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H E L L L L O O O !!!

Last night Tatiana made a measly $ 50, take home, at work. Super lame, but whatever! People were throwing dollar bills around like they were going out of style, NOT!
Today was a great day. Tatiana had a facial and that was SO nice. Then she ate at Middle Way Cafe. Went home. Got Chhaya. Made a pit stop at Wal Mart to get hangers, Wal Mart is creepy, so many weirdos there. Las Vegas Wal Mart at around 4 am is the best, people watching central. Packed with freaks.
Then it was time to walk and run with Chhaya. It is finally getting nice out.
After that Tatiana was is the mood for some ice cream so whe went to the store and got some. Drove home and watched "Ru Pauls Drag Race". Tatiana LOVES Ru Paul and drag queens in general. Tatianas favorite, Raven, didn't win, what a HOTTIE! YUM! But Tyra, who won, isn't bad either.
It is sooooooo nice to have a night off..........seriously.


Tatiana loves fun boots and shoes. Like these, a pair of her favorites, she got them in London a long time ago but they still look good and totally bad ass. They have danced at many raves with Tatiana.
Photo by Phil Edelstein, February 2010.

Jenna !

So Jenna Jamesons husband, Tito Ortiz, just got arrested for alleged domestic violence.
Tatiana doesn't know what Jenna was doing with that ugly brute in the first place. He looks like a walking billboard for violence. What is wrong with women and the poor choices they make in men? Tatiana much rather have a Bill Gates than a Tito Ortiz.
Jenna needs to get her head right and take care of herself and the kids. No more men for a long time.
Tito Ortiz, Tiger Woods and Jesse James all look like gorillas, just look at them, big apes, they need to climb back up into the tree they came down from, and go back to throwing coconuts around and scratching their asses.

Interesting fact about Jenna. She started out as a dancer at Crazy Horse Too in Las Vegas where Tatiana and Julia also used to work.
Tatiana and Julia miss the good times at "The Deuce", our big silent boss Vinny, the fun dj's, VIP room with Mark Ronson, double dances for Asians on E, matching outfits, the pink flop flops (until Vinny told us to retire them......). Good times!
Here's a little about Vinny. He was nice!

"The Crazy Horse clubs appear connected through the services of the controversial Vincent “Vinny” Faraci. Though Faraci retired as a shift manager at Crazy Horse Too in 2005, he left enough baggage behind that he went to prison as part of the Crazy Horse Too racketeering probe for failing to report to the IRS "tips" taken from strippers. (As a side note, because dancers were required to tip out shift managers, this was not a tip in the sense that it was optional or given for good service.) Faraci also offers some name recognition for mob aficionados because his father is an alleged member of the Bonanno crime family, and, according to Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith, writing in 2004, law enforcement sources considered Faraci, already at the time a convicted felon, to be mob-connected as well." From Los Angeles Times, article written in 2009.

Back in 2006 Julia and Tatiana wrote a blog about Jenna.
Click here to read it.!-U-need-Fargo-Sisters-!!.html#comments


Buddy is Tatianas hero too!

Buddy a German Shepherd got an award yesterday here in town because he led a trooper to a burning building. Buddy is super beautiful and a great example of how amazing and wonderful dogs are.

Besides this, Tatiana moved. She is a little tired but doing good. It's time to get in the shower and go to work. Saturday night, "bring your date to The Bush" night. A bunch of people in various stages of intoxication taking up space and staring at the girls. Hopefully the night will be over fast because Tatiana is really just in the mood for some quiet time with her best friend, Chhaya.


Today is EARTH DAY! The 40th Earth Day. But we should pay attention to the Earth every day of course but maybe today you can do something for the Earth, make a change for something better?
Tatiana is a hippie, she loves the Earth and tries to be mindful of it. She has been picking trash the last couple of days. Today will be a busy day for Tatiana (in the middle of moving) but she will still go and pick some more trash and maybe light some incense sticks in the Earths honor.
You might think Tatiana is kooky but she loves nature, animals, clean air and clean oceans and she wants to live a long, healthy life here on this planet and she wants and hopes that the Earth will be around for a very long time.
Take care of what you have before it's too late! And go hug a tree today!

Britneys unretouched photos

Britney Spears decided to show what the photos she shot for a Candies ad really look like, before the retouching.
Tatiana thinks this is great, Tatiana loves Britney. Not a lot of celebs would do this, they pretend to be "perfect" instead, when as we all know, no one is.
Yes, even Tatiana. Sadly..........LOL.
Tatianas imperfections.......she is pale and has lots of cellulite. Fat thighs. Yellow teeth. Lots of grey hair (since she was 18).
Being pale is not necessary a bad thing, of course Tatiana gets a tan if she lays out but there's not much outdoors tanning to be done in Alaska right now.
The cellulite, they don't go away, Tatiana doesn't like them but whatever.
If you tan or put on self tanner the cellulite are less visible, that's why the majority of girls in strip clubs are tanned, it diminishes the appearance of cellulite and makes you look thinner.
Yellow teeth. LOL. Too much tea and coffee, at least Tatiana HAS all her teeth, LOL, and they are strong too. Like a horse!
The grey hair. Got discovered by her friend Zakia in Sweden during class. Zakia was playing with Tatianas hair and suddenly informed Tatiana that she had grey hair. What a fun discovery! Well, besides the grey, Tatiana thinks that her hair is in pretty nice shape, long and healthy and it's ALL hers.
You can't have it all so do the best with what you got.

