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Another Day......

It is soon time to hop in the shower and start getting ready.
My small bag for work is packed and I have a snack for later when I get hungry.
Forced myself to go to the gym today, for a 20 minute session on the elliptical and some stretches, after that my mandatory latte of course.
Got food from some place called Rice and Spice or something like that. It was a full house in there but I didn't like it too much, so I won't return.
You want to know about last night?
It was kind of slow, Monday was busier than Tuesday. But I still made $2700. Of course, I am just SOOOO HOT and this is Williston after all.
Hundred dollar bills are falling down from the sky.
Of course I am exaggerating to make myself feel special.....NOT! Nothing unusual at all in this business. LOL.
The reality of it was the night kind of dragged on for me. I was cold, the club is rather chilly. But it was still a decent night.
Definitely worth washing my hair for. But I made more Monday night.
Not that it matters much but I know that dancers are reading this and they are curious. After my two weeks here are up I will be able to tell you
more if this adventure was worth my time and my expensive airfare and housing.
I did notice a few "working girls" chatting up the older fellows in the club, actually I remember that they were coming into Heartbreakers the
first time I was here too. I do not think that is ok. Most other places I have worked, they are told to leave. They sit with the guys and monopolize their time, so I don't feel comfortable approaching whomever they are sitting with. And I am the one paying for the "pleasure" to working in the club. Sometimes men get confused and think that I too, might leave and go home with them for a fee. But no, that is not going to happen. Like I say, it's nothing personal, just not my cup of tea honey.
But is time for a hot shower.


Here is the much talked about video and article about the money in Williston, ND.
It is very interesting, Tatiana think that you should take a look at it! Click on "WATCH". Tatiana loved reading the comments that followed the article,
there are many people out there that seem very angry at strippers. LOL. Don't be mad, get naked!



Tatiana found another coffee place close by, Meg-A-Latte. With a nice fire place. Tatiana relaxed there with her latte before heading back to the house,
it is almost time to start getting ready. Tatiana has to wash her hair today.

Whispers Williston ND

All the ladies out there, pack your bags and come here to North Dakota, Tatiana made soooooo much money tonight, she even got some diamond bracelets slipped in her g-string! Tatiana is moving to Williston and becoming a millionaire.
Tatiana knew very well that making $ 2000 or even 1000 would NOT happen. Because she just doesn't think it is possible, sure maybe once in a while there will be a night like that but Tatiana is a realist, always has been a realist. And she has stated throughout the blog that she thinks the $ 2000/night is a gross exaggeration.
The dances are $ 20 and you keep $ 15. The music starts at 5 15 PM and ends at 1 AM, you do the math, how many dances do you really think it is possible to squeeze in between going on stage, asking for dances and getting them done?
You also pay $ 50 to work, that goes up a little on the weekend. At the beginning of the night there were 7 girls but one went home.
The first thing Tatiana heard when she walked into the dressing room was "Oh, you are Tatiana! I read your blog!". A tall fit blonde called Leah that Tatiana never seen before said that. How nice! That made Tatiana happy.
But Tatiana is not complaining about the earnings tonight, she did well. She is happy with what she made. But no girl in there made $ 1000 tonight, Tatiana knows, because she could see how many dances were done, since the dances are accounted for and written down on a piece of paper.
The stage is awkward, not Tatiana cup of tea by far. One pole with floor damage around it, that should be fixed asap, so you have to be careful that you don't trip and brake your ankle or something. And then there is a large, cold and dirty floor in front of the pole that you dance on too.
The music system sucks, no dj, no wire for an iPod, you have to put in your own cd's and you are up for 15 min each set. Way too long. The cd player is away from the stage, so if you want to skip to a song on your cd, you have to run over there and mess with the cd player.
Tatiana can live with it for a week.
The staff and the other dancers were all friendly. And Tatiana is very content with her living arrangements.
It is getting late, Tatiana is in bed and tired. Goodnight!

Tired and cold.

Williston Daytime

I woke up around 10. Headed out for coffee, beautiful day out, sunny, coldish and just a little snow.
Ventured out to the Daily Addiction on Main Street for my latte and a bagel. I sprinkle cinnamon on my lattes, you should add cinnamon to your
coffee too, that spice has many benefits.

