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Tatiana feels nauseated over the murders of the UN workers in Afghanistan.
Nauseated, sad, horrified, seriously pissed off.
Hello, "leaders" of all the countries in the world, DO SOMETHING!!!! Wake the fuck up already!!!!

United Nations.
"The United Nations (UN) is an international organization whose stated aims are facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace. The UN was founded in 1945 after World War II to replace the League of Nations, to stop wars between countries, and to provide a platform for dialogue. It contains multiple subsidiary organizations to carry out its missions."

So here you have people working as UN representatives, in countries like Afghanistan, working to, trying to, Tatiana assumes, make that country a better place. Then a mob of angry, crazy, freaky men brake in to the place and just brutally murder many of them.
Supposedly because some pastor here in America burned a Quran. SO WHAT? Something he said he would do months ago, because he was basically wanted to express his anger with the terrorists linked to 9/11. There is a very big difference between burning A BOOK and brutally MURDERING innocent people!!!!
There are conflicting reports online to how may people actually lost their lives in that UN building, between 8 -12. That is 8 -12 TOO MANY!!!! One of them a Swedish 33 year old man. His whole life ahead of him, to live and experience. If you know anything about Swedes, you know that they are rather peaceful people. Also a woman, a pilot from Norway. Did she get gang raped first before she was murdered? What do you think? THIS IS DISGUSTING! SUBHUMAN.

WHY do we not hear MORE about this on TV? To Tatiana this is crucial news, very important information that should be acknowledged and discussed. Taken very seriously.
How is it ok for people in countries, that consider themselves mainly Muslim, to burn books, flags, gather in mobs and scream about their hated for different countries for the rest of the world to see, brainwash their children from an early age to carry this anger towards other countries but it is not ok for people that are NON Muslim to express ANYTHING remotely negative towards that religion? Even critique?
The cartoon strip that was seen in a Danish paper lead to Muslim outrage, the Dutch film maker murder on a street in Amsterdam because he dared to critique Islam, one mans Quoran burning leading to this. Riots, violence, murder.

These poor UN workers, Tatiana is SO upset!!!! Imagine how they must have felt when they were getting ambushed! How awful! And how sad their families and friends are now, knowing what happened to their loved ones. Fucking DISGUSTING!
Tatiana thinks that UN should withdraw all their UN reps form ALL Muslim countries that support this kind of behavior, all other countries should withdraw all their support too from places like this.
This kind of violent behavior has been going on without consequences for too long now. No consequences means that we are "kind of ok" with crazy behavior like this. It is time for leaders like Obama and other heads of state to GROW SOME BALLS already and put their foot down and say ENOUGH.
It is one thing to call yourself a Christian, Muslim, Mormon or whatever religion you choose to affiliate yourself with but when people start behaving like mindless, raging freaks in the name of a religion, somebody needs to stop them in their tracks, firmly and quickly.

Tatiana thinks that the rest of the world should bojcott countries that encourage and act out this kind of a sub intelligent behavior. It's 2011! HELLO!
This is NOT ok, it is NOT human. Tatiana does not care how much you supposedly "love your God". God would not be ok with this, if he/she is out there.
Any religion that suppresses women, holds them back from voting, education, making decisions for themselves, promises men 72 VIRGINS in heaven if they become a martyr is extremely questionable and wrong in Tatiana's opinion. At least this is a popular opinion about one of the "rewards" of becoming a martyr. Like that is something to strive for as a man. Whatever. Are you a man, as in HUMAN being or what are you anyway? WAKE UP people that are ok with this, use your brain, THINK!!!!
Tatiana thinks it should be illegal to force children to become part of ANY religion before they have a chance to form their own opinions of what they want to believe in.
But it seems like Islam is connected with a lot of violence and murder - in the name of a God. Shameful is what it is.
If Tatiana was a Muslim, she would seriously reconsider being connected to something that stands for this much hate and oppression.
They should be very ashamed. And the freaks that did this to the UN workers should be punished, if they can located them, Tatiana doubts that. They are probably hailed as heroes back home, like they did something good, because one person burned a book. A BOOK, HELLO!

Tatiana doesn't know what else to say. She just feels very sad in her whole body for the people that met this awful fate, the UN workers, while they were trying to make this world a better place. If anything, they belong with God.