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Last day of November........

Already? Jeeeez, time goes so fast! Does it start going faster when you get older OR has time in fact started to speed up?
I heard a theory about that on Coast To Coast AM, had something to do with 2012 and the end of times.
I remember the first couple of summer breaks in between school when I was little, they seemed to be going on forever, not anymore!
I am going to send out all my Christmas gifts pretty soon, I got almost everything bought, only a few things left. But I still need to take care of the
Christmas cards. Every year I get overwhelmed with all the people that I have on my list for either a gift, a card or both. I feel like Santa, lol.
I have a list. But I love giving, it is exciting to think of something to give to another person and it feels good to make somebody else happy.
Every year I promise myself that I will cut down a little but I usually don't.
Then I have to give to kids that need gifts too, at least two gifts, for a boy and a girl. And then I need to donate cat and dog food to the local animal
shelter. If I don't, I feel guilty.
I like Yuletide with Christmas music on the radio, it is nice to drive around and see how others decorate their yards, houses and put lights up.
All my Christmas stuff is in Vegas, so I don't think that I will have a tree this year, I don't want to accumulate even more decorations and ornaments, I have a bunch already.
Hopefully I will use it all next year. Stockholm, Sweden is sooooo nice around Christmas time, especially if there's snow.
Walking around Gamla Stan (Old Town) that time of year is magical.
Sitting down at a café in Gamla Stan to warm up with a latte and some warm blueberry pie with vaniljcreme is the best.

But it seems like many do not share the spirit of Christmas.
Many dread the crowds and the long lines, others fear gaining weight, some fear going into debt and others dread "having to be nice".
Well, that's why I have 80 % of my shopping done already, I get things throughout the year and put it away for Christmas.
And as far as "being nice".......I can't stand fake smiles and pretend personalities, yuck.
Just be yourself already, everybody can have a bad day and some pms. Stay home or avoid mingling then if you don't want
to "be nice" - whatever THAT is supposed to mean. Or up your meds. Take an extra bong hit
I never understood the whole fake personality thing, that is probably why I have been called blunt and a bitch countless of times but whaaaaatever,
I take that as a compliment. At least I am not fake. And once I am your friend, I am a good and loyal friend. That gives Christmas gifts.

Recap Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Ok.......first I was kind of thinking that all the girls were really skinny, but then I remembered how skinny I was in my teens.
Yes, some of the "angels" in the show are teenagers. My friend Yolanda just read my blog and one of her comments to me was
that I am too skinny. Well, I was probably at least 10 - 15 lbs lighter in my teens, without trying.
Now I am more normal, I wish I could be as skinny now as I was at 18 but that would take too much effort.
Probably an elimination of pastries amd ice cream, can't do that!
Very skinny legs and narrow hips on the girls in the show. And of course, some of them diet and work out weeks before the show, why wouldn't they?
I would too if I would be walking that runway.
But even at that, I think that Karlie Kloss is too skinny for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
And not that pretty, she is more high fashion I think. Like her upcoming spread in Vogue.
They claim that the Victoria's Secret girls are more "voluptuos", well maybe compared to the girls that do high fashion in NY and Milano, but only by five lbs tops,
the girls in the show were all super skinny.
My faves were Miranda, Adriana and Doutzen. Did Miranda really squeeze out a baby?
From where did that baby come out?
I always thought that Allesandra didn't belong in the show, to me she has a manly face somehow.
My fave fashion moment was the PINK fashion, it was cute, fun and rave-y. I liked it very much.
But too many cutesy blowing kisses and winking eyes from the girls, they all do the same thing and need to come up with something new.
Like flip the camera off or something.
Kanye needs to go away, he is painfully embarrassing and his pants looked bad.
I think Nikki Minaj is cute but I don't like her rapping and her exaggerated face expressions, she is trying so hard to be different and edgy
and bla bla bla but it doesn't quite hit home. It's too much, less is more sometimes.
Look at Adele for example, sure her style is miles from Nikki's but she comes across as so much more.
Anyways, I love models, fashion shows and runways.

