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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!!!
Thank You for taking time out of your day to read my blog.
I want to wish everybody all the best for 2012.
And I hope for all the good things in life for all.

Songs of the year

According to Tatiana, the song of the year is "Rolling In The Deep" by Adele. Tatiana has Adele's album 21 and her favorite song from that album besides "Rolling In The Deep"
is "Set Fire To The Rain". Tatiana LOVES that song, new song for stage.
Also, "Someone Like You" is really good.
Talk about somebody in love and all that it entails! She is a scorned woman.
Tatiana thinks that Adele has a great voice and she likes this album, 21 better than the previous 19.
Also Adele sings instead of wails, Tatiana doesn't think that wailing is singing, though many seem to think so.
Tatiana can grab a mic too and wail. And call that singing.
Actually a few years ago, Tatiana wanted to start a band with her two friends Mike and Mikey. She was certain that they would
reach much success, she even had a name for the band, "Dirty Sanchez". Perfect!
Also, LFMAO made the songs of the year. "Party Rock", it's an anthem and "Sexy And I Know It". Awesome and fun.


Everybody needs this shimmery, sparkly all over spray from The Body Shop.
You can spray it on your face, body, hair - PRETTY!!!
Tatiana got the gold colored spray.
She is planning to cover herself in it for next years Electric Daisy Carnival, that is going to be her outfit, golden shimmer.
Eyelashes and lipgloss too.


Tatiana is annoyed!!!!!
She is trying to upload some pictures from Homer, she went to the spa there and spent the night too, the other day. For her birthday.
But the pics are NOT uploading and it is SOOOOOO frustrating. WTF!!!!????
She will try again tomorrow, maybe.
Tatiana went to Homer Day Spa and she had two treatments. The "Signature Facial Wrap" and the "Waterfall Hair Treatment".
The facial was ok, it wasn't like a real facial, all the esthetician did was apply hot towels (that smelled like old towel) to Tatiana's face and
rubbed/massaged her face with jojoba oil. But she did give Tatiana a nice massage on her back, arms, neck and used hot stones.
The hair treatment was ok, oil poured on the hair and a scalp massage. Not like Shirodhara though, which is AMAZING.
You have to try a Shirodhara treatment at a spa, you will be very happy with it. If the person that performs it knows what they are doing that is.
Tatiana loves going to the spa but from experience she can say that half of the treatments she had, have been performed very amateurish.
And then they expect you to pay AND tip! Whatever!
The lady that gave Tatiana her treatments at Homer Spa did a good job, Tatiana would not go back for the facial though, not her kind of facial.
But it is a nice place.
Tatiana still has the oil in her hair. She is going to take a shower in a bit and wash it out, probably need to schampoo twice.

According to Tatiana's horoscope today she should clear out as much as she can from 2011 as she prepares for the new year. She knew it!!!
That is exactly what she has been doing lately, clearing out, taking care of loose ends, organizing, cleaning......
she wants to start out 2012 fresh!
She is trying to get a hold of some pics from a photoshoot she did in 2007, the asshole photographer did not keep his word.
He still has Tatiana's pics, he is a liar and Tatiana is a stubborn girl, she wants those pics. It was a TFCD photoshoot,
meaning Tatiana modeled in exchange for the pics.
There were some really cute ones in a scout uniform and a giant teddy bear. Fucking asshole!

Speaking of pictures, Tatiana got her hands on the latest Playboy with the Lindsay Lohan spread. She looks great! She is doing the whole
Marilyn Monroe thing, the classic Marilyn pics with the red background.
The people at Playboy can do wonders with make up, hair, lights and photoshop. Tatiana wonders what her pics would look like if she could shoot
with their people. Freakin' fantastic probably! Wanna bet?
Anyways, Tatiana is not sure how much they photoshopped Lindsay, people claim a lot but her boobs, natural btw, look amazing.
Her face and her expressions look great, good for her!

