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I am safely back in Kenai.......barely SOOOO much pain that I already took three Vicodin from my party stash. LOL. Just kidding.....
So let me tell all of you curious little monkeys about my Green Peel experience (so far).
At this moment, if you would ask me if I would do it again, I'd probably say NO. But ask me again in a week or two, hopefully the answer will be different.
So I went to where I always go for skincare in Anchorage, Anastassia's. First Anastassia washed my face and did some light extractions. Most of us have a few clogged pores, totally normal. But if you walk around with really noticeable blackheads, I advice you to squeeze them out. Really. Take my advice on that.
Then she applied the peel and started to massage it into my face. She told me that she would rub my face with the peel (circular motion) for about ten minutes and that the last two or three minutes would be quite painful. It started out feeling pleasant. The last two minutes were not really painful but very uncomfortable. It felt like having harsh sand rubbed hard in your face. My face started getting hot, it felt like a really, really bad sunburn. Anastassia also applied some to the neck and rubbed it a few times (maybe not a good idea but I'll return to that later). Then she had me lay with the Green Peel on my face (it has nutrients in it, all organic herbs smells grassy and nature-y kind of) with moisturizer infused layers of thin cloth on top for 25 minutes. At this point my face was pulsating and feeling warm. After that relaxing little repose it was time to wash of the gunk. Not that pleasant. The lukewarm water felt ice cold on my raw face, stinging my skin. I just wanted it to be over with. Then Anastassia covered my face with two kinds of lotions that I got to bring home with me.
Special instructions for the aftercare are as follows. No washing face with water for at least five days. Preferably no water until next Tuesday when I am going back for a moisturizing, nice facial. I have to clean my face with a special toner twice a day and then apply the two lotions after the toner and throughout the day.
The lotions combined on the skin look like a way too brown foundation. Reminds me of when I was 13 and 14 and caked my face and neck in a really dark brown powder every morning before school. It looked ridiculous but I thought I looked hot. My Mom begged me not to put that powder on, but who listens to their Mom at that age? I was the coolest and knew how to do MY make up. LOL. One morning one of my male classmates yelled that it looked like a cow had taken a crap on my face, sadly he was right. Anyways, I outgrew that faze. Now, no foundation and minimal use of powder.
But back to my Green Peel story. Cool wind on the face feels nice. Fanning it too. It is not burning anymore but feels kind of stiff. Mummy skin.
Upon coming home, I cleansed with the toner, took all the dark brown lotion mix off and TO MY HORROR, my neck has deep lines on it that I have never seen before. Not one or two......MANY. WTF!!!???? I am NOT at all happy with this. My neck was basically line free when I left home this morning at 7 am. Yes, I got up at 6 15 am to subject myself to this Green Peel. I do not want a wrinkly neck because of it, not nice at all. So tomorrow I am contacting Anastassia to see what she has to say. Hopefully it is normal and will go away. But those lines look really bad. She did mention that she only massages the peel lightly onto the neck, since the skin on the neck is different than the skin on the face. At this point I think the neck should had been avoided. The skin on my face looks slightly red. In a few days I will start peeling.
Like a snake.
Supposedly (according to Anastassia) the Green Peel is the best kind of peel that you can do for your skin, it has many benefits (I am too tired to rattle them off now in my sleep deprived state). If you have thin skin or severe hyperpigmentation you should avoid having the Green Peel.
Why did I do it? I have been thinking about it for a few years actually and I wanted to do something "nice" for my skin. Not that I had a bunch of wrinkles and acne to try to get rid of.
I don't think the Green Peel takes away deep wrinkles, maybe some small ones. It refreshes the skin and improves it. According to Anastassia, the results will be amazing. She liked how my skin looked after we washed the peel off. I just though it looked red and felt throbbing.
But enough about this peel now. I will report on the case you want to try a peel for yourself.......

Right before the "torture" started, relaxing on a heated table.....mmmmmm.....

I look like a burn victim at the ER. YOU NEED???!!!

Thoughts about the gym......

