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The Walk

I am not sure how far we walked today but it was FAAAAAR. We started out at Union Square and walked down to Battery Park. We passed the new One World Trade Center that today officially became the tallest building in NY, very cool. Later we took the Staten Island ferry, which is free btw and takes you close enough to the Statue Of Liberty so you can get a good look at her. After the ferry round trip we walked Greenwich St up to High Line Park, I recommend that you visit that place.
It is an elevated narrow park that stretches for several blocks above the streets in NY - interesting. Then we made it back to Union Square. After that we had some really good pizza and my friend happily watched the hockey game that was live, she is a huge hockey fan. Then we strolled over, in the late evening, to Grand Central, that also is a beautiful place and took the subway home.
A few more weeks of walking like this and I will be in top shape. Too bad I have to leave tomorrow...... :-(

High Line Park in the background

All About Brooklyn

Spent the day exploring Brooklyn. Bedford Ave where we found a Swedish coffee place and I found a cute shirt in a boutique. We walked across the Brooklyn bridge. Then in the evening we ended up in Greenpoint, the Polish neighborhood. Indeed it is, Polish ads everywhere, Polish stores, people chatting Polish. We ate at Karczma, the food was delicious and plenty, so good. I love Polish food! I even had Zywiec - Polish beer.


What a night! Never been to Pacha before. The place was PACKED. Meaning NO room to move AT ALL on the main floor. What a disappointment!
The dj before Danny was really good so we danced for a good while but once Danny came on it was almost impossible to be comfortable on the dance floor. I need some room to move!
Really too bad because I love Danny Tenaglia. He said, "I have four words for you......THIS IS THE BEGINNING!" Meaning, it was about 2 AM when he came on, the club was closing at Noon. Danny is famous for his long, brilliant sets, he likes to take you on a journey. So he was probably playing until Noon. I would had stayed that long or at least until 9 AM but by 3 we gave up. There were just too many people there. It took me one hour to get my jacket and squeeze myself through the crowd so I could exit the club. One hour!
I saw Danny once in LA, he played from Midnight until 6 AM and it was great. He plays dark beats that have lots of rhythm. You feel like you belong to some tribe somewhere and everybody is moving to the same ancient beat. Or sometimes it feels like you are on a train, feeling the movement of the train going through you.
Besides the insane crowd, I liked Pacha, good layout. Much better than the typical Vegas club where it's all about flaunting your money and what you are wearing or not wearing. Pacha is about the dj, the music and the dancing. You can wear sneakers! There were two more dance floors besides the main one. Places to sit, for FREE, Vegas take notes! Good sound, that's important.
Somewhat annoying, confused and persistent in a stalkerish way guys, that kind of just tried to stand as close as possible to you on the dance floor while trying to make eye contact. A few firm, no's and "I am dancing with my friend" did the trick.
One tall skinny guy started snaking his body around in front of me while pulling on his flimsy Jesus bling chain, showing off his "wealth". I shooed him away like an annoying fly. Another one tried to press his crotch into my friends ass, I HATE that. I would think most normal girls hate that. It's yucky and pervy. If I do not know you - keep your body parts, especially your half stiff dick away from me! Really! Or I might have to hurt you, give you a donkey kick.
So I basically told him, "HEY! Keep your dick away from my friends ass". You have to be firm and stand your ground, otherwise the dick thrusters will surround you on the dance floor in no time. Like piranhas flocking a prey.
Another guy forgot to put on deodorant, that whole week I think. He smelled bad. Please people, when out in public, especially while in crowded places be mindful of your personal hygiene - thank you.
Anyways, I wish that I could had stayed many more hours but I couldn't deal with the crowd. Maybe I will see Danny again soon.

Central Park

Went by the Trump Tower to see if Donald was home.....but he was out and about. Wanted to discuss some business with And to ask him why, when he was thinking about running for the presidential nomination he was talking about that outsourcing jobs to China and other places was a bad thing yet his clothing line is made in China. Donald, shame on you - you old hypocrite! I need to shake some sense into time I am in New York!

Did some more shopping, my fave place so far is the two story Juicy Couture store on 5th Avenue. I wanted like 1/3 of everything in there.

Soooooo KAWAII!!!! I love pink and gray together - I WANT!!!!

The rest of the day was spent strolling in Central Park, that place is a blessing. So amazingly beautiful. I am in love with Central Park.
Big, lush green trees, a large lake where people row boats, how nice! Green lawns for picnics or laying down reading a book. It's the best place ever.

Gray's Papaya

This is the best little place ever for hot dogs. When I lived on upper West Side for a few months, actually only a few streets from here, a long time ago now......I used to stop here for a hot dog with mustard and kraut. SO GOOD! Went by there today and felt nostalgic......

Danny Tenaglia

Lucky me! One of my fave dj's is playing at Pacha tonight......I am so going!
"The beloved prog-tech titan takes the Pacha reins to play his usual gut-punching beats. Tonight Tenaglia pays tribute to his old Vinyl residency with bumping beats from the late ’90s and early ’00s."

Stuff in NY

Ok, so far I have walked A LOT, met up with my very good friend from Sweden, enjoyed some food and took care of some shopping.
Met with some photographers and other interesting people.
For example, met up a freelance photographer that is currently working on a story about North Dakota for National Geographic. His wife came across my blog (imagine that!), they were hoping that I was still in Williston so they could meet me and take some pictures, that would potentially end up in National Geographic. Hey, some girls aim for Playboy or Penthouse, I aim for the world, ok!? But I left Williston well over a month ago......But the photographer and his wife live here, in Brooklyn actually. So I got to see a brownstone from the inside for the very first time, now I want to live in a brownstone in Brooklyn too! Maybe they can adopt me? It had five fire places and a nice sized backyard with a tall tee growing in it, so lovely! We went to a nice Italian restaurant around the corner and chit chatted. There might be a story on me, if we can time everything right. That can be difficult sometimes. The future will tell.
Here is my beautiful latte I enjoyed, looked like a piece of art.

Like I said, I am walking and taking the subway everywhere, it's great exercise. How anyone can be overweight in New York is a mystery to me.

Pink Buddha. I love Buddha statues, I have many.

I love eating at Pret! When I spent some time in London I ate there almost every day. The almond croissant is to die for! Seriously. MMMM......!!!

I did do some shopping. Got my first Converse shoes, pink of course. And this purple hoodie, also Converse, I love this hoodie because it's different, not the usual zipper in the middle with a hood down the back, I have enough of those.

My breakfast.

Went to Teany. Yeay! I looove Teany! I was sooooo happy that I went there again. Last time was years ago with Julia. Back then Moby was still part owner and we were hoping to run into him there, cause Julia kind of had a crush on him. Anyways, Teany is great, I had the afternoon tea though it was 8 PM. Very yummy! And our waitress was Swedish and super cute! This is my beautiful friend Rose-Marie. ❤

Slurping down English Breakfast.

Outside Teany. A very windy and cold NY evening. A very happy me.

Everybody NEEDS a picture somewhere in the middle of Times Square.

I am myself my biggest fan. Oh, you didn't know that yet?

Stuff I bought

I really, really like this face mist. Some leave a sticky film on the skin, this one gets totally absorbed and smells like some kind of a healthy, herby vitamins for your skin. It's called CAUDALIE and you can get it at Sephora. NO animal testing and is 100% natural. No parabens. Good stuff!

Got some long dangly necklaces. Not sure what I will do with them. Photo shoot perhaps?

Pretty colors

My feet are sooooo sore from all the walking. I guess that's a good thing? Having a good time so far.