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Valborgsmässoafton is something people celebrate in Sweden, usually the night of April 30.
In English it is called Walpurgis Night.
It's the celebration of the coming Summer and large bonfires burn throughout the night while crowds of people gather around them. This is a very old, pagan tradition. Hundreds of years old. Back in the day people also believed that the witches flew on their brooms to Blåkulla on this night. Blåkulla was a place where the witches would gather and meet up with the Devil. Pretty interesting.
Tatiana remembers Valborgsmässoafton from her childhood, always an exciting night.
So to honor the tradition, she had her own little fire tonight.

Tatiana did watch

Tatiana did watch the wedding between Kate and William the other night, it started at midnight here in Alaska and she was up anyways.
It was sweet, they do look in love and Kate smiled often and looked happy and very beautiful.
Tatiana thinks that they are happy together and he seems like a nice guy, but besides that Tatiana still thinks that monarchy is dusty and passé.. Maybe with Kate, some of it will change for the better in The UK.
But what some of the ladies that attended the wedding decided to put on their heads was baffling. Seriously? One woman had a hat on that looked like a satellite dish attached to the side of her head, fun to sit behind her in church, you wouldn't be able to see anything, rude.
And that Beatrice chick, she had on the most ridiculous hat of all. Good Lord! LOL. Just a sign right there that money does not buy you class.
She and her sister look like Cinderella's stepsisters, yuck. Like cows. Moooooooo!
Tatiana did not stay up for the kiss on the balcony.
And during the wedding she was waxing her legs (the hairiest ever) and indulging in some skincare, Aveda herbal claymask right here.

Self Portrait

Here is another pic that Barry Gallegos took last month........
Oh, regarding all the pics of Tatiana......unauthorized use of any image of Tatiana is prohibited. Just in case you didn't know.


One of Tatiana's friends mentioned today that he wants to go to Russia and meet some girls because he thinks that most girls he met from those parts of the world have been pretty. Or as he put it "eastern block chicks are the best" and "they have all been hot and nice as fuck" and "are smart too".
: )
Of course Tatiana is somewhat partial to this, being a Polish girl.........but she thinks that there are pretty girls ALL over.
Tatiana thinks that model looking girls are the prettiest, though she also thinks Rihanna is to die for, very YUM YUM.
Long limbs, pretty facial features, clear skin, nice smile, nice hair, nice body shape, not too fake looking, able to look beautiful without a thick layer of make up, this is pretty according to Tatiana.
So then a little while ago, while drinking some coffee and eating a sandwich and looking through the latest Marie Claire, May issue, she saw these two models from Lithuania, twins, these girls are just pure beautiful.

According to People magazine Jennifer Lopez is "the most beautiful woman in the world". Tatiana thinks that J.Lo is extremely pretty but she looks a little done, had something tweaked maybe? And too much make up. But undeniably very pretty and she can dance really good. But as far as the most beautiful in the world? That is weird, no single person can hold that title. Tatiana has always thought that People's "50 Most Beautiful People" is a strange concept. Who determines this? Besides the staff at People? Some of them have probably never left the country.
Personally Tatiana thinks that Angelina Jolie is way more beautiful and way more interesting than J-Lo. We all have different opinions and taste and that's a good thing.
Well, it's time for a long walk with Chhaya and a run, 2 miles!
Enjoy the beauties!
But Kate is Tatiana's fave! Crushingly gorgeous!

Photos from US MARIE CLAIRE May 2011 and Kate Moss for Paris Vogue May 2011.

What happened to the UGGS?

Tatiana was going to get some UGGS, the "Crushed Violet" she decided. Remember? But when she went to the store in Vegas they were sold out.
Shortly after that Tatiana went to Alaska and it's been kind of muddy here, more HUNTER than UGGS kind of weather. Tatiana does not want to ruin her UGGS so she made up her mind not to get any, for now at least.
First time Tatiana saw UGGS was in a store window in Malibu in 2003 or 2004, they were not mainstream yet but soon became so due to Pam Anderson and other celebs that were seen wearing them all over Malibu and LA.
Tatiana remembers she thought the UGGS in the window were really cute.

Royal sign?

Today when Tatiana dug out her HUNTER boots from the closet, she happened to see this on the box they were in.
A royal sign?

Tatiana put the boots on and took her royal self and even the more royal Chhaya, cause Tatiana believes that dogs are way more evolved than (most) humans, to the beach for a refreshing walk.
This is what it looked like down at the beach. All the ice has melted away. Nice.
HUNTER boots are stylish, good for rain and muddy weather, Tatiana has the timeless black ones but they come in many colors, even pink! CUTE!
They can be worn with a short skirt or some shorts like Tatiana's fave model Kate Moss in the pic here, or tucked into some skinny jeans or leggings.

