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Bill and his new interns

Here is Bill Clinton surrounded by his lovely new interns. The ladies have great skills in........the bedroom.
Really, it is a pic that raised some discussions because it is Bill at some fundraiser in Monaco and the ladies are supposedly porn stars. I have no clue to who they are. I am only familiar with Janine, Kobe Tai, Jenna and Sasha Grey. I am not sure what function the ladies had at the fundraiser, maybe they are involved in some charities or something? Arm candy?
But anyways, I do not think it is a big deal that Bill took this pic. There is nothing wrong with doing porn IF that is what you want. I am against any type of forced porn, or prostitution involving pimps or trafficking. If these ladies are ok with it then I do not care. I also think that girls should wait until they are in their 20's to do porn to make sure they are mature enough to make a decision like that. Me, I can only be intimate with somebody I am in some form of a relationship with. But that's me.
I am sure that there are plenty of people out there that think I am a nasty slut and of questionable character because I strip for a living. And that's ok, they don't know me personally. At least I am making an honest living and I do it as classy and nice as I can. You do not have to hustle or be vulgar while stripping.
Sometimes I wonder about people that are involved in politics and banking, many of them make millions by scamming others and have no qualms about it.
I like Bill, he seems like a fun guy. But I love his wife Hillary. I do not agree with what he did with Monica back in the day, what I don't agree with is the cheating. That he had sex in the Oval Office and got caught lying to the public does not bother me. We get fed lies everyday by the government. From what they tell us to what they put in the proceessed food available for us the consumers in the stores, gas prices, taxes and the list goes on.
I actually think it is more shocking that Kim Kardashian attended the White House Correspondents' dinner than Bill posing with some porn stars. To me, Kim is trashy and fake. She got famous for having sex on camera. So she is no better than anyone else doing porn. She seems plain dumb too and way too self involved for my taste.
As far as Bill and Hillary go, they have their own adult relationship and every couple has their own rules and agreements. But to me, Hillary is one sharp lady. I would love to meet her one day for some afternoon tea.
And yes, sometimes I wonder if women and society as a whole would be better off without porn, lingerie ads and strip clubs. Because I am a feminist too and I wonder if this hurts women ulimately. But I can only speak for myself. I do not think that I am compromising myself, neither am I ashamed over what I do, nor am I hurting anyone. Would I recommend stripping to girls? Hmmmmmm.......probably not. And that it because it is a dead end job, meaning it leads to nowhere profesionally. There is no job security. No chance of advancement, no 401 K plan and such. I think many clubs take advantage of the dancers with outrageous house fees, fines for ridiculous stuff etc. On the other hand, there are many other jobs that people do that don't lead anywhere either. And I do not think that a degree from some college means that you are an intelligent peson. I've met many idiots that held degrees. In conversations with them or by observing them I have been amazed at their stupidity.
In the end, I guess happiness is what matters. And that means differents things for us all.

Well, it is cold and cloudy out. I might go camping this weekend so I hope the sun comes out. My plans for today.......get off the couch and go get my latte. Mmmmm yummy.......latte's makes me happy. Take my girl out.....she makes me so, so very happy. Go running. Go to work. Count my money....... ;-)


I just read some article about a man, here in the US that has 30 kids with 11 different women. To me, that is totally disgusting. First of all, as a woman.....I would had never allowed myself to get pregnant by him, let alone even date him.
That guy should be forced to have a vasectomy. I do not approve of mindless breeding. For humans and animals.
I do not have kids and I actually would rather not get involved in a relationship with somebody that has kids. I prefer men with no kids. Kids are like baggage, they come with baby mama's and potential problems. I would consider it if the guy was my dream man, somebody I felt very strongly for or if the kids were grown up already, like teenagers.
But a guy with a toddler or even worse, two or more toddlers, no thanks. When I hear about single people with small kids that date around I get annoyed. I think they should concentrate on being a parent first and only and forget about the dating until later. The first five or six years of a child's life are crucial for how the child will develop as an individual and if you constantly date around and bring home new "mommy's and daddy's then I think you are being an irresponsible parent. How do they find the time to date with a few small kids to take care of, if they are the primary care giving parent that is.
And really, who would like to date a person with 30 kids already? What a turn off. And what about Octomom, she has 14 kids and she takes care of them all, no daddy around. I don't think she has too many suitors. But maybe she isn't looking either.
I watched the new Bachelorette (Emily) the other day and some guy was on there and he was a father of six. Of course she didn't want to date him, I wouldn't either. How about you build a strong relationship with your wife first before you start to reproduce? And stick with the marriage. Six kids are four too many. One or two kids maybe.
And I think the Bachelorette herself should be happy that any guy wants to deal with her and her baggage, meaning her kid. Actually, she should be single a few more years.
Sure there are always some exceptions of great people that make it work and are amazing parents even though there is one child or a handful of children involved. But most of the time, I see some questionable parenting.