much anymore because of the corns. And since I continue wearing the same style of heel, with the tight fitting plastic top, the corns will not go away. I am thinking about wrapping each toe in some moleskin or something before I work. Maybe then the corns will diminish over time?
Anyone has a good corn removing tip that does not consist of me not wearing my platforms with the plastic top?
Another thing I did not like about dancing in New York was that you had to wear a long gown.
I don't like the look of long gowns in strip clubs on EVERY girl, I think it looks ridiculous. The clubs are going for the "classy look" and I get that but still.......a short dress (on me), ok maybe. I prefer my two piece outfits, cute boy short panties and a nice bra. I think that looks classy enough if it's nice of course and not some washed out full bottom granny panties and some soggy bra.

Sunday activities

My day started out more than slow. Dragged myself out of bed by noon and shuffled around like a zombie for three hours or so until I finally got something done.
No, I did not work last night and I am not working tonight either though I got a text from work asking me if I am coming in. It's weird because I get slight anxiety and feel guilty if I don't work but whatever.
I drove into town and got some goodies, the new ELLE, extra thick full of fall fashion and Marie Claire. I am sure I will see some cute boots that I am going to want, happens every time I look through the fall fashion issue. Got some Pamprin too just in case I need to take one later.
Very sexy, I know......!
And made a mental to do list for tonight, I don't want this day to be totally wasted on nothing,
so I have a few things left to do, better get to them.......


Woke up feeling crappy and that developed into a pretty bad headache this afternoon, had to take a pill to get relief. Had one left, gave away more than half to girls and guys at work, yes I am a nurse too. Therapist also. I actually studied Introduction to Therapy 1 and 2, for two semesters at CSN in Vegas. You need some therapy from Tatiana?
Anyways, that headache made me feeling slight nauseous. So right now I am not sure if I am going to work tonight. I will try to make it in but cigarette smoke, loud noises, the potential of annoying people and feeling kind of sick is not a good combo. And no, I do not have a hangover, I don't drink at work. You don't drink at work either right? Well, neither do I.
Well, I have to go and check on Chhaya now, she is hanging out in the yard.


Tatiana is getting ready for another amazing night at work......well, hopefully it won't be boring at least. It's Friday already? Time flies by!
Before she knows it Tatiana will be 100 and look back at these years of getting ready for work with the fake lashes and lip glosses with fondness.
Well, no time to get pensive......Tatiana has to glue on her lashes and go. Her fans are waiting!


I put my moody PMS aside and took my lazy self to work, got home a while ago - having tea now. If I stay home and inactive for like three days or more I get extremely bored and my ass grows, not a good thing. Anyways, I feel much better after a night at work, did ok for how slow it was.
Even played one of my newly downloaded songs, I love it, it's called Freak You by Backburner.
The stars were out tonight, lighting up the whole sky like a bright explosion. Actually last week I think I saw a hint of the northern lights, I pulled over twice and got out of the car to get a better look. The sky had an eerie green hint to it - whatever it was, it was nice.
Today is National Waffle Day, we make the best waffles in Sweden, thinking about them makes my mouth water. The best, with fresh whipped cream and berries. YUM!
But it's sleepy time for me now......


I must be having PMS because everything feels like a chore and I am very emotional, moody and also SOOOO bored. Ugly weather today so I am happy that I soaked up the sun the last two days.
Even had a 20 second sudden crying spell last night because I was feeling sad and lonely. I don't think that I have any REAL friends here and I miss the ones that I do have but they are all far away. Friendship is a two way street and I do not get the communication through texting only and not putting in any effort for the friendship. It's like a plant - needs water to thrive. I don't like fake and phony people and it's difficult to make a quality friend.
But I am feeling a little better today, I have to do something FUN soon though, if there is anything even remotely fun here where I live that doesn't involve fishing, hunting and boozing. Or getting high with random people. Not my cup of tea.
I wish I lived closer to Chena hot springs.
Now I am going to try to upload some new songs on my iPod, getting tired of the ones I have. Plus all of a sudden some of the other girls at work like the Rihanna songs I play too, how typical (I say that with utter sarcasm) so they can play them all they want, I am getting something new, that nobody else plays.