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She had fun!

Lindsay Lohan went to EDC, Tatiana bets she had fun. Tatiana is jealous. Next year it's the 15 th Electric Daisy Carnival, Tatiana thinks she is obligated to go.......


Lilacs are Tatianas favorite flowers. They smell so good, they smell like Summer. Tatiana likes wild flowers or potted plants, she doesn't like cut flowers that you put in a vase. She feels bad for flowers that slowly die in a vase.
Fun facts about lilacs, the flower symbolizes love and the lilac is bisexual.
Lilacs.........aren't they delicious and beautiful?


It's almost 4 am, Tatiana is home, showered and has a mud mask on her face. Just fabulous! Work was whatever.
Tatiana is wondering how EDC in LA was, it is over for tonight but tomorrow it starts all over again.
Because of EDC, Tatiana asked Landis to play David Guetta "The World Is Mine" and TV Rock "Flaunt It" tonight. Not that Tatiana doesn't play that on other nights also but tonight was special.
Oh well, there will be more raves in the future.......
Good Night!

Electric Daisy Carnival...... going on RIGHT NOW in Los Angeles and tomorrow too. Every little cell in Tatianas body is craving to go and be a part of it. Oh, she so wishes she could be there and dance all her worries away. And have some FUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!
Instead she is here, alone and has to go to work and socialize with strangers. Ugh.....yuck.....


The other day Tatiana was saying that she feels like she doesn't have any real friends here in Anchorage. What she meant was that she misses the way she would socialize with her friends in Las Vegas or even in Sweden. In a totally different way. Here she meets up occasionally with one or a couple of girlfriends for lunch, maybe dinner and once in a while a hike or a movie.
In Vegas she would spend hours with her friends, not always necessary doing a whole lot besides spending time together. Talking. Eating. Reading. Walking. Planning a trip, going somewhere. Discussing stuff, even arguing at times. Going out dancing. It was just on a totally different level than here, more in depth.
Here it is nice, very on the surface, nothing too deep. Nobody seems to want to take the initiative to make plans to do stuff. Tatiana is not used to that, whereas.....she feels lonely. Of course, she is happy over the friends she has made here, they are very nice but it is not the level of friendship that she is used to or that she craves. Maybe the friends here are too busy with their lives? Tatiana is missing her friends so much that she cries sometimes.
Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.
Tatiana wonders how much longer she will be in Alaska.......actually she is hoping for not much has been nice, especially in the Summer time, love the never ending daylight, sooooo gorgeous but on many levels Tatiana is over it. You should never say never but Tatiana is thinking not too much longer......

On another note, Tatiana is feeling much better today. And yes, that is her bed and her teddy bears on the pictures. One of those teddies Tatiana had since she was like five years old, his name is MISIU.
The girlier and cuter, the better. Why grow up when you can be young forever?


Tatianas picture or rather image, can be found in the latest issue of Kurv. magazine. Issue 020, should be out now, the magazine can be found at various Barnes & Noble locations in the Lower 48.
Kurv. is an Australian fashion magazine. How did Tatiana end up in it? Well.......the photographer, WOLF189, submitted a series of images of nine different girls and Kurv. decided that they wanted to see more of Tatiana - only. They were thinking about giving her a multi page appearance, like a "story". In the end they decided against it because Tatianas outfits that she wore in the photos WOLF189 submitted to Kurv. were not high fashion enough. Kurv. likes to display high end fashion like Chanel, Gucci etc. Tatiana has nice clothes but hello, she is not exactly the Princess of Brunei (yet) and does not own any Chanel outfits.
Tatiana thinks that Kurv. should rethink this decision and give Tatiana her pages and her "story" like they were going to in the first place. If they want Tatiana clad in La Perla and Gucci, they can arrange for that. Tatiana thinks she is way cuter and way more fun than the other models in the magazine and she knows that she and WOLF189 can create many great images.'s the image in the magazine. And some other photos of Tatiana by Wolf189. Some of Tatianas favorite photos. She shamelessly admits that she is herself her biggest fan. : )
All photos Copyright by WOLF189.


Tatiana has not been feeling well since Tuesday now. She thinks it is something she ate. She feels weak, a little dizzy and has a headache and stomachache. It is no fun. It is beautiful outside and she does not like to be sick when it is so pretty outside. Also she is missing work. She is hoping to be fully recovered by tomorrow, or at least to the point so she can go to work.....


Tatiana misses her friends in Vegas. She feels isolated and lonely in Alaska. I's not the same.
: (
Tatiana likes to hang out and do things with people, she has no one to do things with here. Only once in a while. Or maybe they just don't want to hang out with Tatiana?
At least she has Chhaya. That's a real friend. They are going for a walk now.


These are Tatianas latest panties at work, she has them in purple too. Savannah told Tatiana that the pattern is called ARGYLE, Tatiana learned something new.
Savannah is Tatianas really nice and pretty friend from work.
Tonight Tatiana is sick, she has a cold and has lost at least 50% of her voice, so she is staying home. Watching FOTBOLL (soccer), it is the World Cup and there are many cuties to look at.

House Music!!!

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine there is an article called "The Dance Takeover" featuring David Guetta, one of Tatianas favorite dj's. She plays his stuff at work, most people here in Alaska don't know what that is, they are more familiar with Metallica and AC/DC. Tatiana likes Rock too but she LOVES House and Techno. Her favorite David Guetta song is "Just A Little More Love" and she is pretty sure she already mentioned that somewhere on this blog.
That is why she goes to raves or maybe the more proper term for the events Tatiana goes to would be dance music parties, where various forms of Electronica is played. Tatiana needs to get some House to be sane.
Like Electric Daisy Carnival, also in the latest Rolling Stone. A two day party with around 100 000 people per day. Tatiana is not the only one that likes House Music it seems like.......And there is nothing like dancing to the same great beat as thousands of others, everybody in sync and happy, feeling it. It is tribal, it is inside us humans, we have been dancing to the beat since we were dancing around fires way back in the day.
Going to a bar to get drunk? No, Tatiana rather get happy at a rave. Listening to rap where some dude is talking about his ho's and cars and bling? Tatiana doesn't like when women are referred to as ho's, a flashy car is a waste of money and bling is dumb, Tatiana loves her Hello Kitty bracelets. Please don't "make it rain" it is sooooo over and take that oversized chain off, it is sooooo lame.
Tatiana does not think she will attend this years Electric Daisy, she is staying in Alaska. But there will be some other events later this year.
House Music all night long!