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When is this going to end?

Once again I am upset to hear about the recent murders of three young girls (in Canada this time) and their mother by a deranged man,
also their father and the woman's husband. He did it in the name of Allah, in his mind he had every right to perform these "honor killings".
Stuff like this really bothers me. Muslim groups in Canada quickly came out with statements saying that Islam could not be blamed for the four murders. That this was domestic violence, not connected to the Muslim faith. The United Nations estimates that 5000 women and girls are murdered each year in so called honor killings, supposedly to purify a family disgraced by the woman's conduct. WHAT FUCKING CONDUCT WOULD THIS BE I ASK????!!!!
These three girls simply wanted to assimilate more into Canadian society. Maybe not wear the hijab? Have friends of the opposite sex and
different religions? Live their lives? Their father, seeing himself as the ruler and owner of his family didn't want that, so he solved the "problem".
Now he and the two other accomplices are doing life in Canadian jail, paid for by the taxpayers. Seems very fair......yeah?
How anyone could murder their own child is incomprehensible to me.
In my eyes this is a crystal clear case of honor killings, the reps speaking out in Islams defense regarding this should take a long, hard, eye opening
look at what's wrong in their patriarchal societies.
According to Islam you should not kill others...... then how come honor killings seem to be performed overwhelmingly by Muslims then?
There has been more than enough murders of this sort in Sweden by angry husbands and brothers not liking the way the girls in the
family take to Swedish society.
I am not saying that women should be strippers or go go dancers in order to show their independence. That path is not for everybody.
The world needs women to be prevalent in every aspect of society. I know that I am highly appreciated by enough people that I come across.
I might not actively be solving the worlds problems right now but I know that a hug from me is highly therapeutic and increases levels of oxytocin.
Priceless........! I might add that I did not strip in Sweden, the last thing I did there before coming here? I was a student at the University Of Stockholm, that's right.
Suppressing women leads to absolutely nothing positive. I am surprised and chocked that Muslim women haven't revolted against how too many of
them are treated in "the name of God".
While I still lived in Sweden I spent lots of time with two very close Muslim friends.
They are both great persons and are still close to me.
So, I am not being a xenophobe or anything. Just wanted to clarify that.
But killing your daughters to protect you "honor" is absolutely wrong. Where is your honor after your own offspring is dead by your own doing?
I feel so bad for these three girls and their mother......I hope they are in a better place now.......