The gym can be a funny place. It's like observing a waterhole in the Serengeti. Because that is what I do - observe.
Some men are all puffed up, working on their arm muscles, wearing tank tops. They are like birds displaying their bright colors and strutting around
in order to attract the females so they can mate. Give me that VAGINE!!!!
The can be too much. Like a humpback whale does to get the attention of a female humpback.
I am not a fan of the grunting, total turn off. Sure, if you REALLY have too, a grunt can slip out when you lift something heavy.
But sometimes it just seems staged. It's not a MMA fight, it's the gym.
And the ladies......oh the ladies......
Some of them are very fond of displaying their assets, both the front ones and the back one.
I sometimes get a little embarrassed on their behalf, because it is so obvious and kind of pathetic.
Yes, you have boobs (I do too). But do they really need to be stuffed in a barely there sports bra and nothing else? Are you that warm from your workout?
Or showing off their asses in some skin tight shorts. On the butt machine, ass in the air. Like a female baboon presenting her swollen rump to a male.
Me? I want as little attention as possible. No make up ever. Why? I am not trying to find a man at the gym. And covered, because I am not running a 10 K.
I am just doing 30 minutes at the most on the elliptical and some weights maybe, in an air conditioned room.
Whether people look at me or not, I don't care, I'd rather they don't look at me. But that's just me. We are all different........
My advice to the ladies is......don't try too hard for attention at the gym, it just looks sad. Any intelligent man realizes this.....eeeh...perhaps....
unless the assets are too distracting. Men......!

Last day of January - already!?!

The days seem long. But the years go by so fast.
Really.....? Already January 31? It went by so fast. I've had a great month. But time goes by way too fast for me.
When I start thinking about it, my thoughts turn very real and scary. One more day that passes means one more day closer to the day
when I and the people and beings that I love, cherish and care for will be gone too.
It's awful, scary and sad and I do not want any of it to happen, ever.
What about all the places that I want to see? The things I want to experience? The more time that I want to spend with my family and friends?
Will there be enough time? There will never be enough time.....sadly......
I think that life is suffering. If you know me, you know that I am a rather happy person that loves to laugh, have fun and joke around. And dance.
But the reality of existence here on earth is suffering, because we will all die. The people we love are going to die. Our animal friends too.
We will grow old and maybe sick. All the good things that happen in life are passing experiences and band aids to help us deal with the reality of life.
The end.
I have so many more hugs to give to the people and beings I care for, I don't want things to end.......ever.
What I am hoping for is that there is another place where we go, a place where I will be reunited with everybody from my life that I cared for.
There must be another place. A silver lining.

Early night

It's only 10:15 PM here and I am already in bed. I have to get up really early tomorrow to drive to Anchorage for my Green Peel.
Exciting and a little scary. Never had a peel before, just regular facials.
After the peel I am not supposed to wash my face for five days! I have to clean it with a special solution. Bukkake omelette solution.....yes, this
topic is still highly amusing to me......
So, I won't work during that time I am thinking. My skin will peel and be red. Not so SEKSI for work, looking all scabbed up, trying to look cute, noooooo.
I am too vain for that.
Instead I am going to sit at home and heal. Watch movies and be lazy.
And I have to go back to Anchorage again the following week for a follow up facial. The things I am willing to do for.......not really sure what for.....ME?
I went to the gym this evening for one last workout before the peel. Not sure that I want to be seen in public with a stoplight red face.
It might not be THAT bad though........
Now I am going to take a bath and wash my hair.

Leg Warmers

Tatiana has to keep her gams warm at work.....

Btw.....Charlie thinks that Tatiana looks "so aristocratic".
Is that a compliment?

Local sights.....

A cute little moose was hanging out next to Fred Meyer the other day.....the moose is to the left but hardly visible in the pic.

Say Hello To My Little Friend

We had a toy party the other day at work. It was fun.
My date for the evening was Rico, he was perfect, ok body and quiet the whole time, that's how I like my men.
You shut up and I'll do the talking and the bossing around. You fork up the cash too.

We had the classic penis cake, you should bake the same cake for your next party, it's a hit!

The party really started after we all took some Viagra and tried out all the toys on each other.

I could not decide on which toy to try first, so many choices......

Then I imagined how it would be if I had really big boobs for a split second......

Did I buy something for myself? Yes. To see what I got you will have to keep on checking my blog......


