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IMS and Andropause?

Amazing, the things you learn......
Tatiana is ecstatic to learn that there is a male equivalent of pms called ims (irritable male syndrome). And also an equivalent to menopause called andropause (for men).
Whaaaat? Look it up yourself.
Interesting......Tatiana decided that girls have the right to be moodier. Because we bleed. You can come back and complain to Tatiana when you start bleeding from your neither regions up to one week every month. Until then......whatever!


If you are reading are Tatiana's bitch, whether you want to admit this fact to yourself or not. Don't worry, Tatiana is using the word "bitch" in the most flattering way here, at this moment at least....... So being Tatiana's bitch is a good thing.
Today started good. Woke up, got some yummies to eat, got glad because the weather allowed for some nekkid sun tanning again, Tatiana's tan is slooowly getting there. Her Polish white pasty skin takes time to get bronzed. It might not even get there, more cloudy and rainy days so far this summer than sunny ones, but it is Alaska after all. Tatiana is very well aware of that fact.
When Tatiana took Chhaya for a walk in the wild this afternoon, Chhaya decided to roll herself in POOP. Totally gross. Tatiana has no idea what kind of poop it was, not moose, something else. And Chhaya got a bath the other day........great...... sigh .......
So, Chhaya got another bath today. She is not too fond of baths. But the poop had to go away.
After that Tatiana took a Midol and jumped in the shower, shaved and started getting ready. But she soon realized that working tonight would be out of the question. The Midol was hardly making any difference and Tatiana either got really fat overnight or very bloated. And she is not going to be at work in some small Hanky Panky's looking pregnant and in pain. No way.
You men, that read this, Tatiana's male bitches, should be very happy that you do not get periods. Seriously. Periods are just something you have to deal with as a girl. Sometimes they are not too bad, like last month, totally ok. But sometimes it hurts REALLY bad. And you bleed for like five days. And feel fat and look pregnant because you are bloated. Then there is PMS, that is not an invention so women can have an excuse for being bitchy. PMS is real. At least for Tatiana. She gets MOODY and has a few days when she just feels absolutely exhausted, like ready for retirement or something. Sometimes it hurts to even walk, like the vibrations from walking hurt the stomach, OUCH. And this happens once a month. Happy times! Tatiana can deal with and accept the bleeding, bloating, moodiness but why the PAIN on top of the rest? That's a hard one to deal with.
Tatiana thinks that women should be able to take paid time off from work if they wish during their period. Some days are best spent on the couch, medicated, with a heating pad on your stomach.
A foot massage with extra attention on the acupoints and a neck and shoulder massage should also be enjoyed during this time of suffering. A man with a wife or girlfriend should always pamper their beloved woman in this dire time of need. That should be their manly duty.
So, Tatiana is at home, on the couch. Making some corn on the cob to eat, it's in the oven right now.
By the way, Tatiana really likes that show "My Name Is Earl". It's funny.
Ok bitches, XOXO until next time.


EDC is on it's third day in Vegas.....right now.....
Tatiana is in Alaska......did not go this year but she is there in her thoughts.
All of a sudden EDM (Electronic Dance Music) as it's called now, is sooooo "popular". Tatiana calls is Techno. Whatever. Tatiana loves it, it's in her veins. When the people that think they like it now because it's trendy to, decide to stop liking "EDM" after a while, Tatiana will still love it.
A few years back, it was not cool at all (for the masses) and people would look at Tatiana like she was a weirdo when she talked about raves and House music. There would still be 40 000 attendees at Monster Massive though. Well, the people that really love it, get it. It's not only about the music (or the drugs as a popular opinion is for people that don't understand) it's about emotion and consciousness too. There is nothing like being there, in the moment. Some of Tatiana best times in her life have been either at a rave somewhere, or in some dark, sweaty club, dancing all night to some amazing beats. It's THE best!

Here is Tatiana's fave Guetta song, a fave since 2002 now, when Guetta was only known to the people that really love this music. Tatiana likes his old stuff, now everybody wants him to produce their songs and it's not the same at all, but good for him. He is still a great dj.

And this one here, an oldie but still so good, used to be one of Tatiana's songs at Crazy Horse Too, when Utopia was around. Tatiana dug it up and plays it at Charlie' fishermen look bewildered but who cares?

EDC coverage and pictures if you are curious to get a glimpse of an event like this.

