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Tatiana's chores

Girl least for this girl.
Tatiana waxes her own legs (thighs mostly), saves lots of $. And it can be done nekkid at odd hours, on the couch while watching tv.
As far as pedicures goes. Tatiana loves going to the salon for a GOOD pedi. But she has not been able to find a place here in town, yet.
Last time she went, some lazy, unmotivated girl did a bad number on Tatiana's toes. Since Tatiana can cut her own toenails and has plenty of
polishes to pick from, she can do her own pedis. For free. But she prefers a good pedi at a salon including a long foot rub.....Tatiana likes her
toenails to be square cut and her feet thoroughly massaged. The square cut did not happen tonight. More like weird cut, oh well.
The result? You need to come back to see that. Tatiana can't reveal everything at once....... HELLOOOOOO!!!

Green Peel update

Yesterday I drove all the way to Anchorage.......again.....for the final phase of my Green Peel, a moisturizing facial this time.
Now I can wash my face again! Does my skin look any different? I don't think so, nothing I can notice.....for now. Waste of money?
If so....oh well. Now I know at least. Anastassia thought my skin was "glowing" and feeling "like silk".
The skin on my neck is still a little itchy (annoying), so tonight I am going to put a warm oil on my neck and leave it on for a few hours, to let
the oil penetrate and hydrate well.
I have been eating for two this last week, for me and Demi (Moore). For some reason I have been craving everything, no I am not pregnant, it's
that time of the month and I am scarfing down everything in sight. I am the food monster!
Tonight I am going to stay home, watch tv and do girl maintenance, I need a pedicure and a polish change. I definitely need to wax my legs,
the hair on my thighs looks like dark long spider legs. A nice bath. Feeling lazy, chunky and sleepy.
Tomorrow night.....back to work.