Time to take Chhaya out.

More stuff.......

According to Anchorage Daily News, 7.9 inches of snow fell here yesterday.......crazy snowfall, it is melting pretty fast it seems like. Good.

Today was the tax dead line. Tatiana went to the post office and sent her paperwork in to the IRS, like the well behaved sheep that she sadly is. She saw some "demonstrators" or like a mass of people waiving signs around. Tatiana though maybe it was like a message for Peace or something but it was the Tea Party people. Tatiana doesn't know much about the Tea Party movement besides that they are against Obama, taxes and that they like their guns. Tatiana does not trust politicians in general. She thinks that America is run by corporations anyways and that the politicians basically do what is in the best interest for the corporations - not the people. In a nutshell. And did people not pay taxes during Bush? Tatiana seems to recall that they did.
Tatiana is not too fond of Sara Palin, "Drill, Baby Drill"? Not so much. And the rest of her antics . In general, any politician that brings up religious views too much is just too much. Shut up already with your religion. Rumors that Obama might be a Muslim......Tatiana would not like that, she does not agree with the awful ways many Muslim women are treated, dehumanizing. And other aspects of that religion.

Tatiana called in today. She is not in the right frame of mind to be working. Also, the toilet flooded, that made the day even better!

Tatiana is moving next week. To a much nicer place, Chhaya will like it, Tatiana too.


Tatiana just woke up and looked outside........full of snow, piles of it. WTF. So Spring isn't really here yet. This is annoying. Tatiana is more than done with the snow and she is craving sunshine and green grass. Now she has to brush her car clean of the snow before she can drive it, she is so over that.
Hopefully it will stop by this evening and melt away by Friday.


Last night, work SUCKED, not only money wise - that's a given, nowadays there are lots of times when it's not that great. Whatever, not every night can be good, money wise. What made it so BAD was that all the idiots seemed to be congregated at the same spot at the same time - The Bush Company. YEAY!
Here are some things that Tatiana usually have no patience with at work. Really drunk people. That is just GROSS and annoying. And NO Tatiana is not going to join the drinking fest, she is there to make money, not to get drunk. The chance of that happening is basically non existent.
She is also not there to find a date, she is in there to make money remember, so please don't ask Tatiana out, that is not going to happen either. Tatiana does not need any help finding guys, they have been pestering her since she was 14, trust this, she is not desperately looking for a man. So spare her!
Also, The Bush is a NON touching club, Tatiana likes that. So when she puts your hands to the side, that means keep them there, really. She knows how badly some people just want to grab on to her BUT the rule is NO touching and Tatiana likes that rule and sticks to it. Unfortunately there are some dumb bitches at work that don't seem to understand that rule and let guys paw all over them, PATHETIC ok, why Tatiana doesn't understand? Maybe that's the only way they think they can make money or they are so weak personality wise, that they can't say no. But Tatiana rather have no money than get her ass and boobs grabbed in order to make money. GROSS, ok.
And just because you put a dollar or two up on the stage does not mean that Tatiana is going to rush over there and put her legs behind her head and show you her insides. That's not her style, you can put a $100 bill up there and that still won't happen, ok. Tatiana just doesn't do that, why? That's just how it is.
Then after work, Tatiana probably hit every red light in town before she finally made it home. Frustrating.

Today Tatiana went to Carlos restaurant, Mexican food, they have potato tacos, not on the menu, you have to ask for them. They are so good and the salsa served with the chips is really yummy too.

Sunday, it looks like skiing time again. Tatiana is looking forward to that.

Tatiana is in love with Chester Bennington from Linkin Parks voice. It's the best! He is really yummy cute too. She loves their song "New Divide" - so Landis, Tatiana wants you to download it for her, pleeeease! Landis is one of the dj's at work and he is supercool. HI Landis! Tatiana knows you read her blog...... : )

Earth Day is next week. On the 22. Show your appreciation for the Earth! Tatiana is going to do something, probably pick a large bag of trash, she can't believe how much people litter, it's crazy and nasty. Yes, this includes tossing cigarette butts out the car window and not picking up your dogs poop. Tatiana admits, she doesn't always pick up Chhayas poop, about 95 % of the time she does though. If Chhaya poops somewhere out in the forest, most likely the poop will stay there. But otherwise, Tatiana always carries bio degradable poop bags.

The apartment building where Tatiana lives is an interesting place, no exaggeration. The other day SWAT was here and arrested somebody, that was kind of interesting. There's usually a weekly loud argument, at least, and many drunks stumbling around and of course the occasional drug deals. It's almost like living on Colfax in Denver again. Those were some GOOD TIMES!

It has been like windy to the point of a hurricane toady. But is seems to have calmed down a little now, Tatiana is going to bundle up and take her best friend for a walk.

Tatiana needs another rave, it's time for some HOUSE music. She needs!

This is sad

Tatianas patriotic side is sad due to the grim news about Polands President and all the others that perished in a plane crash that just happened.
: (