Kate Moss pic borrowed from

The "Royal" Wedding, lol

So Tatiana just came across a small article about some 18 year old kid that was supposed to participate in the wedding between Kate and William, as a "palace guard".
You know, dressed in that ridiculous looking and probably very uncomfortable furry black high head gear and a red jacket. Traditional garb, you know.
He had made some "negative" comments about Kate on his Facebook and is now not allowed to participate.
"According to a fellow guard, "These stupid comments could not have come at a worse time for him. Serving at the royal wedding is a huge honor. He has been incredibly naive."
Like OK? How LAME! Huge honor???? Really? He should be happy that he is not participating as a "palace guard", the right name would be slave.
What 18 year old boy doesn't have something better to do with his life than train for hours to be part of something like this? He should be HAPPY he is not part of it! Do something FUN with your day instead!
"Royal" wedding. William is marrying a "commoner", oh what a scandal!
Monarchy is sooooo outdated and lame. Why are these inbred very common looking people considered "royal" anyways? Look at them. Half of them are inbred.
Tatiana is way more royal than they are, if anything. LOL.
And the only reason they live the way they do with their lifestyles is because they have been taking money from "the commoners" so they can keep up their lifestyles for centuries, which is a crime in itself. Thieves.
Tatiana thinks that Kate does love William and that's why she is marrying him, but to partake in the British royal crap is nothing to be proud of. She should protest and they should elope.
And this goes for any other royal family in Europe, including Sweden, lame. Get with the times. These people go to the bathroom and take a crap like everybody else, being "royal" is just some dumb inherited title that in this age should be looked at very sceptically. Look at what these peoples ancestors did to "commoners" back in the day. Would be considered criminal nowadays.
William is lucky to have a cutie like Kate. Tatiana would certainly not have dated him, based on his looks, his brother is way cuter. As far as their personalities go, hopefully they are appreciative of all the freebies they have been getting since birth and have enough sense to do something truly good with what they have. Maybe William is a nice lad, Tatiana doesn't know.
The "queen" of England seems so uptight and dusty. She should pop some good MDMA and realize what's really going on. Maybe some old fashioned, on her knees, washing of the kitchen floor and her cooking a full meal for her servants could put some perspective in her head. Or a visit to a poor place, hanging with some sick and starving children.
They should sell the collection of disgusting jewels they have and do something useful with the money. Who wants to parade around with a heavy crown of diamonds on their head anyway? Only a very lame person.
Well, Tatiana is going to take her royal self outside now, very royal errands to do.
Here is a pic of Polish traditional garb.

2 miles again

Tatiana was not going to promise herself to repeat that run today and not stick to the promise.
Ran 2 miles again, in about 20 minutes, Tatiana does not have the exact time, like minutes and seconds, just minutes, so today was faster than yesterday.
Might do it again tomorrow.
Besides that it is Easter, hope everybody had a very Happy Easter.
Tatiana did not do anything special, besides that she went out last night. Got home at 4 am, so nothing too crazy, had a fun time. Took some pics, might share them with you.
Well, Happy Easter, hope it's nice and sunny in your corner of the world!

Pulling myself together

Tatiana has been feeling like a dusty, soggy brown carpet lately. Just BLEH. But today she got herself together somewhat......after she took Chhaya, that has recovered from her pulled muscle incident, out for a nice walk, Tatiana went for a two mile run, that took 23 minutes to complete.. 2 miles here, would be 3.2 kilometers in Europe. Tatiana was not in the mood at all for this, it was chilly, gray and windy outside but she had enough of feeling soggy and BLEH so she forced herself and in the end, of course, she was very happy that she did it. The plan is to do the 2 miles again tomorrow, Tatiana is going to tell you whether she sticks to the plan or not.
Enough of feeling like a soggy carpet, time to get herself together already.
Tatiana has been on two one mile runs, besides the 2 mile one today, since she has been back in Alaska. Not enough. Lazy!
Besides this, Tatiana wonders what the reason for ingrown hairs might be? Besides that they are very annoying?
Once Tatiana had one by her Hanky Panky panty crotch line for like four months before the ingrown hair finally gave up and went away, gross. Now, Tatiana has another really persistent one. Yes, by the crotch area.
Tatiana noticed that every time she decides to wax the bikini line, she gets an ingrown hair, so she will not put any wax there again. Speaking of waxing.......
Tatiana's legs are soooooo hairy right now, she is even amazed herself at this. They look like man legs! She is tempted to take some pictures and show the impressive growth to you but this might actually cause a strong reaction with some, so Tatiana is hesitant.
But she is going to wax her legs soon. Time to get moving!
It's Saturday night and Tatiana is going to get ready and go out, listen to some music and watch some funny people, maybe play some pool.

Chhaya pulled a muscle

Last evening while out in the forest Chhaya got startled by a bird, jumped, twisted her body and pulled a muscle in one of her back legs. She yelped once, loud.
I almost had a heart attack when I heard that yelp and I called her name. She came towards me limping and dragging that leg, looking miserable.
I grabbed her and hugged her and she just shivered for a while, I got her to lay down on a blanket.
After a while, she got up and staggered around a little and went to pee. Later at home, she wanted to play.
She is slightly uncomfortable, can't find a comfortable position to stay in for a longer period of time but she is ok.
A pulled muscle, unless it's a injured ACL (CCL), needs rest for abut two weeks, so Chhaya is going to take it easy for a while, whether she wants it or not.
That was very scary!
Now Chhaya is on the couch with me, head on my lap, not 100% happy but ok.