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Here is the link to the documentary Boom! Behind the Bakken that I am in.

I watched it today. I am in two different segments, the first comes on at 14:21 and the second a few minutes later.
The first thought that struck me when I saw and HEARD myself talk was "OMG, I sound like a Russian that just stepped off the boat!!!".
Not that there is anything wrong with being Russian but I am not and on top of that I lived in a Scandinavian country since I was four until I came to the US, but I still sound like a Russian. ? Why, I don't know. People comment on my accent all the time, I do not hear it, to me I sound like everybody else, well I thought I did, until today when I watched the I know why people comment on my accent. LOL!
The second thing I have to explain is that I never told the students that interviewed me that my name is Tatiana Supernova, I said Tatiana (only).
I know that at the very top of my blog is says "The Adventures of TATIANA SUPERNOVA" but that is more like a fun thing.
I would never introduce myself like that to people or use it as an introduction before I go on stage at work for example. Some girls go by a first and last name at work and when the dj announces them I think it sounds corny. If I remember it right, Tara, that did the interview asked me about the Supenova and I explained to her that I picked that name out a long time ago. Around 2000 or so, years before this blog, when I dreamed of becoming a DJ, because I LOVE House music, techno etc and I had Technics 1200s set up at home and collected vinyl. Supernova was going to be my DJ name.
Then I put it in the blog as a fun thing but I never instructed Tara to introduce me as Tatiana Supernova for this documentary. I just want to make that clear, in case anyone is wondering or thinks I am kind of crazy, lol.
But I do think it sounds cute, Tatiana Supernova, like a super hero or something, well a heroine to be politically correct. Maybe I should come up with a super heroine costume with a large T in pink rhinestones on the front, a pink cape and thigh high latex boots. Then I need my own superpower too, how about a super queef or something? Or maybe a rapid and deadly ball busting kick? I could patrol the streets and strip clubs putting unruly men in their place Supernova style. Watch out! Tatiana will blast you with her super queefs if you do not tip the girls on stage!!!
Back to the documentary. I was interviewed for about 40 minutes and answered all kinds of questions, most of them work related.
Also, the footage of the feet and legs in heels on the stage, that is not me. Not sure where that is from but those are not my feet, plus I don't have any tattoos.
I think they did a good job putting the piece together, it was fun to participate in it. I hope you will watch and enjoy it too.
Also, nice close up on my face while putting on that lip gloss, hello! Good that I don't have a bunch of speed bumps all over my face. And that's me with no foundation or powder. So, quite barefaced.
You can also buy the documentary on dvd. You can find it here

Boom! Behind the Bakken Promo

So if you have been following my blog for a while, and if not you really should start right about NOW, then you know that I mentioned that last time I was in Williston North Dakota I got interviewed by some journalist students from the University of Montana.
I told you that I would share the results of that interview and here is some of the material, stay tuned for more.......!
I would like to thank Tara and the rest of the people I met that put this together.

That's me applying the pink lip gloss in the video.....

"Tatiana has been dancing at the local gentlemen's clubs here in Williston. She says the rumors of making $4,000 each night are far from the truth."

"Boom! Behind the Bakken - Haha well I'll give you a little math equation she gave us.... At Heartbreakers, lap dances are $20. A girl would have to do 100 dances in a 5-6 hour period to make $2,000. Unless the girl is doing something "extra" or happens to be incredibly lucky with tips, Tatiana says that is nearly impossible. She told us the money is good, but the rumors have been blown way out of proportion. She says there are good nights and bad nights, but consistently making $2,000 or more each night is not likely.
- Tara"

Where is MY Russian millionaire?

I just read about some Russian millionaire that entertained himself with an act of altruism, at least I consider it altruism.......He was throwing money out of a window in St. Petersburg. I am used to men throwing money at me but I do not encounter any millionaires that spend money freely too often, actually never, lol.
I know that there are plenty of millionaires and billionaires in Russia. If some of them want to throw money around like that some more they should get in touch with me! I don't need a lot, I'd be happy if one of them throws about $ 300 000 on me, a paltry sum for a multimillionaire or a billionaire. That would take care of my mortgage in Las Vegas, I really do not want to stress about that anymore and the rest I would invest very wisely, I would even do some altruism myself, of course. You need to give back, always.
So to all you Russian rich guys out there.......HELLOOOOOOO, Tatiana NEEDS some of your money!

