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New Years

This is the last day of 2010. Weird, huh?
Tatiana does not have any plans. She will not go to Together As One in LA, she would like to but she does not have anyone to go with. Lame.
Anyways, it will be ok with whatever she comes up with. She might drive to the outskirts of Vegas and watch the fireworks or go to sleep early. LOL.
She just wanted to wish all of you that read her blog a VERY HAPPY and WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!
All the best and many hugs!


Here are the toys that Tatiana got for the kids this year. But it was weird, she had a hard time finding a place that would take them. First she called the Marine Corps to find a drop off place, no answer, she left a message but nobody called back. Then she called Wal-Mart and they did not want already purchased toys, they had a different approach. Then Tatiana heard that a local church in Vegas was collecting toys for Christmas, so she called the church but they had all the toys they needed.
So the toys finally ended up at a state funded Methadone clinic on Industrial, close to Crazy Horse Too. One of the counselors working there said he would make sure to give the toys to the people that could not afford a present for their child. Tatiana was content with this. She hopes that the kids will like the toys.
Tatiana remembers when she was about five years old in Sweden. She was given a Barbie type doll by a woman whose daughter had many of them. So she gave Tatiana one of her daughters dolls, the daughter wasn't too happy about this. But Tatiana was in awe over this doll.
It feels good to give.

This is art!

These are some samples from Tatiana's latest photo shoot. Fun shoot, right at the outskirts of Vegas. The very talented and creative photographer Wes VanDinter snapped the pics. His very patient and great assistant Linda was there to help with lights and shade.
Nice huh?

I am inside a crystal ball

Official Las Vegas post card


And then after leaving the spa, Tatiana came across THIS interesting place. The Black Room. German Fetish! Unfortunately it was closed. Tatiana is returning. What the heck is German Fetish? Yodeling girls in skirts with no panties? Shiny thigh high leather boots with extra high heels? A sexy nazi uniform? Gag balls? Whatever it is, sounds like fun.

Evening at Imperial Spa

Tatiana woke up around 10 am today. The first couple of hours or so were spent in bed on the phone with family and friends.
Then there was a trip to Whole Foods for some fresh pasta with ricotta cheese, a coffee and a cream cheese pastry.
After that some time spent with Chhaya walking and running in the park. Beautiful outside.
Then Tatiana decided to spend the remaining of her birthday at the spa. At Imperial Spa, a Korean style spa, here in town. Tatiana has been wanting to go for a long time. She even had a 50% off entry fee coupon! Thrifty Tatiana! Tatiana Tornado!!!
So the spa is located a little East of Las Vegas Blv. on Sahara, very interesting part of town indeed.
Tatiana decided to get a 30 minute body scrub. You pay the entry fee, usually $ 20, but half off for Tatiana because she flashed the receptionist.
Included in that......lots of stuff......a warm jacuzzi, hot jacuzzi, cold dip, dry salt sauna, wet salt sauna, herbal steam room, dry sauna, red clay room, red clay ball room, jade room, some boring exercise machines, all the towels and showers you want and lounge areas and Korean tv!
It was absolutely WONDERFUL! Large and clean. There is a women's only area. There were lot's of Russians and Asians there. Lots of different hair styles down there. One lady was giving her bushy VAGINE a good scrubbing in the shower. Some were washing each others backs. Brushing teeth. Sitting in jacuzzis.
Tatiana's body scrub became delayed by hours, the lady that was going to scrub Tatiana became sick, so Tatiana had to wait for CoCo.
Finally it was Tatiana's turn. CoCo was an older, robust Asian lady, dressed in see through matching black bra and panties. She told Tatiana to lay down, naked, on a massage table. Face down. Proceeded to pour a few buckets of warm water over her and started to scrub down Tatiana's body with some rough mittens that she wore on her hands. Tatiana exfoliates her skin on a regular basis but this was a very thorough and intense exfoliation. Military style. And no room for shyness.
CoCo spread apart Tatiana's legs and went to town with those mittens. Covered basically every inch beside a few.......
Face down, face up, turn to both sides. Then CoCo rinsed Tatiana off and soaped her up all over with a pink puff. And then she rubbed Tatiana's soapy body all over with her bare hands, face up. VERY NICE!!!!!
During this, Tatiana's thoughts drifted to her Mom, her close friends, her Mom's dog Widget and apple pie........and that CoCo had full view of Tatiana's everything. Kind of funny.
After this, CoCo undid Tatiana's hair that was tied up in a bun and washed it, conditioned it and gave Tatiana a rough scalp massage. Tatiana felt very alive. A little neck massage. CoCo also washed Tatiana's face.
Then she leaned over Tatiana and asked if it was good. Tatiana looked up at CoCo with a content smile and said, "this was my first time". CoCo smiled motherly, smacked Tatiana on the butt and told her to sit up.
Tatiana felt like one of those young boys that visit a brothel for the first time to lose their virginity.......
Then CoCo smacked Tatiana in the back a few times, told her to rinse of in the shower and wrapped Tatiana in two towels. And told her to come back, but next time for a scrub and a massage. CoCo -what a great lady!
Tatiana went in all the jacuzzis and ventured upstairs in the co ed area, dressed in the spa uniform, pink shorts and a shirt for ladies. She tried all the different rooms. The clay ball room was amazing and so was the red clay room and the jade room. Warm, relaxing, deeply grounding.
Then Tatiana found a scale, she had not weighed herself in a while. 133 lbs. Tatiana thought she was a little heavier, by a few pounds. The scale was probably altered, not by Tatiana though.
This place is great! Tatiana highly recommends it. She even managed to take some pictures, she was sneaking around with her camera like a lurking perv.
This is something that's really good to do, for like a birthday or New Years, it's like getting a fresh start. Purging.
Then Tatiana went home. To Chhaya and warm apple pie with ice cream.