New product

New conditioner! BIOMEGA. Tatiana gets excited over shampoos, conditioners and deep conditioning treatments.

Here is another reason Tatiana is happy that she does not have implants......


About to go and run

After finally crawling out of bed Tatiana is about to take Chhaya with her and go for a run. Need to get some exercise. It's been lot's of ice cream, apple pie and chips this last week and it sure shows. No headache today, feeling better.
Later today.....Solstice.

Wiped out

Since late afternoon yesterday Tatiana has been feeling wiped put, she has like chronic fatigue syndrome and a headache that started this afternoon and nausea. She is feeling gross and tired and achy, has not brushed her teeth or washed her face or pampered her eye lashes with Latisse since Saturday night. Seksi!
She wanted to work yesterday and today, that was her determined plan but is not feeling well enough to and now she has anxiety and guilt over missing work. Fun.
Tomorrow is the official Summer Solstice and Tatiana does not want to work. She rather spend Solstice flying around on her broom, talking to animals, dance around a midsommarstång, make a wreath and pick seven different kind of flowers and dream of her future husband......or wife......?
Isn't that what everybody does on Solstice?
About work.......not much to report besides that some girl that is not happy with Tatiana being in "her" club is back. Somebody overheard her complaining over Tatiana's "why is she here?". The girl is ok looking, not bad, not a head turner but cute. She is really rude (stage hogging with her feet up on the stage when Tatiana is up, totally lame), jealous much maybe? Kind of funny to see girls being insecure.
A new girl told Tatiana that she admires the way Tatiana respects herself and her body when she dances. ? And that she feels she can't do that, in order to make money. Sad but true. Tatiana did not have any response to that because unfortunately lot's of girls think like that and therefore they destroy the business for everybody, including themselves but they do not see the bigger picture in that.
You all that read this blog know that Tatiana rather go home with no money than compromise what she is about. She walked away from a few dances this weekend because somebody thought they were going to be able to paw all over her, no way, that is NOT going to happen. Please!
And certain girls do not want to follow Tatiana on stage (according to the dj, because "she is a goddess"). Sheess! Whatever. Can't help the way I look. It's all natural baby!
There was one girl at The Bush that a lot of girls did not like to follow either, Alyssa. Tatiana admits that Alyssa was stunning. Not only that, she did all kinds of splits on stage too. So Tatiana can understand the feeling. But everybody is different. Alyssa for example was beautiful but in a very fake way, no body fat what so ever, the boobs and the lips and whatever else she had done and Tatiana never saw her smile. But she was beautiful, Tatiana told her to send her pictures to Playboy, she would be in the mag in a second.
Anyhow. Chhaya needs to pee and then Tatiana is taking a bath and brushing her teeth. The Latisse bottle is almost empty, Tatiana thinks it works but not super or two more bottles would probably be needed but Tatiana is leaning towards not bothering with it anymore.
But for you that have sparse lashes/brows, even patches of missing hair on your head. Look into Latisse.

Chhaya's playground

i love my pitbull Pictures, Images and Photos

Chhaya is enjoying herself in Alaska. I am stalking her out like a wildlife photographer from National Geographic to get a good picture.
Today it got sunny and warm enough so I could lay out and tan, I only tan 20 minutes on each side cause I am kind of pale, don't want to burn.
Feeling lazy, had a pastries and ice cream kind of day.
Chhaya might get a bath tonight.

Good Morning with an earthquake

Tatiana and Chhaya woke up to an earthquake, the whole bedroom shook. Tatiana got up right away and put on her Victorias Secret capri sweats, in case of another earthquake happens, she is not going to run out of the house naked. No free show here!
It's actually nice out! Not warm but nice, blue skies. Tatiana is taking Chhaya on a long walk. HAPPY !


Today is just milky gray skies as far as the eye can see, windy and rain showers. It's also chilly, Tatiana feels cold when outside.
Therefore, Angelica is in Miami right now, scouting out a modest 2 bedroom, 2 bath house for us. With a yard for the puppies.
Tatiana is going to Miami. Yeayyyyy, FUN!!! Packing everything and leaving. OR???!
She can put her cute bikinis and Havaianas to good use there.

She also found the cutest olive green, wooden block heel Miu Miu sandals and some nice Miu Miu sunglasses that would look great on her.
YOU GET!!!! NOW!!!!!

Smiley Face