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Bloated and tired

Bloated and tired.......doesn't that sound sexy? Yea, it's one of those days. Perfect day for eating lot's and lot's of goodies. So Tatiana went back to the Polish Deli for some more pierogi's and kielbasa........and spent the day enjoying the food.
Tonight Tatiana is cleaning, doing laundry and organizing. And eating.



Just came back from a visit to the shops at Planet Hollywood. Shopping and Vegas people watching - FUN!
Got a L'Occitane face cream, Tatiana recommends L'Occitane face cream to all the ladies looking for a good moisturizer.
Immortelle Precious Cream, that's what it's called. And then there is the Immortelle Very Precious Cream for night time. Good stuff!
Then Tatiana went in to a shoe store and saw a pair of UGG boots she just might have to get. She has refrained from getting UGGS, sure they are cute, especially the pink short ones but still........but she did see a pair that just screamed Tatiana. They are chocolate brown, three buttons on each, the style is called "Bailey Triplet Button Boots".
Here they are........sweet huh? Tatiana would look cute in those, with some black leggings and maybe some pink or purple leg warmers.

Titty Dancer

This song has been around for a while, some girls at The Bush dance to it, but that was old news to Tatiana when they started playing it there.......anyhow, it's fun and catchy.
And to all of you that wonder what it might be like to date a stripper, especially a fun, crazy Vegas stripper - well here' the story.......the guy pretty much sums it up. Who wouldn't want to be Diamond Dan?

Check out my new hair

You like? Tatiana feels like one of the girls from The Crazy Horse show. She is going to start speaking with a sexy French accent.......BONJOUR!
Beside the hair......Tatiana wants to go to Burning Man next year.
The theme is Rites Of Passage. Interesting!
Oh la la!

I love pierogi's!

Mmmmmm........Polish food is sooooo yummy!
And Mikey brought over homemade cherry cheese cake. It was like a slice of heaven. Well, more like a heap of heaven, Tatiana had way more than a slice.
Tatiana should probably go running tomorrow. She feels stuffed. Like a turkey but without the turkey.

Resting on Mommy's shoulder

Are you ready for the turkey?

Thanksgiving tomorrow. Usually means food time.
Tatiana is spending the day at home with her Chhaya, Julia will be here, Mikey is coming and maybe Julia's bf.
The house looks nice and clean. Tatiana is making pierogi's, kraut in some and potato in some. Served with sour cream and lightly fried onion.
Two different kind of Polish sausage. Apple pie. And some pink champagne. Tatiana is not having turkey. Tatiana is not making the pierogi's from scratch. She bought them pre made at the Polish Deli here in Vegas. Super yummy stuff to be found there.
You buy the little yummy pierogi's frozen, then you boil them and then fry them a little, together with the onion. Tatiana's mouth is watering even thinking about the food she is going to enjoy tomorrow.
Right now, Tatiana is extremely thankful for that she is able to eat every day. What a blessing!


Tatiana is having some seriously MAJOR drama! Way more major than the other day.........! Ready to hear about it?
Warning! If you have difficulties understanding Tatiana's sense of humor, please STOP reading now. Tatiana is a very considerate and caring person, she cares about you, she does not want you to pop a vein in your forehead.
Back to the drama. Nothing major actually.......Tatiana was just exaggerating, to get your attention.
No drama, just a minor bump in the road.
Started driving back to Vegas this afternoon. About 30 miles from the 15 highway, there was no more driving, highway closed down due to heavy snow.
So here we are, Tatiana, Angelica and Chhaya, in Richfield on the 70 highway, Utah. Happening place.
Watching tv. Wondering if we will stay here for a few days? Spending Thanksgiving at this 70's style motel seems like fun.
Tatiana got undressed and started admiring herself in the mirror. This perfect ass, even more perfect right now, she just stuffed herself with a yummy burrito and apple pie with ice cream. Added a cellulite or two to the collection, made it even better!
Tatiana suspects that her fan "anonymous" is some girl with no ass at all, like totally flat, jealous of Tatiana's Polish juicy behind.
That's right bitch, go get some money and spend it on Tatiana, bitch!
Later on we will start a photo shoot session. That is how Tatiana spends her life, taking pictures of herself and her friends. All totally CRAZY!!!!!
Tatiana is approaching 500 blogs and in each and every one, all she does is goes on and on about her superior ways. Oh yes. And putting up pictures of her perfection.
Nothing better to do, that's right.
It is not easy being this awesome, but somebody has to do it. Full time job.
Good night from Utah.

Back to good old Vegas today!

Sun is shining!
Driving back to Vegas today.........
Might stop at some hot springs in Utah on the way to Vegas.
Tatiana is looking forward to her own bed. A two hour long massage. And a movie night. Quiet time. Yes.

Only Girl In The World

Tatiana's latest fave song to dance to at work.........since about a week now, every time on stage please.........
Rihanna "Only Girl (In The World)".
It's so good! Fun! Happy! Danceable. Tatiana likes.

Another hot spring

Hot springs! To get up at 7 am after sleeping for barely four hours to drive for two hours to get to some hot springs, means you really love going to hot springs. Then driving back for two hours and just having enough time to eat a bit, shower and get ready to work until 2 am.
This time we went to Orvis hot springs. The drive there was seriously beautiful. The US has some amazing scenery. Long stretches of untouched mountains, hills and beautiful nature. And the big skies. Wow.
Orvis hot springs was a very nice place. $ 14 will get you entry to various hot pools with natural water with various mineral content. Free super yummy coffee and tea. You can get a massage if you want and even spend the night.
We just soaked in the different pools for about four hours. Niiiiceeee........
We did manage to get into some trouble too. Of course. Since Orvis is clothing optional you can't take pictures, in case one of the naked people decides they don't want to be caught on camera. Fair enough.
Well, Tatiana and Angelica love taking pictures, hello it's called memories and it's FUN. So we took a bunch of pictures of ourselves at Orvis hot springs. There were not many people around and we only took pictures when we were totally alone in a pool, just to make sure that nobody would get upset and think that we were taking pictures of them. Like we are so not interested in random naked people.
One male employee saw us taking pictures at the indoor pool, again, we were alone and totally goofing off. He was laughing at us and gave us thumbs up.
Later on, while lounging, sans cameras, in the water, a very upset female employee came up to us and started ranting about that she knew we had been taking pictures AND that we were acting inappropriate (???) and if we would get caught not behaving again in this "family" oriented setting we would be asked to leave. oriented? There were a bunch of balls and penises catching some sun all over Orvis that day, legs spread wide open, some bushy vagines too. At least we were topless only. How is taking pictures of each other, laughing and having a good time in general inappropriate? Tatiana could understand if she would had been taking pictures of other people, but she didn't.
Orvis is SO worth a visit, really, if you ever drive through Colorado on the 550 highway, stop by Orvis and enjoy the hot springs.