Homer Day Spa

Tatiana is excited to have found a spa in Homer that offers treatments that she wants to try.
She might go there around her birthday next month and indulge.
Remember that she tried that Shirodhara treatment in Vegas a while back now but was disappointed because it was way too short?
Well, they offer something similar at Homer Day Spa called "Waterfall Hair Treatment".
Another service Tatiana is eying, the "Signature Facial Wrap".
Her regular facials she is still doing at Anastassia's in Anchorage, though it's been way too long since the last one. Tatiana needs another soon.
Also, at this spa in Homer, you can enjoy a soak in their outside jacuzzi with a beautiful view of Homer and surroundings.
Sounds like a great place to spend the day!


Still feeling tired though I just slept for more than nine hours. It must be the weather, the sky is gray and heavy looking, they say there will be a winter weather advisory issued this afternoon, meaning it might snow a lot with low visibility, annoying if you are out driving.
I got a lot done yesterday - phew! In a bit I am going to clean up the kitchen (dishes) and drive to get a latte. A quick stop at the store for a bottle of Pine-Sol. I use that to mop the floor in the kitchen and bathroom - sexy!
Take Chhaya out and throw in a load of laundry. Hang dry the laundry because it's my nice sweats, thin t-shirts and other delicate stuff.
Take a long bath, scrub my face, moisturize. Catch up on other people's blogs, I read eleven different ones now, it's addicting! Good that I am a fast reader. Noticed that every other person in Sweden has a blog, that must be the big thing there. Not that all of the blogs are interesting. And most people have not been blogging as long as me either (in Sweden).
Me? Since 2006.
Later tonight, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I am curious about Anne V, she is dating Adam Levine. I love his song "Move Like Jagger" - it's so good!
There, a typical day for me, to everybody that always asks me what else I do, besides work. I live a totally normal life. Duh!
Quite annoying question after a while actually, "Sooooo, what else do you do?".
Well, what do YOU do then? Work? Sleep? Eat?
Go to the bathroom? Errands? Catch up with family & friends? STUFF?
Living your life? Well, so do I. So do I........

Monday morning

Right before 8 am here and it is pitch black out.
I am not sure why I am up already but I am. GOOD MORNING!!!
So therefore I am going to write a blog and put up some pics from last Saturday night at work. My usual self portraits that all of you looooooveeeee so much.................!
I was cold so I wore my sweater at work. My sweater looks like it shrunk in the dryer but it didn't. It is actually a top I got in a store that sells clothes for ballerinas.
Work was ok. I took a nap during some dead time on the couch, bundled up in my blanket. I walk around in there with my blanket (when I am cold), but I call it "blankie" of course cause I am a baby still, a big baby - but still a baby.
It has been unusually cold here in Alaska the last week, Fairbanks was like - 38 F! I sure am very happy that I do not live there! It was 2 degrees out when I drove home from work, the car took a while to warm up.
You have to plug your car in here when it's cold, some people put blankets on the hood of the car too, I might start doing that to my poor car. My car is my friend, she even has a name,
her name is Jade cause she is green.
It is supposedly going to warm up a little here this week. But it is Alaska, you have to dress warm.

The tv is on in the background. They are showing all the crazy people that went shopping for bargains on Black Friday, insanity, violence, pepper spray, heart attacks, death.......the usual.
I would never do that. But that's me. Scuffle around with some crazed people willing to die for whatever item they want? No way. But I am always up to stuff myself inside the LA Sports Arena together with thousands of others, dancing to loud house music with the bass thumping through my body. Pure joy!
Some eight year old is 218 lbs (99 kg) that is sick. As a parent, you should know that's wrong. Why would you want your kid to be that fat and unhealthy? What the hell is wrong with some people?
It really isn't that freakin' difficult to eat healthy, skip the fast food and soda. Don't feed that to your kids every day. Dumb asses.

Anyways. I am working later this week. Like Thursday or Friday, through Saturday. Meanwhile I will take care of things like laundry and errands. I have some organizing to do. AND I might go to the gym. Maybe.
Last time I went there was in March.
And I have to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tomorrow! I love those girls!