Some pictures

These were taken about a month ago, I can't believe how fast time goes by!
Booooohooooo, I want to go back to New York!!!!!
While I was in New York I did three photo shoots. I could had done way more, like three a day or more but I am somewhat selective about that.
A photographer with an amzing portfolio contacted me but in the end he must have decided he didn't want to collaborate. Too bad because he had some great work. Then I had another shoot scheduled that cancelled due to travel and I corresponded with a great photographer about a shoot but we could not piece together our schedules. I had some offers to do (paid) shoots for some kind of a video, a foot fetish site and some other random shoots. The photographer with the foot site just loved my arches (his words). He must had seen some photo of me where my feet are visible. But in the end I only scheduled three due to timing, schedule and my pick of who to collaborate with. I was hoping for five shoots but that didn't work out. Out of the three I did, two were ok and I did not like any of the pictures from the first shoot. Oh well.

Photographer Steve Antonelli

Swedish Summer

I am up early today......sitting around thinking about Sweden. The best time to be there is the summer time, I love summer in Stockholm.
My dream living arrangement is to live somewhere (nice) where I will settle, spend about four to six weeks in Stockholm in the summer time and about two consecutive months in New York City each year to get my big city fix. And take a few other vacation related trips throughout the year.
I miss going to cafe's in Stockholm for delicious latte's and sweets. And of course I miss my friends......

Camping Trip

So I went camping on Swanson River Road. There are plenty of lakes there and room for camping. I got lucky and found a spot all to myself by a cute little lake surrounded by beaver dams. Went around the lake once to check it out. Felt like Bear Grylls when I was navigating through the swampy areas. Swanson River is a popular place for canoe enthusiast, it has a canoe river trail connecting seven lakes I think (?) and takes about a week to complete depending on how long time you need.

Well, the first thing that happened is that the pump to the air mattress broke so I had to blow up the air mattress, good that I have some strong lungs but it still made me a little dizzy.
Then during the night, the air somehow seeped out of the mattress and by the time I woke up I was laying on a deflated air matress. The following night I just slept on the ground basically and that resulted in every bone in my body aching, I thought I would have to have hip replacement surgery in the morning. Still, it was a good time, lots of sunshine and chirping birds, a warm campfire. Chhaya was a happy puppy when camping and a very tired puppy when we got home. She is on high alert when camping, every strange sound in the night gets a growl. And that's a good thing.

Almost midnight and still light out, I love that!

The lonely tree.

Chhaya is reay for bed.

Bear spray is good to have just in case you get a furry visitor, bear or man.

So anyways, it's Memorial Day today. I can tell you that I would not have the physical strenght to be in any form of combat (meaning war), I can run but my upper body is weak. And I would be too scared and probably try to hide somewhere.
As always, I am wishing for peace and understanding because I am a neo hippie. And in the end, the pen is mightier than the sword.

I am laying outside enjoying the weather, I am bundled up because I get cold easy. About to take Chhaya for a walk.......I hope everybody is having a nice day. PEACE! :-)


There is no place like home! Got back from my camping trip today, one day earlier than I had initially planned. But that's ok.
I am super tired, laying in bed listening to Coast To Coast. I always listen to Coast when camping and also at home once in a while, it's a four hour long radio talk show on AM radio. I have been a listener since 2004. It's a really interesting and entertaining show, great for curious night owls like me. They talk about all kinds of subjects - UFO's, MIB, politics, the Illuminati, ghosts, vampires, conspiracy theories - super interesting and executed in an intelligent way. Really makes me think sometimes, even though I suspect that I am a sleeping human zombie, far from being enlightened unfortunately.
I will put up some pics from my camping tomorrow. I suspect some of my reader are out in nature too, away from their computers because my reader statistic is cut in half since Friday.
One of the first thing I did when I got home was to take a long bath, I had to wash away the grime and soak my achy bones......really. Ouch.....!
Let me tell you, I am extremely grateful for running hot water.