"Pollution of the pool prohibited.
(e.g. urination, blowing nose, spitting etc.)"


Empty salt bucket

Feet buried in warm red clay balls

Happy Tatiana in red clay room


I am dedicating today, December 27 to my Auntie Jadwiga that passed away a few days ago. She was born December 27, just like me.
I have everything I need, my best friend is by my side. I feel very happy and lucky......



~ LOVE ~

Tatiana in the bath

It's almost 3 am in Vegas and it's raining.
Tatiana thinks that YOU NEED this bath picture of her. Tatiana loves taking baths.

The Vegas Vixen was short lived

Last Friday Tatiana was the Vegas Vixen Of The Week on
Turned out to be a short week. More like a weekend. Sarah Jane, the really cool girl that wrote the really cool blogs on that site informed Tatiana yesterday noon that the Las Vegas Review Journal, responsible for the site, had decided to end it. Just like that. So it's no more.
And Tatiana had scouted out three cuties for future Vixens. Whatever.
Not only that....they got the name of Tatiana's blog wrong. Well, they fixed it yesterday, but then the site got taken down a few hours later.
Anyhow. Tatiana saved the interview, so to all of you that missed it, here it is. And the pic.


Posted on Friday, December 17th, 2010

While doing online research on strip clubs, I came across local hottie Tatiana’s blog,, and I knew we would be good friends. Well-spoken and funny, she writes about her experiences as a dancer, but she doesn’t dance in Vegas, rather in a succession of backwoods clubs around the country. It’s great reading because, as she puts it, “the club is often like a circus!”

Q: Occupation?

A: Hmmmmm … I still haven’t decided what to do. Right now I am just busy being an extraordinary SuperNova.

Q: What brought you to Vegas?

A: I moved here to dance/strip at the legendary Crazy Horse Too (sadly, no longer open).

Q: Where do you dance? And why don’t you dance locally?

A: I have not danced here since 2008. I got tired of dancing in Vegas and thought it would be more interesting to try different clubs around the country. And indeed, it has been an adventure.

Q: What is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about dancers?

A: I don’t care about people’s misconceptions about dancers, people can say whatever they want. They obviously do not know me. I do not fall under the stereotype at all.

Q: Which Vegas strip club would you recommend to visitors, and why?

A: I think people should visit at least a few different clubs when they are in town, too many clubs here to just stick with one.

Q: What do you like about living in Vegas?

A: There’s not much not to like about Vegas. It’s a fun place and there’s only one place like it on the planet. It is what you make of it, too

Q: Is there anything you don’t like about living here?

A: That would be the extreme heat during daytime in the summertime. HOT!!!! Airco is a must!

Q: Do you have any crazy/wild/interesting “Only in Vegas” stories?

A: I don’t spill my secrets. : )

Q: What are some of your favorite places to go for a night out here in town?

A: That depends on my mood. I love food, so a very good dinner and then maybe a show, or a concert. As far as nightclubs, I am selective, there has to be something interesting going on for me to bother — a DJ that I like or something fun. Nightclubs in Vegas are kind of boring I think.

Q: Do you have a favorite cocktail or drink?

A: Anything yummy, though I rarely drink.

Q: Do you have any advice for tourist guys in Vegas? What should or shouldn’t they do to have a good time when they go out in our city?

A: My advice would be, live it up, Baby!

Q: What’s the downside (if any) to being a hot babe in Vegas?

A: There are no downsides to that. Vegas is saturated with hot babes. So if you got something else going for you, besides your looks, that makes things interesting.

Q: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A: I wanted to become a circus performer, work with animals and be a writer. And I think I have incorporated all three, somewhat. As a dancer, I perform on a stage, twirling around a pole (sometimes) and the club is often like a circus. I have a dog; she is my love. And I write a blog.

Q: What were you like in high school?

A: I went to high school in Sweden. To sum it up, I was fun-loving, boy-crazy and a party monster.

Q: If you could hold any job here in Vegas for one day, what would it be and why?

A: I would be the mayor, of course! First, I would name a street after myself, just because. Then I would throw a huge party on The Strip and I would have great DJs play super good music so people would dance and have fun until sunrise. Why? Because dancing is good for your soul.