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Still here on Kodiak Island but not for much longer. This will most likely be the first and last time Tatiana comes out here, but never say never.
She got lucky with the weather and has done quite a bit of sightseeing.
So did you know that STRESSED is DESSERTS backwards? Tatiana loves, looooves desserts. Ice cream, Swedish Princess Cake, pie with ice cream on the side, eclair, carrot cake, almond croissant, creme brulee, any kind of apple cake. Tatianas diet could easy just consist of desserts in various forms all day long.
So when you do feel stressed, enjoy some desserts and calm down. And think of Tatiana. BLISS!
Tatiana is going to take Chhaya for a walk right now.
Here is a pic of something yummy that Tatiana enjoyed not too long ago.

First day Kodiak.

This place is also called The Emerald Isle and Tatiana can see why, it is super green and lush, very pretty. So far Tatiana has had lots of luck with seeing animals. One youngish grizzly looking for fish in the river, two foxes that were the cutest ever, here is a pic of one of them. It was curios about Tatiana too. Some deer. Eagles.
Tatiana drove from one end to the other and explored some old bunkers from WW II.
She found flowers that matched her nail polish.
So far it has been a great adventure, a few days remain. Chhaya loves it too.

Kodiak Island!

Tatiana and Chhaya boarded the M/V Kennicott ferry from Homer with destination Kodiak Island today. Tatiana has been wishing to see Kodiak since she arrived in Alaska. The ferry took a while, by the time Tatiana drove off the ferry onto land, she and Chhaya had been on that vessel for 12 hours. It takes longer if you bring your car since you have to wait with all the other cars to get off the ferry.

Me & poem about me.......

Perfection and a nude Swedish dancer

Film: Provia 400
Style: Subtle Erotica + Nude Sensual Editorial Fashion Portrait

I wanted to admit to her my affection
although I was pretty afraid of her rejection
I could offer her some kind of protection
but all she was looking for was a simple direction
and to be honest I had no real objection
as I was not sure if she was only a projection
or maybe she already has taken over my heart
.........................with a serious case of infection

I did feel this thing between us though,
what do you call it, some kind of connection?!
but would I have any kind of chance to be the pool of her selection?

I could , forever, look at her beautiful green reflection
This must be how drug addicts feel after an injection
(hope none of them pops in to offer me a correction)

oh she could be the start and end of my art collection
she could be my first female president without any election
she could give the sweetest meaning to the word dissatisfaction
or at the end of a long tough road,
...........................................................without any consequences,
..........................................simply smile and show me a redirection

let the romantic music begin from the violin section
as her presence might have caused me a soul resurrection

I wonder if this is cheesy enough to create
.................................some kind of universal mental rejection
after all, I am taking the long way around the barn to say
.....................................she was pretty close to the perfection

Yeah, Tatiana had to share this with you too. This photo was taken in her bathroom (in Las Vegas) a while back now. By WOLF189, he wrote the poem too, it's a pretty poem, isn't it? It's nice to have something like that of yourself, a forever image/memory when some days are faaaaar from "perfection".
Tatiana is a night owl, it's a little after 3 am and she is alert and awake, Chhaya has been snoring for a while now.
Hmmmmm, the dilemma is "what to do now"? Probably get ready for bed and go to sleep.


Tatiana plowed through the two Stieg Larsson books and today she went out and got the third and last, "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest". These books describe many familiar places and people in Sweden, that makes it fun and familiar to read, of course the story initself is captivating.
It is a beautiful day, Tatiana is gearing up for a walk and a run later. With Chhaya of course.
Lots of food and no physical exercise makes for a soft and chunky figure. Tatiana likes soft on girls but not too soft.


Hello all of Tatianas gorgeous fans!
What is going on with everybody? Halfway through the Summer already......if you are in Alaska that is a sad fact. In Vegas, a relief......
Tatiana doesn't have much to report besides that she discovered a new thing to drink not too long ago called "VITA COCO". It is coconut water and really yummy and supposedly pretty good for you, all natural, vitamin C and potassium. Tatiana loves this stuff. You need to try it to!
Tatiana is going to wax her legs tonight, she has been letting the hair grow out so the wax can stick better and result in a good, thorough waxing.
Yawn............well Good Night and Sweet Dreams! Better start the waxing process beore the bed starts looking too inviting.

