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Last day of July!

Really? Already? Tatiana can't believe how time flies. Seriously. Can you?
Right now, at the laundromat, up bright and early......another sunny day.
Later, pastry and coffee, reading, tanning, touching up pink nail polish, walking with Chhaya.........and.......working probably.
Tatiana thinks that making some more $$$ would be the appropriate way to end July this year.


Tatiana feels lucky......another beautiful day! Sun and blue skies as far as the eye can see.
Just finished a bowl of strawberries.
In a bit Tatiana is going outside with Chhaya to spend the rest of the day, well at least until about 6 or 7 pm, outside.
Need to go and get an iced vanilla latte too.
Not much to report about anything. Work is ok. About 18 -21 girls/night. A few pretty ones. Some not so much.
Tatiana talked to her Mom yesterday. Mom gave motherly advice like, make sure you eat vitamins, work out with weights. And when Tatiana told her Mom she thinks Putin is very SEKSI, Mom called her crazy. Mom obviously does not share Tatiana's opinion on this subject. But that's fine. They still get along fine.
So the message of today is, you don't have to agree with everything that somebody says, but you can still be friends and get along. It's good to have opinions and something to say, makes life more interesting. Right?

Oh btw......SEKSI is the new spellling of SEXY.

Grab the sunshine

After a few days of rain, the sun has made an appearance.
Tatiana packed a book, iced tea and is planning on laying out all day.
Need to grab the sunshine while it's here......


Just passed a lonely hitchhiker while driving home.......I always feel a pang of anxiety and compassion when I pass up a hitchhiker........but I am too scared to stop and give them a ride.
Since I am all alone in the car, and a girl on top of it, I just feel too scared. If something would happen to me then what would happen to Chhaya? Plus my Mom would be heartbroken.
I probably watched too many scary movies about crazy hitchhikers and read some horrible stories too. That's why I don't pick anyone up.
I have given people rides before but I was not alone in the car, somebody was always with me.
And one summer in Europe, I hitchhiked from Grenoble to Zurich together with two other people, and all the way back from Zurich to Grenoble. We got ride after ride, it was great.
But maybe it's different there. No serial killer syndrome.
So now I feel bad cause I didn't pick up that hitchhiker. I am finding some consolation in that I always give girls at work rides home when they don't have a car. Took two home this last week.

Somebody wrote a comment a few blogs ago, asking, basically, if I am writing this blog for nothing?
To answer your question, in case you haven't figured it out yet......I am writing because I think it is fun and because YOU NEED!
Now you know.

It's after 4 am, time for bed.


Tatiana admits to jumping into conclusions too fast regarding Norway yesterday. Instead of a Muslim zealot it was a Christian zealot (supposedly), JUST AS BAD .
The death toll is staggering and what that crazy freak did is absolutely appalling and extremely sad and upsetting. It's difficult to even think about it.
It's a very sad day. Tatiana's heart is aching for all the victims in Norway.

(Photo/dapd/ Paul Zinken)

Norway update

Tatiana is on the phone with her Mom right now. Mom lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Mom is FURIOUS over the tragedy in Norway. There is still no precise news over how many are dead and injured, Norway is in chaos.
Tatiana can almost with all certainty say that this was staged by people that will claim ties to Muslim faith. Scandinavia is not what is used to be, it used to be safe and a great place to live. NOT anymore.
Time for a change people!!
No more feeling sorry for people from Muslim countries. If Tatiana was in charge in Sweden, there would be MANY rapid changes.
Close the borders now. Any person from a foreign country dealing with heavy crime gets deported right away.
Too many immigrants in Sweden popping out kids like rabbits and collecting welfare. No more.
Tatiana's Mom had two, Tatiana and her brother. Mom came to Sweden speaking Polish only, learned Swedish asap and worked.
There are people from Romania all over the streets in Stockholm begging. Seriously? Kick them out. You don't want to work? Have to drag around your children with you on the streets begging? Take the kids away, tie the tubes and kick out the fucking garbage.
Yes, kick them out. Go back and beg in Romania.
The Somali "pirates" that roam the waters somewhere outside Africa and kidnap people.....currently some people from Denmark that were on vacation sailing are kidnapped. Footage is released where they are crying, begging for their lives. Tatiana solution? Go in there with heavily armed troops, capture and imprison all the "pirates". No more humanitarian aid to coutries like Somalia that obvioulsy do not clean up in their own backyard. Ever heard of some Swedish pirates terrorizing the waters outside Sweden? Besides the Vikings ages ago?
Sweden, Norway, Denmark - nice countries full of nice, helpful, slightly naive, a little too timid people that are being walked all over by criminal minded trash. It's time to clean up and kick out the garbage.
If somebody's sole purpose is to go somewhere else just to get on welfare, pop out a gang of kids, have no intentions of working, act like an ass in general, then send them back to where they came from. Let them try to get on welfare in their own country, good luck with that.
Time to stop babying people. That's the problem in Sweden, people are scared to speak out, they are scared to be called a racist. Tatiana is not a racist or a xenophobe, she grew up being friends with all kinds of people, but she knows what's right and what's wrong.
You want to bomb and kill innocent people? Go bomb your own family in your own house if you feel the need to make a "religious" statement. There is no God that agrees to that behavior.
There are two Swedish journalists captured in Ethiopia right now. Ever heard of Sweden or USA capturing and killing journalists? No, don't think so.
Sweden gives aid to countries like this, STOP the aid.
Actually, if you are poor, maybe have a disease like AIDS, then why the fuck do you need to reproduce? Seriously. That goes if you live anywhere, not only Ethiopia. But Tatiana recalls seeing (on tv) masses of starving kids with protruding bellies, flies crawling all over their faces, hungry and thirsty. Why have a child in these conditions? Maybe one (if you are dumb/uneducated), but not more than that. As a human being you should know that it is wrong to have a child if you cannot provide for it. DUH!
You want to live somewhere else but don't want to learn that countries language? Go back to where you came from. Do you think that Tatiana just knew how to speak English when born? No, we speak Polish in Poland and Swedish in Sweden, learn English in school. And after living in the US for some time now, she would be embarrassed if she could not communicate in English by now. That does not mean you have to give up your original language, not at all. Tatiana is still fully capable of speaking Swedish and Polish.
Tatiana is sick and tired of hearing of suicide bombing, religious zealots and such. Maybe what happened in Norway will, FINALLY, open up the eyes of people and some much needed changes will be implemented.
It is needed. Tatiana feels bad for Norway.