The coffee table book Culo just got released, a collaboration between Mazzuco and Diddy (Sean Combs). And some other dude I think.
I always thought that a great butt is much nicer to look at than some boobs. Maybe because I have seen so many bad boob jobs.
But butt implants are on the rise. I saw that once, at Crazy Horse Too in Vegas and it did not look good,
it looked strange but so did many of the boob jobs in that place also, most of them actually.
Though butt implants seem so much more invasive than breast implants somehow. The butt implants are larger and you sit around more than you lay on your stomach. It just seems so uncomfortable to constantly walk around with foreign objects implanted in your butt cheeks.
Besides USA........Brazil, China and India are topping the plastic surgery list. And a very popular surgery in Brazil is butt implants, though that country has the reputation of women with "perfect" assess. Obvioulsy many do not think that their ass is good enough, therefore the popularity of this surgery over there.
I of course, think that having butt implants is cheating. Having a beautiful butt naturally, is MUCH nicer. Butt implants don't count.
As far as famous butts go, I think that Jennifer Lopez has a much better butt than Kim K. Kim's seems sloppy and Jennifer's has a nicer shape and seems firmer. I also think that Rihanna beats Beyonce in that department, same there, Beyonce's seems sloppy.
A nice butt is not necessary a large butt. A nice butt has a nice roundish womanly shape (we are talking about women's behinds here), is firm and at the same time has some bounce to it.
The narrow hips/no ass boy look is not appealing at all to me.
There, Tatiana the butt connaisseur has spoken........

Here are some pics from Culo (source

First Lady Gaga, looking freakin' FIERCE with her paw up.

I have always liked girls with refrigerator pics, there is something about

The third pic is plain art and so beautiful.

The fourth pic I like too, basically "girl getting ready in the morning" type pic.

I was expecting more from Irina Shayk's pic in Culo, but I am disappointed therefore I am not including her pic. She lays on a bed and gets splattered with ink or something on her behind. I am a huge Irina fan, that girl is impossibly gorgeous.
Nothing like head to toe beauty. A beautiful face is priceless.
I should make my own coffee table book with would be a best seller.

New friends

Made some new friends in South Dakota.
The first night I worked, I was relaxing at the bar when a woman came in to work, walked past me, looked at me and said "pretty girl".
I thought she looked familiar somehow but could not place her. A few nights later the dj presented her as Teri Weigel and that is when I made the connection in my head, Teri from Playboy!
Teri is fun, wild, has tons of energy and looks good. Check out her site

This is Teri's first Playboy cover!

So I told Teri that I am now her latest fan and had to take some pics with her.

And that is Edward in between me and Teri. He is a pheasant hunting expert/guide. When you plan a trip to South Dakota for a pheasant hunting adventure you should book with Edward! Make sure to book in advance, he is very popular.

Overall, this club was fun.
Saw some really crazy stuff here, the place is the wild wild west. But like I said before, nobody is forcing you to do anything.
I always do it MY way and it works for me. BOSSY!


Took Chhaya for a walk yesterday. It was cold, not sure how cold exactly but I need to put on thicker gloves for next walk and Chhaya's paws got cold a few times. She had littel icicles hanging from her mouth. But she was happy and ran around sniffing all the trees.
Had to feed my other friends, the birds and the squirrels, they really like sunflower seeds.
Didn't see a living soul out. Usually I see at least a moose or two and a while ago I even saw two lynx but there was nothing, just me and Chhaya and the trees and the snow.
I love my Chhaya so much!


At work there is a jukebox in the bar/dining room. And a dance floor that some nights gets packed with people two stepping and swinging each other around. Rowdy is a good word to describe it.
Some man got pissed off because I did not want to dance with him one night. Well, hello - have you seen my heels? They are at least 6 inches, I am not in there to two step and potentionally twist my ankle, if you want a lap dance I will dance for you. Besides, I have the right to decline any guy that wants to dance with me without him getting pissed, I can't stand angry and forceful guys. What girl likes that? Leave me alone!
I did dance with Melvin, we were alone on the dance floor, so I didn't have to think about getting elbowed or stepped at. And I could not say no to sweet his wife cheered us on.

Also, a self portrait from my last night at work, went with purple. I am back in Alaska now. Everything is covered with snow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am home, cuddled all night with Chhaya. That I am thankful for. Talked to my Mom a long time, thankful for that also.
Ate some breakfast, that I have food to eat every day I am thankful for.
No plans today.......I am not eating turkey - sweet potatoes, veggies and pie maybe, but no turkey.
Have a wonderful day everybody!