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The view of the evening sun from my bedroom window, clouded by my pink curtain. to work I am going!

Today is an iced vanilla latte kind of day.

Stories from last night

I had to stop and get gas before work last night. The gas prices are getting way up there, I put in $ 85 and still didn't have a full tank, that is ridiculous I have to say. I remember when $ 20 would get me a full tank, in my 4 Runner, in Vegas a long time ago. And I made it on $ 40 a few times between Vegas and LA. Here in Kenai the price for regular gas is $ 4.55 and that is with a 3 cent discount if you have one of those store club cards. It's robbery. It's not like I can walk to work.

Once I got to work I had to dig through my stuff and decide on something to wear. Sometimes I know right away and other times I am slightly annoyed because I feel like I want something new but I have enough stuff in my lockers that it should be sufficient. I have four pairs of heels and I am not sure how many tops and panties to pick from. So I ended up picking pink bracelet and some earrings too.

Work was sloooow, I was there between 10 PM and 2 AM, then I had to leave cause I was going to die of boredom.
But this is what happened while I was there.......
I noticed an older man standing by himself looking kind of distressed. So I went up to him and asked if he was ok. He said no. And then proceeded to tell me that he had to put his best friend to sleep that day. It was so sad. He cried and told me about his friend George, his beloved dog that lived to be 12. I got sad too and cried a little. The man told me that he considered himself to be a tough guy but that this was the hardest thing he ever had to do in his life. His dog was his best friend, the most loyal companion ever. His dog was like his child. He said that the passing of his parents had been a sad time in his life but the passing on his beloved friend was heart breaking and more difficult. We decided that George is in heaven now, because if there is a heaven, dogs certainly belong there, they are the most wonderful beings. I listened to him and gave him a hug. I understand, my Chhaya is my best friend and the love I have for her is.......I can't even describe it. I hope he is ok today that man, I felt so bad for him.

Then we had a guy come in with two women. They started out playing pool. And later moved closer to the stage. When I got up one of the women came to the stage and tipped me. Later on she came up to me while I was lounging on the couch and gave me some compliments, wondering what I was doing in Alaska when I should be somewhere else working. This always amuses me, because people sometimes assume that I don't know what's out there, when really I have worked all over the place. Then she told me that she owns a strip club in Vegas. Really, which one, I wanted to know because I used to work in Vegas and I have a house there too. She didn't want to tell me what club. LOL. Sounded fishy to me.
Then she said that I too should own my own club and make big money. Yeah, like you can just open a club, get a permit, liquor license, a loan to buy a place etc. over night. No thank you, I have to politely decline. I think I could manage a club (nazi style) but to be the owner, no thanks. Yeah, I would be a strict but fair manager. Clad in a uniform and thigh high boots, carrying a whip.
She said it is so difficult to find classy girls for her club and that she though that I and a few other of my coworkers last night really had potential and that she would even pay for airfare to Vegas if we would work for her. I though she was full of shit of course but I kept asking questions just to amuse myself with her banter. Like there are not enough girls in Vegas she can choose from.
At her club girls get paid $ 10/hour. And $ 120 for some kind of a VIP room "dancing" that doesn't last longer than 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Excuse me? One hour + for a meager $ 120? Ich don't think so honey! I informed her that I make $ 100 every three songs I do, dancing only and that in Vegas, most topless clubs start at $ 400 for one hour in the VIP. Like seriously, no wonder she can't keep any girls at her imaginary club. More like some kind of a cheap brothel. Then she said that many celebrities go to her place and also a lot of older guys that don't last long in the VIP. LOL. And yuck. If I was going to have sex for cash it sure would be for way more than $ 120/hour. Not even ten times that amount would cover it. Mhhhmmm.....the stuff I have to listen to sometimes......Then she left with her pimp (?) in tow. I think they were looking for girls to lure into some kind of a sex operation or something. Thinking they would find some dumb and willing ones in a small town. But......even at the small club I am at in Soldotna, that is slow right now, no girls jumped at the offer to work for $ 10/hour in wages and $ 120 for about one hour or so with old men that don't last long in the VIP room. I guess we don't need money that badly.

Speaking of money. The jackpot was up to $640 million in some lottery yesterday. I think a few people had the winning numbers and get to split the millions. Lucky them! I know what I would do.....first take care of my family and friends. Then go to a bunch of strip clubs and shower the girls with money. Travel. And help animals and people. When you have that much money I think that you must do something for others. At least I would. Life, to me, is suffering. I've said it before. We are here on Earth, some of us more fortunate than others. Everybody and everything we love will leave us in some way. We all die in the end. Alone. Therefore I think life is suffering.
So if I had the opportunity to do something good, to make a difference, to help, to brighten a life, I would. I try now too, in small ways. But with millions the ways are many.

Then we had a guy come in wearing sandals, hellooooo, it is cold and full of slush outside! He sat down at the bar and lit up a joint. The whole place smelled like weed. It was funny. He had to take his joint outside.
When I got outside, it was raining. I haven't seen rain in months. I miss how Vegas smells after a rainfall. Here I am driving home, in the rain. And that was my night......

