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I ❤ NY

I LOOOOOVE this city. Full of life, energy, people.....
Managed to find the Diesel store, walked around and took it all in, had a great meal at the Coffee Shop at Union Square. I walk and take the subway everywhere. Having a full schedule tomorrow, here are some random pics from today......


Lots of people and opinions gathered in Union Square.....

Enjoyed a delicious meal.....

Found Whole Foods - I love that place.....!

Gandhi in the park.....

Great transportation.....

New York

I am finally at my destination, New York. Feels great to be here again. Checked into my room, staying in Queens, a short subway ride to Manhattan. I even have the subway passing by right outside my window, cars are constantly honking, aaaaahhhhh.......New York......gotta love it!
In a bit I am going to venture out and grab a bite to eat.

Don't be THAT girl!

So.....Saturday night when Tatiana was working she was observing how one of her co workers was behaving. This girl is almost always acting really slutty. She breaks all the rules and thinks it is perfectly ok to do so. Tatiana likes her, she is super funny and kind of pretty BUT can be sooooo embarrassing.
We are not supposed to be groped while out on the floor, which Tatiana totally agrees with. And this girl was sitting in between two guys that were simultaneously grabbing her way up in under her ass cheeks. Digging for dingleberries perhaps? And she was just sitting there getting searched up in her ass, sipping on her drink like a dumb cow with a stupid smile plastered on her face. This girl does similar things to this almost every night. And what she does during her lap dances, well you can just imagine. Actually one of her sales pitches is "The dirtiest dance you ever had.". How LAME is that?! Sorry girls but if that is your desperate technique for selling lap dances, Tatiana thinks you are quite pathetic. You can only make money like that? Maybe it's time to retire/loose some weight/get a new face then? All that raunchy stuff cheapens the whole stripping thing. And Tatiana is sometimes embarrassed to be in the same room as some of the girls that act like total sluts. If it's really necessary to take it THAT far, then get a room! Do not destroy it for everybody else in there. Once guys get to grope girls for nothing or in exchange for a drink, they will not get dances. And they will also think that it is ok to grope all the girls. So when Tatiana approaches those guys and they notice that nasty talk and groping doesn't fly with her, well then most likely they won't get any dances from her. And what's going to happen when the slutty girl is tired of acting slutty, when it starts to bother her but guys are still expecting that from her. What is she going to do then? Get more drunk and do it still?
Yeah ladies, act more like LADIES please. Don't be THAT girl in the club that most of the girls dislike and all the guys totally disrespect. You do not have to act nasty to make money. Tatiana doesn't and still manages to do ok. You can be funny, witty, smart, sexy, sensual, smell good, look pretty etc - it works! And even if you are going to make a little more some nights by being nasty, realize that you are being destructive with that behavior. And that is hurts everybody in the end. Including yourself.
When Tatiana gets back she is going to bring this issue up with management, she is tired of seeing girls act like this.

Be a responsible pet owner!

I made this little sign and put it up at work. There was an article about the importance of spaying and neutering your pets in the paper last week. A very informative, eye opening article. A dog or a cat left to reproduce can give birth to a staggering amount of babies each year. Far from all the puppies or kittens will find a good home. Many end up abused or abandoned. More than half of the cats and dogs that got taken in by the animals shelters on the Kenai area last year got euthanized. That is SO sad! It makes me very upset and emotional. So please, please, please - if you can do anything important and meaningful after reading my words, do not breed your pet. Even if it would be so cute if YOUR dog or cat had babies. It's not cute anymore when you can't find a home for all of them or if they end up dead somewhere. Sure, Chhaya would look so adorable with a litter of puppies suckling her. She would be a great mommy.But reality is that there is no way I could guarantee that I could find good responsible owners for her puppies. There are so many pitbulls that end up in shelters, I am not contributing to that.
At work there are a few girls that been letting their cats have multiple litters. Hopefully they will read my sign and THINK. I really hope they do.
Also, so many people just abandon their pets when they get tired of them or when they decide that having a pet doesn't fit their lifestyle anymore.
How cruel! A pet should be like a family member. If you are not willing to treat your pet as a member of the family - you should NOT have a pet.
I would never abandon Chhaya. She is my baby. And my friend. That is priceless.


So....I am back at the airport again, feels like I was here yesterday. I have been up since early this morning and now it's almost midnight, got almost two hours before my plane leaves. Stocked up on all the latest gossip magazines.
I am not too fond of traveling, it is annoying and dirty. But who likes flying anyways?
Unless you do it for fun or as a profession, like my friend Kennedy that is studying to become a pilot. I won't be at my destination until 3 PM tomorrow. Bleh. By then I will be ready for a shower and a nap.

Foggy & Cold

Tatiana woke up to a cold and foggy Sunday after working every night since Monday. No work tonight. TV and rest.
Last night was quite lame, Tatiana spent part of the night on the couch with her book. Sometimes a book is the best company you can have. And last night was one of those times. Tatiana even had to dish out her nursing skills. Some dumb old fart bit a dancer on the shoulder, kind of hard. Tatiana scolded him and dragged the dancer to the dressing room where she took out a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some neosporin from her locker. He is lucky he didn't bite Tatiana! Lawsuit!
Todays plans are not decided as of yet. It is cold and foggy today so Tatiana feels less than enthused. She will probably finish her new book, which is "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed, a very good book, Tatiana likes it. She is thinking about getting another one as a gift for a friend.
Later on a run maybe? Tonight Tatiana is packing a suitcase. Tomorrow she is heading for Anchorage and she will be flying out of there for a week of fun and vacation. Where is Tatiana going? You will have to check back to find out.......!
Happy Sunday everyone!

Hanky Panky

Got a few more Hanky Panky panties, the low rise model. I wear them almost everyday, when I am not at work. They are comfy and pretty, come in many cute colors and look good on. At work I wear Honey Dew panties, more like little boyshorts. I actually used to wear Hanky Panky's at work but then I decided that I liked the Honey Dew's better on me.

Good products

I tried the EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner, that works like a shampoo, by L'Oreal before work tonight. And I also used the EverCreme conditioner. I was very happy with the result. My hair was soft but also bouncy and had volume. Great buy and a good price.


This is happiness according to Tatiana......a vanilla latte, a book she has not read yet and a relaxing moment in the sun.
It's finally warming up around here!

Pick A Color!

Had a pedicure at a salon today. Last time I went to a salon for a pedi was almost a year ago. I am picky with who gets to give me a pedicure. I like a place in Anchorage called Executive Nails but the man that used to pamper my toes there does not do pedis anymore. Too bad, he gave great foot rubs! So I tried a place in Soldotna today, Nail Boutique and had Dean work on my toes. He was ok. He even tried to dig out a piece of glass that is stuck in my foot since over a year now.
I stepped on glass while traipsing around barefoot under a tunnel at Lake Mead in Las Vegas during a photo shoot. I'll do anything for a great pic! As usual I went with a pink color on my toes. And I always bring my own polish.