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Happy Halloween!

Nooooo, this is not Tatiana's Halloween costume, she was just playing around with some stuff at Shelley's house.
Tatiana is beyond tired, she already had her going out shenanigans the other night. Came back from the Strip a few hours ago, the town is packed.
No ghouls and ghosts tonight......though she might listen to some Coast To Coast AM here in a bit, they always have a good show on Halloween. Lot's of scaaaaary stories......

Here is Tatiana's private nurse Shelley, not too shabby huh? Shelley is an awesome nurse, she gives a great enema. She told Tatiana to rest tonight, so Tatiana is just following what the nurse ordered.

Recap of LA trip

Soooooo, since Monster Massive got canceled Tatiana and her friend Juliana went to a club in Hollywood instead. ECCO. Tatiana was sure that the music would be good since her friends Reza (that puts on Monster Massive and Together As One btw) and Mark Lewis would be a couple of the dj's.
And it was good, not MM but still good, Tatiana did exactly what she came there to do - danced.
For some reason, that she can't explain, Tatiana's camera stayed in her purse for most of the night and she did not take many pics at all of her night. That she regrets, cause she looked very cute as always, dressed in mostly black with grey legwarmers. Never again being lazy with the camera!
Other than that Tatiana spent time with her friend Juliana. And after two days of fun in LA it was time to drive back to Vegas........

Oh, Tatiana got this purple Michael Kors bag the other day, she likes it a lot......

For some reason people seem to think that Tatiana is blonde. She thinks that she has brown hair, in Sweden, this hair color is considered brown.
At least when Tatiana lived there. Anyways. Enjoyed the day so much, it smelled so good of fresh ocean breeze. It is also nice to have a friend to share your time and memories with.

Sunsets are so beautiful and also a bit sad, it's the end of yet another day and time really goes way too fast. Much too fast for Tatiana's liking.

Greasy and old

I just returned to Vegas from a couple of FAAAAAAB days in LA. Always so very fab, everything that I do........!
Anyways, while in LA I was SO busy that I didn't have time to do anything computer related.
But I am back in Vegas now laying down in bed, logged in to my blog and find THIS lovely comment from a sweet reader that goes by the name "Anonymous". LOL.
"you look greasey and old. yuck! i would never buy a lap dance from you. i wish i never listened to my friend Shane and looked at this creepy blog. good luck in life. you need it."

OK. First of all, THANK YOU for reading and commenting! I am absolutely 100% confident that you, "Anonymous" will continue reading my "creepy" blog, especially now, because you are curious whether I will allow your comment to show (of course!) and my reaction to it.
You should know that I have enough self confidence for myself and 100 other people, if I could bottle it and sell it I would, so you could buy some for yourself.
I would love to see a pic of you so I can pinpoint all your "flaws" - I am positive I could find MANY.
And if you are a guy, but for some reason I suspect that you are not, but if you are a guy, most definitely, you would get at least one dance from me, that is just how it is....... I am that irresistible. But maybe you can't afford a dance? And I would give you a nice treat too during the dance, I would treat you to a wet, smelly shart from me - at no extra cost, because that is exactly what you NEED darling.
But since I have your IP adress and it locates you in North Las Vegas I suspect that you are a girl. And it makes me even happier!!!
And YOU know why.......
Thank you for wishing me luck in life.....we all need luck in life. Life can be hard and sad at times. So thank you!
But I suspect that you yourself really need luck in life, judging from your brilliant display of "intelligence" and also your spelling of "greasey". Funny, English is my third language and I spell better than you. You are from here I assume........?
Oh, and as far as me being greasy (greasey, lol) and old......well the pictures in my blog and the many compliments I get from people all over
speak for themselves. (Besides, I'm totally ok with not being everybody's cup of tea.)
Don't be jealous honey, you will never be like me, just work with what you got - probably not much.
And I am secure enough in myself that every other pic that I put up here on MY superfab blog is totally make up free. Who photo shops each pic of themselves anyways? I don't.
So live well darling, you amused me and made my day. More comments like these please!
They are fun.
And send a make up free pic of yourself if you dare so I can put it up here. That would be hilarious!
In the my old behind.......kiss my ass darling!


Got to LA today.
Long drive from Vegas.
As always, got stuck in some slow traffic.......what a waste of time.
But happy to be here!

