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Took a walk on the beach this evening. It was windy and chilly and really beautiful. The sun was setting behind Mount Redoubt.
Ten years ago I would had never imagined that I would be walking on a beach somewhere in is an adventure and I love it. I love my life!

Morning coffee

Tatiana had some coffee this morning at Veronicas Cafe. And some soup. The food there is really good. Today Tatiana found out that the ladies that work at Veronicas refer to her as "Princess" because they think that Tatiana has "Princess hair". How cute! Everybody that works there is really nice, it is Tatianas new favorite place.

Dancing With The Stars

Tatiana loves Dancing With The Stars. The new season started yesterday.
She is most interested in The Situations and Bristol Palins performances.
The Situation was just funny. And Bristol was really cute and kind of shy, she needs to relax more. She has nice legs and a pretty smile.
Dancing is great, it makes people happy.
Tatianas favorite dancer on this show (out of the professionals) was Edyta, the Polish girl, she has a really nice body but she is not participating in this season. And Tatianas fave male dancer is Maksim, hello - he is super hottttt!!!!!


Found all of this crap in the forest on mine and Chhayas walk.
I don't like people that litter. They are disrespectful. Yeah, I picked it up and threw it away in a trashcan.
Pick up your trash you lazy asses!


The house just shook, twice. This is Tatianas second earthquake that she felt in Alaska. There was supposedly one not too long ago but she slept through that one.
So far, two earthquakes and one volcanic eruption (that she felt) since Tatiana got to Alaska. This one was magnitude 4.9.
It was kind of scary because you realize how powerless you are in a situation like that.

I love horses

Horses were my first big love. I was one of those horse crazy girls, dreaming of owning one, spending lots of free time in some stable, tending to the horses and from time to time when I had the money - got to ride them. Riding horses is a rather expensive hobby in Sweden and since we were not exactly wealthy when I was growing up, the riding part was a treat. But you could spend time in the stables for free. The horses always needed a good brushing and lots of cuddling.
Then when I was about 13 I got to ride a horse a couple of times a week in exchange for grooming her. I was in heaven.
Some time after that, the horses took second seat to another growing fascination - boys.
Well, I have never abandoned my love for horses. Though I have not found many good riding opportunities here in the US. You can rent horses in Griffith Park in LA or in Red Rock in Vegas but those poor horses are almost abused by all the random people that ride them. I couldn't bring myself to ride the horses for rent in Vegas, they seemed not well taken care of and it is too hot most of the time.
So I went riding yesterday here in Alaska, in Cooper Landing. It was still early and a little chilly and foggy when we went riding. My horses name was Sunny and he was really great. We rode up a mountain side through a path in the forest, the scenery was beautiful.
After the ride I gave Sunny lots of kisses, hugs and cuddles. It made me realize that I want horses to be a part of my life again.
I don't know if I will actually become a horse owner but there are other options. I will look into those sometime soon.
Here are pics of me and Sunny. We have similar hair color!

Veronicas Cafe

Tatiana loves Veronicas Cafe in Kenai. It is super cute, an old building with lots of charm. They have a great menu and they have a super yummy sandwich loaded with fresh and tasty veggies. Good coffee and delicious desserts.
And they have two mermaid paintings for sale. Tatiana is eying one of them, she loves mermaids and faeries. She collects paintings, statues, necklaces etc that have a mermaid or faerie motif.

Rants and raves by Tatiana

It is time for some of Tatiana's famous opinions......are you ready?

Gisele Bündchen (famous model) recently gave birth and outraged mothers everywhere in America because she said that she thinks it should be mandatory for mothers to breast feed their babies instead of giving them store bought formula. Some mothers got very upset.
Tatiana agrees with Gisele. The only reason you should not breast feed your newborn is if you can't produce milk for some reason after trying numerous of times. Then you can get a wet nurse. Or if there is some medical condition. Otherwise, breast feeding is the only way to go. That's why women have breasts, to breast feed their babies. Tatiana knows that this may come as a surprise for some men, we do live in a breast obsessed society after all. Yes, boobs are for babies to suckle on. Not to be stared at or groped, though they can function like that too. Tatiana's breasts have never met a baby, instead they made her lots of money.
What a strange world we live in.
Mothers should know that giving your children proper nutrition is crucial, especially the first years of a child's life and store bought formula does hardly compare to breast milk in quality.
Some women worry that their boobs will look ugly after breast feeding but hello that's kind of a given, that a pregnancy will change your body. If some dumb woman is so selfish that she can't nurse her baby because she is worried about what her boobs will look like, then she should not have any kids. Spare us.

France is sending gypsies (Roma) back to Romania. Buying them a one way ticket and giving them some cash.
Good Tatiana thinks. When Tatiana spent time in London a while back, gypsy women would beg for money in the subway with a baby on their lap or a toddler by their side. If you can't afford to feed yourself then do not have kids! That should be a law. Besides, there are better places for children to spend their time than in a subway station.
France has a pretty generous welfare system and people come from all over to take advantage of it, kind of like in Sweden. And they gypsies don't try to better their situation or get off welfare. Many gypsies in France live in camps and let their kids beg for money and food and don't send them to school. They have been living like this for ages. And yes, Tatiana has some gypsy friends in Sweden, they live in apartments and work. Actually Tatiana was quite fascinated by gypsies for a while. They are interesting people.
It is one thing if you want to live in a camp and another thing if you live there and have your kids roam the streets every day. France should deport them, if the gypsies don't like the rules and the laws in France they can go back to where they came from. Kind of like the burqa situation in France.