Perfect, sunny day out. Life is good.
But Tatiana is sick to her stomach over the recent bombing and shooting in Norway. It feels weird that stuff like that actually happened there, Tatiana feels really bad.
It's WRONG , why do people do this to each other? Do people not carry some kind of fundamental truth inside that would tell a person that doing something like this is totally wrong?
SO sad, poor people in Norway.......

What is right though. Wendi Deng, what a lady! Tatiana's new role model.

On the schedule for today.....right now a cup of coffee. Later a drive to get a sandwich and some iced vanilla latte.
Tatiana is reading a new book, so she will occupy herself with that, outside in the sun, this afternoon. It's "The Land Of Painted Caves" by Jean M. Auel.
Walk Chhaya, maybe run.
Later work. It will be a busy night. Tatiana is thinking pink outfit tonight......but that is subject to change.


It's already getting darker depressing. A month ago at this time, around 4 am it would be kind of light already.....
Tatiana is not looking forward to the change from summer to winter at all. The summer passes by in a blink.
Well, it's time for a shower and then bed. It was raining on the drive home, so it might not be sunny today.

WHEN will humans learn?

There is still a large demand for ivory out there. More than ever supposedly. Tatiana LOATHES people that think it's ok to kill an animal JUST BECAUSE. Only unevolved people do that.
Ok, if you have to feed yourself but not because you have a personal ego need to feed and just have to have a trophy kill. Then you are just plain barbaric, still on a stone age level.
Actually, eating meat every day is unhealthy. Lots of people are brain washed to believe that drinking milk and eating meat is something that you should indulge in every day. Tatiana thinks differently. You should not eat meat every day, you can get your protein from other sources, do your homework, research a little. Also the meat industry contributes heavily to the destruction of the planet. And most animals that are slaughtered for our consumption (in the Western world) are treated inhumane.
How about we look at the bigger picture for a minute, stop being so selfish.
Poachers should be put in prison for a long time. How is it ok to kill an elephant just to take it's tusks and leave the body behind to rot? Tatiana would NEVER do that. So what that you get lots of money for the tusks? It's better to be a homeless beggar than a poacher.
People that buy and trade ivory should go to prison. If Tatiana ever encounters a person with African ivory on them she will tell them that they are a piece of shit.
Animals kill too, but they only take what they need. Humans on the other hand, take more than they need, way more. Do you really need a zebra rug on your floor, a bear head on your wall and an ivory statue on your desk?
Since we are already on the topic of animals.......Tatiana is totally against zoo's. Animals belong in the wild. Animal sanctuaries are ok, zoo's for people's gawking pleasures are not ok.
And regarding's definitely time to look at the bigger picture here too. Polulation control is long overdue. One, MAX two kids per person. Tatiana thinks one child. You want more? Adopt.
And if you do not have the means to take care of yourself then please spare the rest of us and do not reproduce. If you are a total idiot, also do not reproduce. Thank you.

"Over the past two and half years the price of ivory has gone up crazily, evidently fuelled by demand from the far east"
With the price of ivory doubling in just two years, the killing last week of a matriarch elephant named Khadija added to the urgency raised by activists.
Slaughtered near Kenya's Samburu National Reserve, Khadija left eight orphans — "a story that is becoming way too familiar in northern Kenya," Save the Elephants said in a statement.
Ironically, Khadija had been treated two weeks earlier for bullet wounds and had survived the attack," the group added. "This time, she died as she hobbled near the river, with four fresh bullets in her body. By midnight, under the full moon, her tusks had been cut out and the (radio) collar she was wearing had been destroyed and buried in the sand."

That is SOOOOO sad! She hobbled down to the river, probably died slowly, left behind eight of her kids. Some people might not understand this, because they are dumb, but animals have feelings. Yeah, really!
Tatiana can't stand people that act like this.