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This impresses Tatiana!

No, not ugly bling on guys, please retire the fat chains (whether real or fake) with Jesus or dollar signs dangling from them, it is past the due time to retire the old Ed Hardy hat already and the shirt with the angel wings motif and some rhinestones glued to it in the back.
This is what some people do, that in Tatianas opinion is super cool.,223826

This girl, Hanna Teter, just won silver in Vancouver. She is going back to the States to live in her yurt, off the grid, with solar and wind power, she is a vegetarian and gave away her prize money. THAT is impressive! Tatiana doesn't know this girl but she loves her, this is Tatianas new hero.
Hopefully one day, not too far from now, Tatiana will be able to get away at least somehow. She is working on it. Living off the grid, at least a little, seems nice. Tatiana just wants to be around large crowds of people when there's loud house music present. Besides that, she will be happy with a few close friends, animals and nature.

Late night movies

Tatiana had every intention of going to work tonight but she has a really achy neck and shoulders, it's kind of getting worse. She didn't want to have to go on stage and in the midst of some sexy move become totally debilitated so she decided to stay home. After consulting with her friend Rose-Marie in Sweden, she took two Motrin. Hopefully this condition will improve fast because Tatiana needs to work. Unless you can spare a bunch of thousands of dollars and donate the bunch to Tatiana?
Well, so Tatiana decided to make it a movie night.
First she watched "The Girlfriend Experience" a movie she has been wanting to see since she heard about it a while ago, Sasha Grey stars in it and Tatiana has mentioned her before. (As you faithful readers of Tatianas blog should recall by now). But the movie didn't do much for this film critic. Sure, it was well written and well acted, Sasha did good but overall - not so much. Boring.
The other movie, Tatiana just grabbed by chance. "The Ramen Girl" starring Brittany Murphy. Tatiana loved this movie. Brittany acted real well and she looked like an angel, she probably IS an angel now. And Tatiana loves Japan and the movie takes place in Tokyo, great story, interesting and some cute Japanese boys, yes - loved it!
Tatiana has some kind of intense drawing to Japan and everything Japanese. Actually she must had been Japanese in a former life. Also British because she loves high tea and Kate Moss. And she most certainly was a Mongol also, a wild girl riding around on the steppes with Genghis Khan, hair blowing in the wind. Those were Tatianas former lives, some of them.

Weird where life takes you.

The lastest food obsession......

......for Tatiana is a place called "Great Harvest Bread" in Anchorage (on Benson, the same location as Cafe Amsterdam). They have some really good stuff in there and they give away super yummy generous sized sample slices of fresh warm bread with butter to anyone that comes in. RUN there before February is over and get a sample or a whole loaf of the white chocolate cherry bread, it is so good that Tatiana fantasizes about it. She is going there this weekend to get herself a whole loaf of it and then she is going to take that bread home to enjoy it and watch movies. That's sexy isn't it?
They also make really good sandwiches there and they have an espresso machine, so it is the perfect place for Tatiana and it is her new favorite place.
Besides her latest food obsession, Tatiana is back at work. It's fun. Of course everybody just NEEDS to come in there but you should know that by now.
On Saturday Tatiana is getting a massage, she really needs one, she feels border line crippled. She is sooooo looking forward to Saturday, still many days away.

Ongoing problems in Sweden

If you have the time and energy to read it, takes about a minute or two.
This annoys Tatiana to no end. Sweden used to be a rather peaceful place UNTIL they started accepting too many immigrants. It's a small country. Tatianas solution? Kick out the MF's that cause problems, it doesn't matter if they are Africans, Arabs, Polish, Jews, Muslims etc.....(we have them all in Sweden by now) if they can't be "normal" and peaceful, if they do dumb shit and if they don't want to learn how to speak Swedish for various stupid reasons, then they need to go back to where they came from. That's it. Tatiana moved to Sweden with her Mom from Poland, yes it is not the first time she mentions this fact in this blog. She knows the feelings associated with not knowing a language and being targeted for that, arriving somewhere new and foreign. No, it wasn't always easy (actually it was bad at times) BUT if all she would had done was cause problems in Sweden and spread negativity then why even be there?
Sweden is NOT a Muslim country and should NOT become a Muslim country, that would be awful. Neither is is a Jewish country. It is Sweden. Should be calm and peaceful.
There are way too many immigrants in Sweden causing big problems. Tatiana is just waiting for the Swedes to get pissed off and dig out those old dusty Viking helmets and weapons and start cleaning house. See, Swedes are by nature very calm but once they get mad, the old Viking in them wakes up and then you better run.
Tatiana is like a Polish/Swedish mix probably. Kind of hot tempered and feisty but at the same time calm. She thinks. It is not easy making judgements about oneself.

Missing Money!