New books

Lazy, warm, sunny, breezy summer days and new exciting books to read go hand in hand in Tatiana's world. She just finished "Some Girls, My Life in a Harem" by Jillian Lauren, a story about the authors stints as a harem girl in Brunei, very interesting and very well written by Jillian who used to be a dancer as well......She is now a mother besides being an author and married to some musician called Scott Shriner. She has other books coming out, Tatiana is planning to read those as well. She is going to lend this one to Savannah, Tatiana thinks that Savannah will enjoy reading this book.
Next up "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson and "The Girl who played with Fire" by Stieg as well. Stieg was Swedish, he passed away a few years back, his books are on the top seller lists and he was an amazing writer, really.
So Tatiana is just going to lounge around with yummy lattes and her books. How perfect is that!?

To answer a question posted by "anonymous" regarding Tatiana's fourth language.........the body language of course!
But besides that one.....Tatiana parle fran├žais aussi............und sie spricht ein bisschen Deutsch auch......
All of this very handy when you go on secret missions.

These dogs need to find loving homes.

If you have been reading Tatianas awesome blog you know that she is an animal lover. Tatianas companion is Chhaya, a beautiful, very special pitbull girl.
The other night Tatiana met some people at work with a special and urgent story. They need help finding good homes for some dogs, very cute super cuddly looking dogs.
Even if YOU can't take in a dog right now, you might know somebody that does? It can't hurt to ask!
Here is the site where you can see and read about the dogs.

And please remember, be kind to animals, they are our friends and have the same rights as us!
Spay and neuter!
Adopt a pet!


Tatiana The Spy

It's a little after 1 am and it's kind of dark out. Tatiana is no longer in Anchorage, she is on a secret location somewhere out there. Her mission in Anchorage is accomplished for now and she is immersed in a different job now. You must have heard of the recent Russian Spy drama? And the movie SALT is coming out this month. Coincidence? There are no coincidences!
You thought a girl like Tatiana "just" works at The Bush? Fluent in four languages and countless of other skills? Like cleaning and putting people in their place and other top secret talents that she under no circumstances is allowed to reveal. Actually, she has already said a little too much.......
Angelina Jolie from the movie Salt - Poster

Recap of the 4 th of July

Tatiana is curled up on the couch, content and full after bringing home a delicious meal from Tap Root Cafe. Greek salad, loaded with garlic, Tatianas Borat breath is overwhelming, yam fries and a carrot cake that is sooooooo yummy. You need to eat at Tap Root too!
Chhaya got a steak this evening, so she is napping right now. Very happy.
Tatiana was going to go for a run with Chhaya tonight but it's almost midnight and she decided to wake up early instead and go for a morning run.
Anyways......this is what happened today, it's JULY 4th.......what are YOU happy over today? Tatiana is happy that she has Chhaya, really good food to enjoy, good health and friends.........and a bunch of other things but that was what she thought of first.
So today Tatiana and Autumn went to the annual Forest Fair in Girdwood. It was nice but a little too family oriented, too many Moms and their babies. The real party happened last night but we were stuck at work. So we did some eating and shopping, contributed to the economy. We ran into Autumns friend Ivan that plays in a band called SUPERFREQUENCY, they are like famous here in Alaska. Tatiana felt like she was walking around the Forest Fair with a celebrity, everybody was staring......but wait......maybe they were staring at Tatiana and Autumn? Hmmmmm......probably so actually. Tatiana decided to rename Ivan to Igor but then she found that Valentino was way more fitting, so that became his name for the day.
SUPERFREQUENCY sounds like a very Coast To Coast-y name, Tatiana still listens to and loves Coast To Coast. Though she has found a new person to listen to on the radio. Michael Savage, he has a radio show called "The Savage Nation". He is funny, Tatiana doesn't agree with everything he is talking about of course but that's ok. It is good to listen to what other people have to say and he is kind of funny and very New Yorker Jewish, like a neurotic yenta from Queens. And he speaks his mind, Tatiana likes that.
But back to the adventures at The Forest wild adventures, very tame.
Here's a picture of Tatianas necklace she had on today. It is Deery Lou on a mushroom. SO CUTE huh? Tatiana likes Deery Lou......and mushrooms!

And here are some other pics. That's Valentino in the middle.
So after some laps around Girdwood it was time to say bye bye and drive back to Anchorage.
When Tatiana got home, she changed clothes and met up with a couple of other girlfriends for a walk on the Coastal Trail. Then it was almost 9 pm. Tatiana was hungry again, so she stopped at Tap Root and got food to go. And she told you the rest.
Hope everybody had a nice day today!
It's almost bed time for Tatiana now if she is going to manage to get up early for that run.