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Daytrip adventure

Perfect day for a roadtrip! Tatiana wanted to go back to China Ranch and the mudbaths in Tecopa, about 70 miles or so away from Las Vegas, over the hump towards Pahrump, as locals say.
Sunshine, clear skies and about 58 degrees. Also, Chhaya needed a day of fun.
Tatiana brought a friend and off they went.
China Ranch is a small, green oasis in the middle of the desert, date trees grow there and in the gift shop they make delicious date shakes. A hike away and you get to Slot Canyon, gorgeous scenery.
Then in Tecopa you can dine at the super yummy Bistro and then you can either go to a hot spring, more like a spa like tub with natural warm water coming straight out of the mountains........or you can get dirty and go into the mudbaths, warm to semi hot, brownish ponds of water with deep mud at the bottom, smells like sulfur but it is worth the dip!
Chhaya loves the mudbaths! So does Tatiana.
Had a great day! Chhaya is sprawled out on the couch, sleeping with muddy paws.
Here are pictures.
Besides this, Tatiana has been eating like a piglet and gaining weight, she is estimating by looking at her chunky self between 6-8 lbs. This will come off after she goes back to work, then there will be no late night eating. For now it's ok......Tatiana is telling


Tatiana just wanted to share that she thinks John Mayer is soooooo bleh.......yucky. Girls really like him? Urgh, why?
There's just something wrong about him. Actually his ex Jessica Simpson is just as yucky, so they make a good couple. Guys really like her? She has the face of a horse, actually that's mean to horses, she just has a BAD face, is dumber than a rock and she schlepps around two overly large, saggy funbags attached to her - gross.
Yea, that's it, these two annoy Tatiana, just slightly, she thought you wanted to know.

Pierogi Party

Tatiana just woke up........she had potato pierogis for breakfast, a leftover from last night.
She had some friends over last night for a pierogi party. Polish style.
Really yummy, Tatiana loves pierogis, she had kraut and potato pierogis. She also made mashed potatoes and then there was real Polish kielbasas and cake and ice cream with warm raspberries. Everybody got really full.
It is raining in Vegas today. Tatiana wants to curl up and go back to sleep but she has lots of things to do. But first some ice cream. Then the "lots of things to do".
Hope everybody is having a great day!

Octomom in a bikini

Tatiana is shocked over the recent pics in STAR magazine of the Octomom in a bikini. This woman squeezed out eight babies like a year ago and she already had six kids before the eight came along. So she has 14 kids, that's really freaky actually, to have that many kids and being a single Mom on top of it.
But back to the when she was nine months pregnant the Octomom supposedly weighed 270 lbs and now she lost like 150 lbs in a year. And she looks great, better than many girls Tatiana has seen that have no kids, very impressive! Tatiana thinks that Octomom has skinnier legs than she does. This makes Tatiana want to go to the gym, next month maybe.
So, while the Octomom was pregnant, she posed for some pics with her nine month super pregnant, stretched out to the max, HUGE belly. This belly was so enormous, it looked like an alien was hiding in it and now it's like flat, with no flabby skin or stretchmarks. The Octomom claims she has no surgeries, she claims she did it all the natural way by going to the gym and eating healthy. Maybe.
But she also claims to have no surgeries on her face, well, her face looks like some bad surgeries swept over it, cheek fillers and blow up lips, Tatiana thinks that Octomom chose to forget about the work on her face. A temporary case of Alzheimer's. Tatiana suffers from that too once in a while.
Although Tatiana thinks it should be against the law to have 14 kids, she does admire the Octomom for her impressive physique! Go Octomom! Next she should pose for Playboy and become a stripper.
Tatiana will give her a couple of free lapdance lessons if she is interested.

Tatiana the architectural critic

So Tatiana has been mighty curious about City Center, the latest addition on Las Vegas Blvd. Taking up a large chunk of space too, City Center consists of a few buildings, some not finished yet. From the outside it looks great, nice design, interesting, dark but silvery kind of coloring. The Louis Vuitton store has a great display.
Finally Tatiana went to Aria last night, the part of City Center that is a hotel/casino. Huge disappointment. The first thing she thought is that it looks like many of the underground subway stations in Sweden, seriously! Cold, trying to be artsy/futuristic. Sharp lines, benches made of stone, shiny tile/stone floors. Very uninviting. Tatiana expected the subway to arrive any time.
Tatiana went exploring with her friend Mikey, he thought it looked like a large convention center.
Tatiana did like the floor outside the theater where they will show ELVIS by Cirque Du Soleil, Tatiana wants to see this show btw. The floor was dark blue and glittery. Tatiana wants flooring like that in her hallway. Besides that, there was some kind of cafe that looked interesting, that's it. Tatiana has no desire to come back here.
Encore on the other hand, looks GREAT. Encore is the hotel/casino next to the Wynn. Really nice warm colors, lots of red. Tile and mosaic floors with butterfly and flower motif. Smells great. It was probably Elaine Wynn that was behind the design here, definitely a place for women. And where the women go, the men follow. Tatiana loves Encore.

