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I just love her

Before I go to bed, I just have to brag about my Chhaya. Here are some very recent pics of her. How beautiful can a puppy be?
And she is so sweet and so willing to do all kinds of things. Very happy. And cuddles with me. My best friend. Can't describe in words the LOVE I have for her......
And yes, those pink glasses are my latest obsession. Very DA NANG.

Other peoples blogs

Tatiana knows that she has like the BEST blog......and she knows that all of you agree with that!
But she spends time reading and enjoying some other blogs too. Tatiana has no problem appreciating other people besides herself.
Here are the blogs that Tatiana pays attention to.

Dalin Nano's blog. She lives in Sweden and she used to strip but she doesn't do that anymore. She writes mostly about guys and make up. Not too deep.

Katrin Zytomierska's blog. She lives in Sweden but she was born in Poland, just like Tatiana. Since they have that in common, Tatiana started reading Katrin's blog. Katrin writes a lot and mostly about her newborn lately since she recently became a Mom, but she keeps it pretty interesting and she sometimes writes about heavier subjects like politics and she is also opinionated and Tatiana REALLY likes that. Katrin is together with Bingo Rimer, a famous Swedish photographer. Good blog!

Tatiana's friend in Sweden, Ulrika's blog. It's important to check up on your friends........

Sarah Jane Woddall's blog. The Skin City Diaries. Very entertaining and interesting blog about Sarah Jane's adventures in Vegas. And what a small world it is...... Tatiana discovered Sarah Jane's blog when Sarah left Tatiana a comment a while back. In the comment Sara left a link to her blog, Tatiana checked it out and thought the blog was great. Yesterday Tatiana spent some time with her friend Rich, that she has known for a long time. She mentioned to him that this girl Sara Jane from such and such blog had commented on Tatiana's blog. And Rich informed Tatiana that he knows Sara. How cool is that!
Tatiana thinks Sara seems pretty fun herself, besides they both have pics in Rich's leather horse mask. But Tatiana doesn't think that Sara knows about that, yet. Yea, it would be fun to meet Sara, Tatiana thinks.

In a recent Maxim, there was a mention of a few blogs written by strippers/dancers. Why Tatiana's blog wasn't mentioned is still a mystery to her.....??????
HELLO Maxim, do your research, Tatiana's blog is THE BEST! So, make sure to put that on your front page, pronto!
Anyways, Tatiana checked out the blogs mentioned and she likes Kat's blog, it's hilarious and interesting to read.

Well, it's getting late, not for Vegas but for Tatiana. She had a long day and she has a cold, runny nose, sneezing, heavy eyes. Sleep sounds like a good idea.

LA pics

Pretty hot day today here in Vegas. Tatiana was doing errands earlier with Chhaya, drove around with the windows rolled down but Chhaya was still panting like she was abut to pass out.
Tatianas plans for Halloween? Well, Monster Massive was last weekend. The only nightclub event that would interest Tatiana here in Vegas would be Swedish House Mafia at The Joint, inside The Hard Rock on Sunday. Three dj dudes from Sweden, HELLOOOOO, playing House Music......Tatianas favorite.
Tatiana is going to visit Ireland's house tomorrow and probably go down to Las Vegas first Halloween parade ever, downtown on Sunday. That seems like it will be lots of fun! Hopefully there will be lots of freaks out.
In the meanwhile, some pics from LA, snapped by your own master photographer Tatiana.

Tatiana loves LA too!

Stay away while she is drinking her coffee!

Monster Massive pics

Since Tatiana is still up, like the night owl that she is, she thought she could entertain herself with posting some pics from Monster Massive 2010.

Tatiana and Julia and the Ugly Dolls.



New Crush!

Tatiana always had an eye for Samantha Ronson but after seeing Sam in action, dj ing at Monster Massive this last Saturday, Tatiana thinks that Sam is HOT!!!!!
Sam looked moody, skinny and was sucking on a cigarette behind the turntables. Tatiana just wanted to grab her and make out.
No wonder Lindsay is upset that it is over. The new rumor is that Christina Aguliera has a thing for Sam. Ladies, get in line, Tatiana wants to be first!

Things to and to get, wishlist.

Tatiana got excited after she saw Megan Fox and her hubby Brian posing with a gorgeous tiger at some place called Big Cat Encounters in Pahrump. Since Pahrump is kind of close to Vegas, Tatiana though maybe she too could go there and cuddle with the tigers. Well, it turns out to be kind of pricey, so maybe not.
Donations anyone? : )
Besides that, Tatiana has always wanted to go to a Korean Spa. She just didn't know where there was one (a good one). Today while she was looking at Clarisonic facebrushes at Neimans, a Korean sales lady told her about a local Vegas Korean spa for ladies only, where you get a good scrubbing and a massage. So Tatiana is planning on a visit to the Korean spa sometime in the near future. Exciting!!!!