We had a sex toy party at work yesterday, well before we were officially open for the evening. There were enough rubber dildos and gadgets
to open up a store. Did I buy anything? Yes. Got pics, might put them up tomorrow or so.
Having a lazy Sunday on the couch.
Oh, heard a NEW compliment last night. "You should be illegal", kind of sweet.
With new I mean, not the usual standard ones, which are nice to get too.
Enjoy your Sunday! I sure am.......


Remember that I got pulled over back in December and the cop decided that he could smell alcohol on me and had me step out of my car,
so he could make sure I was indeed sober by making me "perform" some lame sobriety test. My first ever.
OF COURSE he was wrong, I got back in my car and continued driving.
Well........since then, I have been pulled over two more times, last night actually. And the last two times from a twerp cop that comes into my place
of work in his uniform like some kind of a nazi, looking around, trying to appear important.
First of all, Mr Cop, you are looking in the WRONG place, the club is a public place. Most people behave in public places.
What you should be looking for is the stuff people do behind closed doors.....molest children, beat their significant other, abuse animals,
good stuff like that.
Anyways. This guy keeps on pulling me over for some bullshit invented "vehicle infraction". And he speaks to me in a very disrespectful demeanor.
Actually, the first time he pulled me over, about two weeks ago, the first thing he said was "you work at Charlie's right?" after he had followed me
for like two miles or more. I still have my Nevada licence which I intend to keep since I travel and go to Vegas frequently, I also own a house there.
This he has a prolem with too (the NV license). His partner that was with the twerp two weeks ago, even asked me what I do in Vegas. Really?!
What kind of a question is that? Yes, I am a crack whore in Vegas and I cook meth in my house too. Of course! Duh.......
Last night the twerp was as charming as usual. I suspect he is either a misogynyst or that he dislikes me in general because I work
at Charlie's. It would not at all surprise me if he is single, spending his free time feverishly whacking off to porn, or if in a relationship that his
gf/wife is less than attractive in his eyes. Don't take your frustrations out on me! I would never date you anyways.
I don't speed, my car is insured and registered, and I don't drive under the influence of anything. What else do you want from me twerp?
He has a probblem with me and now I have a problem with him. I did mention to him that I have never been pulled over this much before.
And since he speaks so rudely to me I sound off just as nicely to him, with a touch of sarcasm.
Having a badge doesn't make you a better person buddy.
I know his name and I know what station he is with. I have not made up my mind yet, but I might go and talk to his supervisor about
him. I am not comfortable with him pulling me over anymore. I though that police are supposed to "protect and serve".
I do not feel protected whatsoever with his angry, probaly trigger happy ass pulling me over, neither do I feel like it is serving any purpose.
What a psycho! Now I am starting to understand why so many people dislike cops. Fucking annoying.

Besides that....beautiful day out, I am doing great, looking fantastic. Off to the gym now.

Here's to all the asses out there.....


I used to eat McDonald's in Sweden, my fave burger back then was the Big Mac. When I came to the US I remember going to a McDonald's and
ordered a Big Mac and I couldn't finish it, it tasted OFF, something was not right, it was the meat. Gross!
I have not had a Big Mac since then.
I have been 100% vegetarian on and off for years, now I am a FLEXITARIAN, you know.....super flexible......!
No, that means that you do include meat in your diet but rather infrequently.
I hardly ever eat any fast food, no McDonald's (with the exception of a Sundae once in a blue moon), Taco Bell, Carls' Jr etc etc.
If I ever have a burger from a fast food place it comes form In-N-Out.
Besides, the beef they use at taco bell, is called "taco meat filling" and is made up of about 36 % beef and the rest is various "fillings".
And how about the chicken nuggets at McDonal's?

"They would be bad enough if they were merely chunks of chicken that had been breaded and deep-fried in oil. One documentary describes McDonald's nuggets as chickens “stripped down to the bone, and then 'ground up’ into a chicken mash, then combined with a variety of stabilizers and preservatives, pressed into familiar shapes, breaded and deep fried, freeze dried, and then shipped to a McDonald’s near you.”
Aside from chicken and oil, those “stabilizers and preservatives” are said to include dimethylpolysiloxane, a form of silicone also used in cosmetics. Another additive is tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), a form of butane. According to one report, chicken is only about 50 percent of a McNugget; the remainder is a mixture of corn-derived ingredients, sugars and synthetic substances."

And people give this crap to their kids. No wonder cancer is so prevalent...... YUUUUUCK !!!!!