So it's like in the middle of the night here, the night between Sunday and Monday. Tatiana is a night owl, she can't sleep, she finished the latest issue of Playboy with the now much talked about John Mayer interview, yes, just go back a few Tatiana blogs where she says he is such this interview he confirms it, what a nerd. Playboy should interview and have pictures of Tatiana instead, HELLO! It would be so much better and interesting.
But back to the topic, MISSING MONEY.
Since Tatiana always thinks of others besides herself.....she went on
and found money for at least five people she knows, maybe more now, since she is telling YOU about this.
Go to that site and follow the instructions, it takes less than a minute and it might be worth it.
And if you do have some unclaimed money, you can always reward Tatiana with P F M. Things she is always in need of. That is, PEDICURE, FACIAL, MASSAGE. Always. Tatiana can never have too much of that.
Or MISS SIXTY jeans and boots. JUICY also.
Tatiana is hungry, there's nothing in the fridge besides water. She will starve until tomorrow.
Did you find your money yet?

Back in Alaska

It's not that cold, around 35 degrees Fahrenheit, that's about 2 Celsius. Tatiana is providing the conversion for all her friends/fans in Europe. Back in the day when Tatiana lived in Sweden, all her temperature readings were done in Celsius, of course.
Tatiana will give herself a few days before heading back to work, she needs to work out some living arrangements etc.
Right now she wants to rest and enjoy herself, the last week in Vegas was a hectic one. Overall, Tatiana got a lot done on this Vegas trip. Hopefully this was a good trip.
Here are some very recent Chhaya pics, she now has even more travels under her collar. The pics are one day apart.
The night is dark, cause it's getting late and the sky here in Alaska is full of stars, the air is crisp and clean. Tatiana is calling it a night.

Going back......

At this moment of writing, Tatiana is sitting in an airplane somewhere over the Gulf Of Alaska, less that an hour away from her destination, Anchorage.
It was difficult to leave Vegas, Tatiana doesn't like the day of travel usually because of all the good byes she has to say. It is difficult........
She is looking forward to be back in Anchorage but at the same time she wishes she was still in Vegas, the distance is vast between the two cities.
Julia and her friend Sara took Tatiana and Chhaya to the airport. Tatiana cried a little saying good bye.
Poor baby Chhaya is in cargo, she probably has to make a big poop, Tatiana hopes that she didn't already in her crate.
Tomorrow Tatiana has a pedicure and a manicure, she is so looking forward to this because Mike at Executive Nails gives really good foot rubs and Tatiana loves having her feet rubbed.
After that she is driving South, to spend a couple of days in Kenai and Homer, enjoying the snow a little before going back to Anchorage and back to work.
Now remember, Tatiana warned you, she has added some extra pounds, so you need to see this. It will come off, probably, with work and not eating late at night.
Well, Tatiana is going to relax a little now, the final stretch of the flight.

Sitting at home, eating cupcakes

Tatiana is at home, eating cupcakes, the new staple in her diet hence her weight gain, you can now call her thunder thighs or lard ass, seriously.
Soon she will undertake the task of cleaning out and organizing her garage, this will take a few hours.
But first, Tatiana wanted to share some latte pics from the other day. That is Julia holding her iced, soy, vanilla with whipped latte. She wants you to take notice of the blue butterflies on her nails and her soft, furry bag. Tatiana hopes that it is fake fur.
Got to go, the second cupcake is waiting......


Tatiana woke up to rain. Yes, it does rain in Las Vegas, it is really nice with rain in a desert climate, it always smells good afterward.
Last night Tatiana came across some interesting facts, the two states with the highest suicide rate, Alaska followed by Nevada. Interesting because those states happen to be the ones Tatiana resides in.
Tatiana sometimes meets people at work, at The Bush, people that reside outside of Alaska that start talking about how they heard about the high suicide rate in Alaska. When they mention that it seems like they think it is somehow something Tatiana should be very concerned about. Well, Tatiana can only do so much. All she can say is that if you are feeling sad, though it is a cliche but a true one, there will be better days. But also worse. Tatiana knows.
Everybody deals with good and bad days.
Tatiana is in the mood for something yummy to eat. She will write more another day. Today is a good day!

Good Morning

Tatiana dragged herself out of bed about an hour ago. Her bed is so comfy that is is very hard to get out of it and start the day. Chhaya sleeps in the bed too and she is the best ever to cuddle with, soft and smells good.
Tatiana ate and now she is going to take Chhaya to the park.
Later she is meeting Julia, they are going to the Fashion Show Mall today, Tatiana is curious to see if there's any cute
DA NANG clothes, maybe a new pair of Honey Dew undies for work, something cute from the Hello Kitty store, maybe some nice jeans from MISS SIXTY........Some lattes for sure and a couple of free samples from Teavana.
Julia will love to be around Tatiana today, Tatiana had garlic and asparagus for breakfast, she reeks like a true BORAT now.
This week Tatiana has been eating lots of garlic, she loves garlic but it is not a good idea to eat it like before work, doing lap dances while smelling like garlic is NOT SO NICE. Not so much SEXYTIME. Unless you are BILO, then you will like, YES!
Therefore Tatiana is going to subject Julia to the smell, maybe she will like?