And speaking of burqas and Islam......So, the American pastor that wanted to burn the Koran on September 11 got lots of negative feedback and finally decided against it. Ok. Where is all the negative feedback for the hoards of Muslims that gathered in protest in various places all over the world, burning the American flag and shouting death threats? Business as usual for them.
What is up with that? Are people so brain washed that they cannot see that people who think it is ok for women to be forced into wearing burqas, forced to have a male driver because they cannot travel alone, is totally wrong? Or that it is wrong to say that a "religion" that stones gay people to death is right? Or how about the promise of 72 virgins awaiting you in heaven if you decide to strap some explosives onto your body and go and blow up yourself and some other people "in the name of God". So what awaits in heaven for a woman martyr? 72 male virgins? That's not what Tatiana wants in heaven, she wants peace and quiet. And Chhaya.
Every time somebody questions or protests against Islam they are put on the death list or get killed. Like the cartoons in Denmark or the Dutch film director Theo van Gogh that got murdered.
This should not be tolerated. America and Europe need to stand up against this kind of behavior. And yes, Tatiana has Muslim friends, but they are "normal". Like you know, peaceful.
Tatiana doesn't like religious fundamentalism in any shape or form, yes this includes Christians bombing abortion clinics. Tatiana is spiritual, she does not like dumb violence.
Get with the times people!
And a mosque at Ground Zero? Please, seriously? Yes, religious freedom is great and all but this is a matter of respect. There are plenty of mosques in NYC, there goes religious freedom. How about building an American embassy in Kabul and see what happens first. Do they have religious freedom there? Any kind of freedom? Equality?
Ground Zero should have a nice big park with flowers. Maybe an animal sanctuary. No churches or mosques.
Tatiana is not pro America or anti Muslims. She just does not like blatant stupidity.

Human trafficking, big problem here in America and in Europe.
How people (mostly men) can get away with kidnapping and forcing women, or young girls, to having sex with different men for day after day, year after year is mind boggling to Tatiana. This makes her fuming mad and very upset. They need to make the mandatory prison sentences for convicted traffickers longer, life with no parole.
Tatiana understands that some women sell sex and she doesn't really care too much about that as long as the woman does it by free will, is old enough and don't turn tricks in a club where Tatiana is working. Many women seem to have sex for other reasons than love and affection. And that's their deal.
But forcing people to have sex is wrong, wrong, wrong!
Men need to understand that the girl forced to have sex has to pretend that she is happy and ok with it, otherwise she will get severely punished by her pimp. No normal guy wants to have sex with a sobbing and scared girl, unless he is a rapist. And they should be castrated, so should pimps. Such low-lives.
Tatiana know that there is a demand for buying and selling sex, but the consumer of this service can make an educated choice and go to a woman that is aware of what she is doing and old enough, not a teenager. What if that was YOUR daughter, being forced to have sex?
In Sweden they made it illegal for men to seek out prostitutes, they prosecute the men that purchase sex and consider the women victims and offer them help. This law took place in 1999. The prosecution of the men reduced the demand for prostitutes in Sweden and that in turn reduced market prices. That reduced the incentive for trafficking to Sweden and the number of prostitutes seemed to have declined there.
It's not perfect but it is an improvement and other countries should look at this and take notes.
Here in the US they just removed the adult service section on Craigslist due to the high number of underage girls and girls forced into prostitution that were on there.
Human trafficking in 2010? Disgusting. The individuals involved in this should be ashamed to even think that they are a human beings.

Anyways......we are well into's a gorgeous, sunny day out. Tatiana is taking Chhaya out for a walk.

Tatianas art

Here are some things that Tatiana has been entertaining herself with lately, a fraction of Tatianas entertainment......
She decorated her Buddha with a vinyl & headphones necklace. Buddha is a dj now, Buddha likes that.
She put up Tibetan prayer flags in the back of her car. A few beads hang from the strings that attach the flags to the car. It looks really cute.
She spent an afternoon in the forest playing with Hello Kitty and faeries. It was fun!

Quote that Tatiana likes!

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”
Friedrich Nietzsche
German classical Scholar, Philosopher and Critic of culture, 1844-1900.

"Critic of culture" - Tatiana loves that! Can she become one of those too? She loves criticizing and questioning, people seem to think that's something negative when in fact that's a way of not accepting everything that's fed to us. There's positive critique as well, not only negative. If you don't use your brain it will become dull and dusty.

The fog rolled in from the ocean the other day. And today. Fog is mysterious and beautiful Tatiana thinks. It evokes a certain mood.
Here's a pic of Chhaya on the road with fog all around.