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Year Of The Dragon

Not just another Monday is it is the Chinese New Year! Happy New Year!!! It is the year of the DRAGON, to be more precise the water dragon.
This year is expected to bring prosperity and transformational change. Maybe we are going towards a higher conciousness after all? That would be great.
Here are some old pics of me.....note the thinner eyebrows and the panties pulled up high on the waist. Mucho SEKSI!
That looks kind of funny now. The panties pulled up high like that accentuate the waist but does nothing else for the figure I think.
Nowadays I prefer to wear mine lower, I like that look better. In jeans too, I am not into the highwaisted jeans, I like them on the hips or just a
tad higher than that.
But that is how style goes, it always changes. Ask me in ten years, the pulled up panties might be the look again.

After this photo shoot the photograper, Dominic Petruzzi, that shot those pics of a topless former Miss California (Carrie Prejean),
told me to try out for Perfect 10 magazine.
You can only be in it if you don't have any cosmetic surgery (maybe a nose job would be ok). They want natural boobs only.
So I sent in some images. Got a call back to send in more pics......I did, got another call back, in the end everybody on the staff voted for me
to be in the magazine except one person, the owner (Norm) and he had the final say.
Shortly after, I did Playboy Sexy Girl Next Door, but Perfect 10 would had been waaaaay more fun to participate in.
Playboy has a similar magazine, it is called Playboy Natural Beauties. It's a special edition that comes out quarterly if I'm not mistaken.
I don't think the girls in that one are that great. Perfect 10 really did have some beauties in it. I am not sure but I don't think that
Perfect 10 comes out anymore.