Hurry Hurry

It's almost time for Tatiana to rush out the door and go to work.
Here is what she used for beautifying her face this evening and a Hello Kitty mirror in the middle. Tatiana admires herself in the mirror of course......and it is also handy for applying eye shadow. Going for a brown color tonight with a dusting of shimmery sparkle under the brow.
Tatiana didn't go to the gym today, not enough time, see a 30 hour day would be so much more convinient! It was almost 6 PM when Tatiana got home and she needed to rest, take a shower and get ready. But instead of the gym Tatiana did some jumping jacks, leg lifts, arm exercises and stretches at home. It got her heart pumping. Maybe gym tomorrow?
Anyways, need to rush!

Orca Island

I just today found out about this slice of heaven on Earth and thought I might as well tell my readers about it too.
Orca Island Seward, Alaska. You stay at a private island, nine miles out in the ocean and you stay in a yurt.
First of all, I love yurts, wouldn't mind living in one myself. The scenery at this place is spectacular. You can do wild life watching, kayaking, there are fire pits, enjoy the sunshine on the warm deck of your yurt. I think I might have to visit! Unfortunately you can't bring a pet, too bad because Chhaya loves adventures.
If my Mom would ever visit Alaska, I would take her here so she could see the beauty of this place. And you can also take a day to explore Seward while you are there, it's a nice town. Only a few hours very scenic drive away from Anchorage. If you are planning a trip to Alaska, Orca Island would make for a great Alaskan experience.

Pic borrowed from the Orca Island Cabins site.

Good Morning!

Tatiana is up after six hours of sleep, about to start her day with some food of course, making the same fruit plate as yesterday.
It is very nice and sunny outside, so after breakfast Tatiana is going outside. She also has to do laundry today. And some cleaning.
There might even be a visit to the gym today, the thought is in Tatiana's head. But you know how it is, you have to make thoughts into reality to get any results. Work is on the calendar this weekend. Ok, Tatiana has to prepare her fruit plate now, she will check back with the blog later this afternoon.

Hmmmmmm.........what is this about.....?

So I finally got my lazy, chunky butt out of the house and went to work. Hallelujah! I have been feeling sorry for myself the last couple of days, not sure if I feel that much better yet but sitting at home and eating is not going to improve anything. Well, it will improve something, the size of my ass and thighs. Though I like curves and behinds with some shape to them, I don't want my thighs and my butt to be huge, white mounds of cellulity dough. I think I need to visit the gym again and get my body moving and sweating.
But sometimes I just feel unmotivated and low on energy, like right now. I think it is a combo of the long winter, the slushy weather, this area and an extra cranky bout of pms. when I arrived at work I heard that somebody from Anchorage (?) was in last night asking for me and saying something about Burning Man.....? Now I am SO upset that I stayed at home last night and VERY curious to what exactly this person wanted to tell me?
So, if you, the individual that was at my job last night happens to read this, email me and calm my curiosity. Is there something I should know?
Work was not busy but we had lots of fun. Got to cuddle with little Mini too. She is so adorable.
Stopped at the grocery store on my way home to load up on more fruit for my breakfast when I wake up. Now I am actually feeling quite tired. Going to take my contacts out and sleep. I love sleeping.......Good Night!


I have not been eating a lot of fruit lately, bad I know. So today I had a bowl of yummy strawberries, blueberries and banana for breakfast.
There is not much going on here, I am bored out of my mind.
Today I am doing laundry and taking Chhaya out and later I am going to work. That's about it. I know......exciting, wooooohoooooo!


Chhaya's new pink piggy squeeky toy. It might last a few days until she rips the squeekies out.
We are tired, just got back home from a walk. Had some tea, might read and go to sleep early for a change (before Midnight), feeling tired.

Sick Shit

It's very comforting (sarcasm) to know that sex trafficking is thriving in this country.
Young girls and women are abducted, snatched off the streets, put up in some seedy hotel room or house and then sold to a bunch of sick and sex starved men, often by ads on the internet. Or sometimes sold for sex by their own parents. Can a girl even go to the grocery store nowadays feeling 100% safe? Or should we all carry tasers?
Who the hell would pay to have sex with a girl that obviously is drugged and beaten?
Men that call themselves gorilla pimps, because they use violence to subdue the girls/women, so random men can have their way with them, an then they collect the $.
I just want to execute everyone involved (except the victims obviously) myself with my Glock.
I might as well put that gun to good use.
I can't stand pimps. They are so disgusting. I remember when one of them tried to give me "the talk" once at Crazy Horse Too in Vegas. Something in the style of, "yo girl, how come you don't have a Rolex on that wrist? If you talk to me I will show you how you can have a few Rolexes". I gave him, a sorry excuse for a man btw, one good icy look, a smirk and told him he was definitely barking up the wrong tree and walked away. BARF! Fuck him and his Rolex.
I'd rather beg for change on the street than to be associated with scum like that.
There were actually girls working at Crazy Horse Too that had pimps, I never understood that, have some idiot take your money. But whatever. But to force somebody into prostitution?
Or having sex with girls that are trafficked? It makes me furious. Can't decide if the death penalty would be a suitable punishment, or cutting their dicks off? Probably cutting their dicks off, then they can live with that reality for the rest of their lives.