Tatiana wants this!

Cuddle with the tigers!

Dancers filing lawsuit

Some girls that used to work at Sapphire Gentlemen's Club here in Vegas are suing the club. Tatiana used to work there too. Sapphire followed suit and is suing right back. Trial is scheduled for March.
Tatiana does not know a whole lot about this case besides that the dancers claim that although they worked as independent contractors, the club's list of extensive rules meant that they were treated as employees and should therefore be entitled to minimum wage and other benefits.
Tatiana thinks that most clubs take advantage of the girls working there with stage fees, house fees, lap dance fees, house mom fees etc etc. The dancers end up supporting everyone in the club out of their own earnings.
Most girls are not aware of their rights and the clubs take advantage of that. The truth is, dancers DO have rights.
The bottom line is, if us girls would not be willing to entertain the way we do, the clubs would just be regular bars, not being able to charge a $ 30 entrance fee like they do here in Las Vegas or make the profits that they do on alcohol sales and all the other profits the clubs rake in. Because of the girls.
Some place is LA called list a bunch of things that the clubs should follow and Tatiana has seen most of those rules broken.
What bothers Tatiana the most when she is working in a club is that clubs let the rules for lap dances to be broken, meaning looking the other way regarding touching and other things. That makes the equal opportunity for the dancers to make money non existent.
Like Sapphire for example, towards the end Tatiana was upset almost every night when she saw what some girls were willing to do for $ 20 during a dance, not to mention the VIP room activities. The dancers would just tip the floor guys or the VIP room host to look the other way. Although it is clearly stated to the girls upon getting hired that these kinds of activities are not allowed. But complaining about it or bringing it to a managers attention could result in getting fired. You were looked at as a nuisance for wanting the rules to be followed. WTF?
That is not right!
Anyways, Tatiana hopes that these girls that are suing Sapphire will be successful in their suit or that it at least leads to more attention brought to dancers being treated fair and right.

Besides this, spent today reading gossip magazines, eating, enjoying time with Mikey at the Fashion Show Mall. Now taking Chhaya out for an evening walk. Tomorrow DMV.


While Tatiana was in Williston she came across a saying that etched itself into her mind, this is a real good one too, not always the easiest to follow but Tatiana really likes this saying and she has been trying to live up to it for a while now. Ready?
"Procrastination is the thief of time".
So the point is.......Tatiana is trying a new club next week. Somewhere kind of far away. In Colorado. She just finished booking a rental car and a room. So it's done. And the best part of it, she is bringing Chhaya.
Chhaya has actually been to Denver with Tatiana when Tatiana worked at Shotgun Willies for over a month a while back. But no, it is not Shotgun Willies that Tatiana is returning to. Or Denver.
So new adventures awaits.


Tatiana is excited over this new make up store called Inglot that just opened here in Vegas, location Town Square. There is one in the Forum Shops too.
She actually came across this place last week, just by passing it while she was doing some last minute shopping before the LA trip. So she went in the store and got a sample of the primer, which turned out to be GREAT, way better than Smashbox and she also got a sample of a dark purple eye shadow with glitter in it. Inglot has a great selection of fun eye shadows, lipsticks and awesome fake lashes. And much more. There are two stores here in Vegas and many more around the world, like in Warszawa (Warszaw), Dubai, London, New York, just to mention a few.
Not tested on animals! Many of the products are paraben free and the nail polish is breathable. Very cool!
This place reminds Tatiana of MAC but better, more fun and with better prices. And guess what? It is a POLISH company, the products are made in Poland and Inglot was established 25 yeras ago by Wojtek Inglot.
Tatiana is happy to see a Polish cosmetic company do well. She took Ireland down to Town Square today show her Inglot and Ireland loved the products too.

Check this out!

A lady, Kristin Ann Donaldson, filmed a few of my old co workers at The Bush a while back and made a little documentary about it. Here are some snippets, quite interesting! And fun for Tatiana to watch, seeing that stage brings back memories.
Tatiana knows all those girls. Her and Ireland are friends outside of the club. Doesn't Daisy have like the best butt in the world? So sexy! And isn't Charity's face gorgeous? She is an angel. Ireland is such a hottie. And Bodacious would be a millionaire if she could bottle and sell the energy she has.
Here are the videos. After you watch the first three, click on the right arrow to watch the other two.

Tatiana has not went through the pictures from Monster Massive yet. Today was spent doing errand and cleaning. And talking on the phone.