Then I got a craving for ice cream, I found this one recently and it is very addicting. I am warning you! But since I eat the whole pint and usually add some whipped cream to the bowl, I consume about 1000 cal in one sitting. No wonder my pants are feeling tight around my thighs, running 3.something miles once or twice a week won't help that......maybe limiting my ice cream intake to twice a month instead of twice a week would.

Anyways, I am shutting down my laptop for the night. About to curl up and slowly go to sleep with Coast in my ear.

Going Camping

I am taking Chhaya and going camping. So no blogging until I'm back, somehow you will have to survive without me for a few days.......
If the weather will be too bad, like too rainy and/or cold I will return home early to the warmth of my bed.

Sugar Daddy

Tatiana is back home and in bed, it's like four in the morning. Work was awful but whatever. Tatiana ate two bananas and some really good oatmeal as soon as she got home, her stomach needed some food.
Sugar daddies.......any thoughts on that? Maybe Tatiana had a sugar daddy or has one right now? But Tatiana is way too tired to discuss that subject at this early hour. You will have to check back for a possible entry about that another time.
Right now.......good night everybody, Tatiana is laying in bed, L'Occitane night creme slathered on her face, beauty sleep is awaiting......!

Tonight's attire.

Bill and his new interns

Here is Bill Clinton surrounded by his lovely new interns. The ladies have great skills in........the bedroom.
Really, it is a pic that raised some discussions because it is Bill at some fundraiser in Monaco and the ladies are supposedly porn stars. I have no clue to who they are. I am only familiar with Janine, Kobe Tai, Jenna and Sasha Grey. I am not sure what function the ladies had at the fundraiser, maybe they are involved in some charities or something? Arm candy?
But anyways, I do not think it is a big deal that Bill took this pic. There is nothing wrong with doing porn IF that is what you want. I am against any type of forced porn, or prostitution involving pimps or trafficking. If these ladies are ok with it then I do not care. I also think that girls should wait until they are in their 20's to do porn to make sure they are mature enough to make a decision like that. Me, I can only be intimate with somebody I am in some form of a relationship with. But that's me.
I am sure that there are plenty of people out there that think I am a nasty slut and of questionable character because I strip for a living. And that's ok, they don't know me personally. At least I am making an honest living and I do it as classy and nice as I can. You do not have to hustle or be vulgar while stripping.
Sometimes I wonder about people that are involved in politics and banking, many of them make millions by scamming others and have no qualms about it.
I like Bill, he seems like a fun guy. But I love his wife Hillary. I do not agree with what he did with Monica back in the day, what I don't agree with is the cheating. That he had sex in the Oval Office and got caught lying to the public does not bother me. We get fed lies everyday by the government. From what they tell us to what they put in the proceessed food available for us the consumers in the stores, gas prices, taxes and the list goes on.
I actually think it is more shocking that Kim Kardashian attended the White House Correspondents' dinner than Bill posing with some porn stars. To me, Kim is trashy and fake. She got famous for having sex on camera. So she is no better than anyone else doing porn. She seems plain dumb too and way too self involved for my taste.
As far as Bill and Hillary go, they have their own adult relationship and every couple has their own rules and agreements. But to me, Hillary is one sharp lady. I would love to meet her one day for some afternoon tea.
And yes, sometimes I wonder if women and society as a whole would be better off without porn, lingerie ads and strip clubs. Because I am a feminist too and I wonder if this hurts women ulimately. But I can only speak for myself. I do not think that I am compromising myself, neither am I ashamed over what I do, nor am I hurting anyone. Would I recommend stripping to girls? Hmmmmmm.......probably not. And that it because it is a dead end job, meaning it leads to nowhere profesionally. There is no job security. No chance of advancement, no 401 K plan and such. I think many clubs take advantage of the dancers with outrageous house fees, fines for ridiculous stuff etc. On the other hand, there are many other jobs that people do that don't lead anywhere either. And I do not think that a degree from some college means that you are an intelligent peson. I've met many idiots that held degrees. In conversations with them or by observing them I have been amazed at their stupidity.
In the end, I guess happiness is what matters. And that means differents things for us all.

Well, it is cold and cloudy out. I might go camping this weekend so I hope the sun comes out. My plans for today.......get off the couch and go get my latte. Mmmmm yummy.......latte's makes me happy. Take my girl out.....she makes me so, so very happy. Go running. Go to work. Count my money....... ;-)