Chhaya is going to the vet early tomorrow for some shots and to get her anal sacs expressed.
Tatiana tried to express those on Chhaya but it's better that the vet does it,
then you don't have to second guess that it was done properly.
So, it is time to wash some very oily hair now and go to bed.
Work tomorrow night too.


I have been getting more and more comments to my old blog about Williston from October 2010 (Heartbreakers and Williston White).
Girls want to know how to get work at Heartbreakers and how it is to work there (the $$$).
The reason they comment on that blog is because it shows up as one of the first links if you google Williston Heartbreakers.
I have e mailed all of them back with contact info reg work there. Of course, I am sooooo nice.....
But then I got this comment,
"Tatiana, I've lost my man "Dan" to williston, I have a "special needs son", he won't call back, I'm sure you've met him, I am your New England twisted sister, please send him back to the track, for the boy and his wife needs him. I need help u can do it. If u have a heart, all I can ask."

Hmmmmmm......ok. The lady also included her phonenumber but I deleted it so she doesn't receive any unwanted phone calls.
All I can say is, I am sorry. I can assure you that I don't have any clue about Dans whereabouts. Not sure why I must have met him?
If I ever go back to Williston (keep reading your fave blog for updates) and come across this person I will let him know that you are looking for him.
He might not even be going to Heartbreakers. Maybe something happened to him? Try calling hospitals, the police and file a missing persons report.
I don't know what other advice I can give you. But he doesn't sound like a good man if he ignores his wife and child.
I will kick him hard in the balls, yank his ear and force him to call his wife if I ever come across this maggott, I promise!

Already Over

Christmas came and Already over! I always get a pang of anxiety and get a little melancholic when Christmas is over. One whole year until the next one.
A whole year! There was a layer of nice, fresh, powdery snow on the ground today.
I spent most of my day watching more movies. Three more. Planet Of The Apes, it was sad. Spent some time outside and caught the last pink coloring in the sky. Went to the beach in Kenai, the water was powerful, deep gray and the waves were strong. I felt like a very small being. Chhaya was cold.
I had a nice Christmas. I have everything that I need. But next year I hope to be able to spend Christmas with my Mom and my beloved little brother.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall......

After all the eating I might have to think about going to the gym so I don't start looking too porky.
The gym once or twice a week is a good idea now in the wintertime since I don't move around as much because of the snow outside and the cold.
And I don't work that much either. If I work a lot I eat less, because I don't usually eat at work.
As far as eating less during the way, I need my food!
This is me at work the other night. Admiring myself as know.....I am myself my biggest fan!



Tatiana is hoping that everybody has a great Christmas!!! All the best to all of you!

It's 2 35 am on December 25 here. It was cold out today. All the trees are covered with white frost, it looks very pretty.
Spent the day eating, eating and eating. Had a hearty breakfast this morning, potatoes fried up with onions, scrambled eggs and some
english muffins and cheese.
Later time, The Hangover 2, Tatiana loved it - so funny and Bradley Cooper is sooooo cute, voted sexiest man 2011
by People magazine in case you didn't know. He is quite sexy indeed. Later, Colombiana with Zoey Saldana, she is amazing and really pretty.
Tatiana even had some Kahlua to drink. Last drink was back in April, that yucky Jaegermeister shot that Tatiana sipped on for like an hour.
Apple pie with vanilla ice cream, chocolate.......
Tomorrows plans? Long walk with Chhaya. She is getting some ribs tomorrow.
More food and more movies. Tatiana is going to watch Slumdog Millionaire again, saw it when it first came out, but it is so good that
she wants to watch it again. Maybe some Coast To Coast AM for some Christmas stories.
Now it is bed time. Santa is on his way.......!


Look at Chhaya how cute she is, waiting for me to take her outside to take our traditional Christmas pictures.
She has another nickname now, besides Chhaya she has like 15 more names. I wrote a blog about all those names a long time ago.
Her new name is AngelFaceLoveBaby. I know, I know.......I can't help it, I love her SOOOOOO much!!!!