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Some pictures

These were taken about a month ago, I can't believe how fast time goes by!
Booooohooooo, I want to go back to New York!!!!!
While I was in New York I did three photo shoots. I could had done way more, like three a day or more but I am somewhat selective about that.
A photographer with an amzing portfolio contacted me but in the end he must have decided he didn't want to collaborate. Too bad because he had some great work. Then I had another shoot scheduled that cancelled due to travel and I corresponded with a great photographer about a shoot but we could not piece together our schedules. I had some offers to do (paid) shoots for some kind of a video, a foot fetish site and some other random shoots. The photographer with the foot site just loved my arches (his words). He must had seen some photo of me where my feet are visible. But in the end I only scheduled three due to timing, schedule and my pick of who to collaborate with. I was hoping for five shoots but that didn't work out. Out of the three I did, two were ok and I did not like any of the pictures from the first shoot. Oh well.

Photographer Steve Antonelli


This here is an old pic of me, I can tell because my eyebrows were thinner but besides that everything else looks pretty much the same today.
The photographer was my friend Pepe. A great man from Cuba that I actually met a work at the first club I worked at, Starz in Gardena CA. He had a photo studio and I spent many hours there taking pictures, even learning to develop them, like this one - I developed it myself in his darkroom.
We shared many lunches at a Cuban restaurant, where I always ordered black beans, rice and plantains. I enjoyed many good talks about life with him. I called Pepe "grandpa" because that's what he became to me.

Some pics from my archives.....

Here are some pics of ME. I have a similar pic to the last one up on the blog already, but not the same.
It's another Monday.....I am slowly getting in the mood to start my day. I don't have any plans as of yet but the sun is shining and I feel great.

Photographer WOLF189.


I thought I was going to work tonight but I started feeling quesy this afternoon and got a light headache. It is midnight now and I still feel like that. So no work for me. Headache, even the slightest and cigarette smoke is a bad combination for me.
So I am at home. About to force myself to shower and brush my teeth soon, then sleep. I want to feel normal tomorrow.
I was going through some pics and I don't think I put this one up here yet. Sometimes I get confused and have to backtrack to make sure I don't put up the same stuff twice, you know......I have way over 1000 blogs now, it can get a little confusing.....
Photo taken by Barry Gallegos, bcgphoto. I hope to work with him again. If you search for his name in the blog you can see all the other photos I put up that he took.



Thursday evening. I am at home on the couch, watching TMZ, I love my little Harvey..... About to fall asleep soon, so tired. I was planning on working tonight when I was reciting my plans for the reminder of the week to myself yesterday. Right.....I can barely keep my eyes open and it's only a little after 10 PM. Can't wait to curl up in my bed with my head on the pillows.
I am probably dragging myself to work tomorrow, have a new bra from Victoria's Secret to show off, got in in New York. It's white/beige and covered in small sparkly rhinestones. Don't worry, you will get a pic of me in it sometime soon.......
And this is a sparkly brand new pic of me, less than a week old.

Photo by Mark Wiggins.