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Dzień dobry!

Some days are just super HAPPY days for no reason really. Just the reason to be alive right here and now. Grateful for lots of things but mainly what matters the most, the things that are priceless.......My Mom, Chhaya, friends, my health and that I can have food every day.......and a safe place to call home........

Off for some time outside with Chhaya now before work tonight.

Late Monday night here......

Tatiana woke up with a headache today, awful. She felt pretty bad yesterday too, maybe due to all the involuntary inhaling of cigarette smoke she is subjected to at Charlie's? It seems like everybody in there is sucking on a cigarette. Death sticks. It's torture at times, smoking is yucky, Tatiana's advice to you if you happen to be a smoker of cigarettes - QUIT, it's gross.
So yesterday was spent feeling semi quesy all day and then today culminated with a nice throbbing morning headache. That disappeared later in the afternoon after a bowl of piping hot tomato soup and two Motrin's. Tatiana decided against working tonight but has every intention of going tomorrow evening.
Anyhow, Saturday at work was kind of annoying. Some guy kept on asking annoying questions, like never ending annoying prying stuff. Tatiana does NOT have patience for that, you can have all kinds of money in your wallet but you can keep the money and your questions. Tatiana does not want to be bothered. That's the reason why some girls get sloshed at work or take some kind of a downer, like Xanax, to be able to deal with never ending questions. With a look of interest or a fake smile plastered on their faces. Well, Tatiana is sober and she has a quick Polish temper too........
Really, what else is there so necessary to know besides that my name is Tatiana, you can SEE that I look good and of course you NEED a dance. It's simple! Sometimes Tatiana feels like she is getting interviewed for a term in the White House as the Leader of the Free World with all the questions she gets. Seriously!
Tatiana appreciates fun, interesting, intelligent conversation anytime. Just not ANNOYING questions........
Then some chicks were in there, sitting at the stage. The girl that was up before Tatiana mentioned that they were rude and made some dumb comments.
Really? Tatiana loves that! Chicks making dumb comments. Try that with Tatiana. First of all, shut up, because the stakes are high that you are at a double loss here. Most likely Tatiana is outing you in both the brains and looks departments, daaaahling.
So when Tatiana went on stage she sashayed over and said "I heard you are talking shit", well the girls did what all good girls are supposed to do while sitting at Tatiana's stage, they opened up their eyes really wide and forked up a twenty dollar bill and about eight ones. Thank you, daaaahlings.
Anyways, it's a little after midnight now. Tatiana is going to take a bath.
Good night!

About to take a bath

Tatiana felt much better today (no Motrin needed), well technically yesterday, since it's past midnight now. And really dark outside.
She had every intention of going to work but ended up not to. That happens often, lol. Not very strong work motivation at times....... But she is definitely working this weekend.
Instead of working she got other things done. If Tatiana has a totally unproductive day she feels like that day got wasted, so she tries not to have too many days of doing absolutely nothing. She actually got a lot done today.
Soon she is going to take a nice, hot, much needed bath, scrub her face and brush her teeth, then put on lots of L'Occitane face creme.
But first she is going to take off some nail polish and file her claws really sharp. So she can hook lots of innocent victims this weekend at work.
Well, now you all know what's on Tatiana's wish list this fall............clothes, shoes and bags.......

Fall Fashion

Tatiana thinks that Fall Fashion is the best and most stylish. She has some serious cravings for these items.
Leather pants, soooooo nice. Look at these by ZARA. Tatiana needs!

Or this super cute military green Shelli Segal.

Or these little Charles David boots in grey cuuuuuuteeeeee!

How about some super sexy thigh high suede boots?

These delicious Burberry boots are mouth watering!

Socks by HUNTER! Cuuuuuuteeeeeee!!!!

More HUNTER socks, just adorable......

Arm/leg warmers in gray OR black. PERFECT for keeping Tatiana's arms warm at Monster Massive!

An army green GUCCI bag is looking very good indeed!

Tatiana loves purple and she loves this purple Michael Kors bag!

And this, my friends, is pornography for least for Tatiana and a few other ladies she can think of........

Nothing new

Tatiana does not have any exciting news to report. She is still looking good and feeling fabulous. How about you?
She noticed that her blog looks weird, all the latest pics form Homer are scrambled up. It is supposed to look nice and categorized but for some weird reason it doesn't. ??? Oh well, it is what it is.
Besides that Tatiana has not worked the last couple of nights, she is at home, complaining of stomach cramps, feeling sorry for herself and eating Motrin, only three 200 mg so far, hopefully none tomorrow. Tatiana rather NOT take any pills, unless it's fun pills like MDMA.
Well, it's kind of late, probably time to go to bed......


There are many mermaids in Homer. Tatiana loves mermaids. And faeries too.

And some of the mermaids you can find in this store, Blackbeary Bog. Full of nice things. Tatiana needs like half of everything that's in there.

Soul Food

If Tatiana would be on a diet she would go crazy. Who knows, maybe one day all the pastries and ice cream she eats will sneak up on her but that is not a relevant concern for now.
Here are some pics of food that makes Tatiana enjoy her life to the fullest. From Homer btw.

Feeling happy!

Here is Tatiana feeling joyeous in a lake.
Does this have anything to do with her 30 carat flawless stunner?
Or is the usual Tatiana happiness?