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Where can I get this drug?

Sheen: I Am on a Drug, It's Called "Charlie Sheen."
Tatiana wants some! Where is it to be found?
Tune in soon for Tatiana's drug opinions........

Getting tired, time for the bed.......

BTW, Charlie should run for mayor here is Vegas, he is perfect for the job!!!! Oscar Goodman, the current mayor is getting a replacement soon. Oscar is famous for loving gin and showgirls. Like, HELLO........Charlie is perfect!!!!

My tired baby

Look at the most beautiful baby in the world! So cute and innocent. Tatiana is going to cuddle her all night, kiss her paws and bite her cheeks. But first they are taking a drive to the grocery store, ice cream!!!

Iced vanilla latte and retail therapy

It's amazing how great some coffee and shopping can make you feel!
Tatiana loves the Fashion Show Mall, she could probably go there a like twice a week and not get bored with it. And with every trip she gets an enorme iced vanilla latte with whipped from Nordstrom. It's a tradition!

Tatiana wandered into Victoria's Secret in search of some new Pink tops and sweat pants. And she decided to get measured. There is always some sales person at VS asking to measure Tatiana but she always declines, well today she decided to get measured. They figure out your boob size for you. LOL.
Well, Tatiana thinks she is a 36 B. According to the girl that measured her, Tatiana is a 34 B or 36 C. This does not make any sense. Tatiana is not a C cup.
B it is. Then Tatiana tried on this bra, she really wants it but they only had one 36 B and it had a snag on one of the cups, so Tatiana decided not to get it. Maybe she will be able to hunt it down at some other VS. And there were no cute PINK tops or pants either. But some panties. Cute, huh? Size medium if you want to know. Then she went looking for a pair of jeans she wants, but she couldn't find them.

Electric Daisy Carnival scheduled for Las Vegas (?)

WOW! This year's EDC is going to happen in Las Vegas instead of LA where that event has taken place like the last.......however many years.
So, this means that Tatiana won't have to drive to LA to attend this party, it will happen right in her neighborhood.......
But it's a little bitter sweet, does this mean no more raves at the Sports Arena/Coliseum in LA? Tatiana is not very educated on the politics regarding this.
She has been to so many raves at these two locations and some of the best times in her life happened here.
And to everybody that has never been to an event like this, don't judge and think that you know, cause you don't. There is nothing like it. Thousands of people dancing and feeling the same beat. It's amazing. HOUSE MUSIC FOREVER!

: )

Attention Whore!

Oh, Tatiana just came across Charlie Sheen's "rant". She loves it! Tatiana thinks he is like a genius! Perez Hilton, who's blog Tatiana borrowed the link from, doesn't seem to agree. But Tatiana is rooting for Charlie. Btw......Tatiana's blog is way better than Perez Hilton's. HELLO!

The "rant", some of it.......


Tatiana loves Sephora! Loooooves this place!
Btw, Tatiana's hair is soooooo silky after she had that lavender oil in overnight, when she had the Shirodhara. Silkier and prettier than usual. And it smells so good!
Also, walked by the Hello Kitty store, this poster was in one of the windows. KAWAII! Tatiana needs to go to Japan, they need some Tatiana there.

Romantic evening

Tatiana is spending this fine Thursday night at home by her romantic gas fireplace. Conan on the tv. Chhaya by her side. Perfect evening.

Gorgeous girlfriend

This is Tatiana's gorgeous girlfriend Shelley, she is one of the most beautiful girls in Las Vegas. Inside and out. She is very yummy!

This is love......

Chhaya is a vegetarian

Chhaya decided that she wants to be a vegetarian. Good for her. This was her dinner choice for the evening.
Tatiana herself is a flexitarian. Yeah, all these new descriptions there are for people nowadays.
Flexitarians avoid, but occasionally eat, meat. Like for example, Polish sausage, Kielbasa, Tatiana just needs to have some of that from time to time......
Tatiana's dinner choice for the evening consisted of this delicious baked, sweet potato. And a Caesar salad and a red velvet cupcake. At Claim Jumper.
Tatiana feels very blessed and thankful that she can eat basically whatever she pleases every day. Maybe one day, she can do something really helpful for people that are in need. She hopes so.

Tatiana's new themesong

This song is great, the beat and the lyrics. Love those lyrics! Listen to them! Tatiana wishes that she was at some large rave somewhere right NOW, with sweat running down her back from dancing.
This song can only be played on stage at a strip club by a girl with a bitchy attitude. Like Tatiana.
Landis, you should download it and play it for the appropriate girl at The Bush. Not sure who is still working there but there must be somebody that can pull it off? Dazzle comes to mind.
Attention Whore!