While drinking my coffee I picked up a local paper and saw this article on the front page....... you can see, that store can't keep pepper spray in stock in this town, especially the pink containers since women are buying
them up fast. It is really bad that you can't walk around safely, because some men have a need to assault women.
Do you ever hear of random women that lurk around and rape men they don't know? Of course not.
I am going to get a taser, just so I can get the satisfaction of frying somebody's nuts if they even look at me the wrong way.
After my daily addiction, I walked back to the house. On my way I found a gym that I might go to, not bad at all, actually really nice.
Took a shower, shaved and all that stuff. In a bit I am going to apply some self tanner, haven't used any since I was in South Dakota for work.
Have to be at Whispers around 4 30. I will write later my darlings......CIAO!

Tatiana Is Baaaaack!

Tatiana is back in Williston. Last time she was here was in October 2010 and she was the first girl ever on the stage at Heartbreakers.
Search the blog to read all about that.
So, back for more......This time though, Tatiana will be working at Whispers the first week and Heartbreakers the next.
Keep on reading to find out all about it!

Here is Tatiana's room for the first week, she is all alone tonight, some girls are due to arrive tomorrow.
Tatiana picked the bed with the pink pillow and the reading light.

Longest Trip EVER!!!

Torture!!! It's good that I am sane and calm. Otherwise I would had exploded by now.
Started out in Kenai, arrived at the airport there at 9 40 PM. Flew into Anchorage, got a pat down. Plane took off at 1 AM.
Next stop, Salt Lake City, "enjoyed" a three hour layover there. Had the dirty chai and some yogurt with fruit.
After that I landed in Gillette, Wyoming. I was supposed to have a four hour layover there, which in itself is way too long.....
That layover lasted almost NINE hours. Yeah, NINE loooong hours being uncomfortable in a hard chair with NO food, there was nothing there
besides some vending machines, had a vitamin water.
And on top of it, TSA must think that I am a terrorist or something.....they went through all my carry on, thoroughly.
Not that I cared too much, had one of my platform heels in my carry on, the lady looked at it for a long time (it could be used as a weapon after all), in my Hello Kitty make up bag - five pairs of lashes......
There was even talk of a cancellation due to bad weather at my destination. So when I finally got on board I was exhausted, to put ot mildly, frustrated and starving. And because I had been sitting on my ass for so long I got a rash on my butt. SEXY!
I have to admit, I broke down, felt sorry for myself and cried a few tears into my pink cashmere scarf.
But then I pulled myself together. The stewardess made me some coffee with creamer and sugar and I felt better.
Why cry when there are people with real problems out there?
I arrived at 11 15 PM, with all the time changes I must have been traveling for about 24 hours and not really slept for much longer than that.
With all this time spent up in the air in various aircraft's I could had been at the foot of Ayers Rock by now.
Maybe sometimes in the future......

The Girl......

Happy to see that Stieg's books are still going strong! If you haven't read them yet, you need too. It's a trilogy. heroine....

Pat Down

Arrived in Salt Lake City, sunny and no snow. How nice, wish it was like this in Alaska now......maybe it's time to move to a warmer climate soon?
When I walked through that body scanner in Anchorage it indicated four yellow dots on me. So I had to submit to a pat down.
The zippers in my pants caused the dots. I am wearing my black Miss Sixty pants, lots of zippers. I had a hard time squeezing into the pants.
Like - really? I feel fat. Note to self, no more late night eating, that should do it. And no eating at work.
The pat down was mildly annoying. You can't touch any of your carry on while you wait for your pat down, I did, because some dumbass put
a heavy item on my MAC laptop, my Snow Snow. So I was like, hello, that's my laptop and grabbed it. Apparently that is not ok for some weird reason. Whatever.
Now I am drinking sparkly water, I love sparkly water. And I am trying at dirty chai for the first time, it's ok.
I loaded up on the latest gossip magazines, because I just have to know what really happened between Katy Perry and Russel Brand and why
Christina Aguilera is a wreck. And hello, I need to read about psycho Courtney from The Bachelor, that I have been obsessing over.
I will probably not be able to watch tomorrow, small crisis! Maybe I can watch online? I need to know who Ben will send home!
Two more hours until I hop on my next plane. Time to read.