Traffic in sunset

Second Day Zion

Today I had one hike in mind, Observation Point. That one is 8 miles round trip. That would be 12 kilometers.
I made it up and down with a 20 minute rest on top and stops for photos, in a little under 4 hours. It was a small personal challenge. And well worth it.
Fun, super scenic and gorgeous!
Here I am at the top of Observation Point, you can see Angel's Landing that is below me in the background. There were about 30 people up there, just relaxing, eating and taking in the scenery.

I know I will feel this hike in my leg muscles and my butt tomorrow, I love that feeling......

I want to return to Zion. I would love to do The Narrows, Hidden Canyon and one more hike up Angel's Landing.
What I also learned from this trip is that it is better/advisable, that you go hiking with people that are somewhat on your level, physically and mentally. I consider myself an average hiker and in average shape. I don't own any fancy hiker gear and walking sticks. Nor do I run up mountains.
But if you go with somebody that moves at the pace of a turtle, getting passed up by retired people in their 70's who walk faster and even obvious pregnant looking ladies......then it becomes annoying after a while.
Especially if that person freaks out on you when you want to go up a hike at your own, faster pace - so you can actually see what you came to see.
Amazingly enough, even with my "faster" pace I managed to enjoy myself immensely and take hundreds of nice photos.
Sometimes, waiting for others will limit what you will experience and achieve in life. I learned that a long time ago.

First day Zion

Zion means place of refuge or's a very fitting description.
Let me tell you about my first day here.
Got up around 8 am and had some breakfast.
The first hike was the the Emerald Pools, all three pools. They are called Emerald Pools because of the greenish looking water. Beautiful!

After that I went to the beginning of the route to a hike called The Narrows. This is a hike that I read about a long time ago, it is voted to be one of the best in the world. You need to be equipped for The Narrows - I wasn't. 16 miles round trip, much of it through water. So I just dipped my feet in the freezing water, they got numb in less than a minute. Refreshing!

Then it was time for Weeping Rock. That one consists of is a quick uphill walk. It was now late afternoon and I still wanted to go up to Angels Landing. I did not have my cellphone on me so I wasn't for sure what time it was but I think I started walking the path leading up to Angels Landing a little before 5 pm. I was the only person going up there (due to the late start). The hike itself is spectacular . I got to the first section of the chains, the last 0.5 miles you hike holding on to chains because some parts are very steep, and decided to turn around safely before it started getting dark. Plus I did not want to scramble out to Angels Landing all alone hanging on to some chains for dear life. And I am scared of heights.

I had a wonderful day. Loved it. Here are some more pics. I took my first couple of self portraits with the self timer on my camera, it worked great.
And my new thing is to make a heart symbol with my hands, cute.

Back from Zion

I got back from Zion like 4 hours ago. After some long phone conversations with Angelica and Mikey I am now too tired for anything else but sleep.
More about Zion soon!


Tatiana is in Zion, Utah with her friend Sonja.
It is super nice here. VERY nice! Tomorrow hiking.
We arrived today so there was just checking in, a small tour of Springfield the town we are staying in and dinner.
Getting up at 7 am tomorrow.

Yummy licks


Friday night here in Vegas, the town is busy, I know cause I just came back from down there, The Strip, a few hours ago.
Have to say that CityCenter is really nice, it looks so modern and glittery. I imagine like something you see in Singapore, Tokyo or Beijing - though I can't compare cause I haven't been to those places. Many of the other hotels in town pale in comparison to CityCenter.
I got up early today so all I want to do is take a bath, remove my midnight blue nail polish, replace it with pink nail polish and sleep.
Getting up early tomorrow to run a lap or two in the park, before it gets too hot. It is HOT out, unusually hot for October - bleh.
Tonight I am feeling LOST. Like where should I be, where do I belong? I live in like two places but I come from somewhere else. My friends are scattered all over, which sometimes means that I get to be alone, sometimes too alone.
Should I be in Sweden? Or Vegas? Alaska? I don't think that I could live in Alaska's nice but the winters are too long and it is too isolated.
Vegas......what kind of future would I be looking at in Vegas?
Sweden? My really good friends and my family are there.
I'm confused, lost and feel weird tonight.
And I am hungry. But food will have to wait until tomorrow. I am not venturing out for a breakfast burrito from Roberto's at this hour.