Cleaning out

Tatiana just spent some time this lovely night with cleaning out her closet and dresser. To her satisfaction she managed to assemble a large pile of clothes and bags that is now taking up space on the living room floor. All that will be donated, probably to Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Tatiana will not wear any of it anymore, hopefully somebody else can get use of it. Some stuff went straight in the trash. It felt good to clean out the closet.
Then Tatiana made a pile of clothes that will go up to Anchorage.
Earlier this evening Tatiana met up with went to Town Square and Planet Hollywood. Tatiana has her Victorias Secret PINK sweats now, in all kinds of colors. She might be getting some jeans from MISS SIXTY, maybe. Then she got some new rings. And that's about it. She looked through the JUICY stuff at SAKS but there wasn't anything that caught her eye. She is happy over the PINK sweats, they will be great this summer. With a tank top or t shirt and some flip flops. Comfy.
DA NANG! It's almost 3 am, Tatiana got up at 8 this morning and she had a busy day, time to sleep.

Working in Vegas

Tatiana has been asked if she will work, meaning, dance (strip) while she is in Vegas. Actually CES and AVN, two large conventions are in town this week. Consumer Electronics Show and the Adult Entertainment Expo. The town is full of porn stars and their "managers". As well as the latest electronic gadgets. This used to be a great week to work, back in the day........ But Tatiana is pretty much over dancing in Vegas. The clubs have way too many girls working. Who cares that Spearmint Rhino is "the" club to work at if there are so many girls working any given night of the week that it's hard to even make your house fee back? There's nothing special about being a "Rhino girl", there's nothing special about being a dancer in Vegas at all any more since the clubs seem to hire anything that is willing to strap their feet into some heels and wear a bikini. It used to be different. Back in the day when Tatiana just started working at the Crazy Horse Too, Vinnie (the manager) was kind of picky with who he hired, sure there were still some "things" working in there, especially when four AM came around and the early shift girls started, Tatiana used to call it "the freak show". There were actually some cute girls working back then with Tatiana. There are still good looking girls dancing in Vegas but let's just say it's good that the clubs keep the lights low.
But Tatiana doesn't want to bother with trying to make money in Vegas anymore. Rude managers, smokey, late nights and a too high possibility of not even making the house fee, not to mention the very high possibility of guys thinking that every stripper in Vegas will let them grab her boobs, well not this stripper. Julia informed Tatiana of that it was really difficult to make anything the last couple of times she worked and that even Larry's Villa nowadays have plenty of girls working. Wow! Even Larry's Villa........that's crazy. Sure there might be some club in Vegas that has potential but Tatiana is not going to spend her evenings investigating that. She might try to make some extra spending money for shopping by trying her luck at the poker machines at Binion's instead. She heard the slots are hot there.
Another interesting thing about strip clubs, since we are in on that topic, that Tatiana discovered tonight.
Tatiana didn't know anything about strip clubs until she came to the US. This country corrupted her (THANK YOU), before that she was an innocent student at University Of Stockholm........ She wasn't too informed of any clubs in Sweden, she thought that there were some maybe but more underground. Well, tonight she came across one, Club Prive, by reading a friends blog in Sweden. Some stripper in Sweden has a blog too, so Tatiana read some of it, not too impressive (mildly put) but still highly addictive reading. The girl mentions a rather high amount of income. So Tatiana thought that sounded interesting! Maybe she could work a little in Sweden, this is a club in Stockholm, that's where Tatiana goes when she goes to Sweden. Mix the pleasure of visiting home with some fun times at a new club, business.
So Tatiana goes in on Club Prive's home page. She is not so sure this is a strip club, the way she is familiar with the concept, at least none that she has worked in before. There are some picture of the girls that supposedly work there and they write some pretty nasty and graphic things about themselves, it's kind of weird. Then you can go with the girl of your choice to her "own bedroom". And they have a S&M room where you can either get tied up or tie up one of the strippers. There is a shower experience and a jacuzzi experience. And of course the good old stage with a stripper pole. There needs to be some tradition involved, it is a strip club after all, hello! So that amount of money the girl mentioned in her blog is nooooooo way not enough Tatiana thinks if that is what she is doing at work every night. That should be the bare minimum to even step a toe into that place Tatiana thinks. It's not a strip club, it's a brothel, that's fine, to each their own but Tatiana isn't going to swing around the pole in that place. So don't worry girls at Club Prive, you can have your club all for yourselves. Tatiana thinks that the girls at Club Prive should apply at The Bunny Ranch in Nevada, they can work there for a few months, supposedly there's a stripper pole to dance on there too, as well as a jacuzzi, private bedrooms and a S&M room, then take a vacation in LA or Miami. They will probably earn more at The Bunny Ranch than at Prive, maybe. Tatiana is just speculating wildly here.
That's all for now. Tatiana is going to bed, her large, soft, comfy bed, full of nice fluffy pillows............mmmmmmmm............

Home Sweet Home

Another beautiful and sunny Las Vegas day is almost over. Tatiana is laying on the couch, fighting the urge to sleep. She doesn't want to go to sleep yet, it's too early.
Today Tatiana drove out to Lake Las Vegas, she wanted to see if there was anything fun going on there (meaning shopping). Lake Las Vegas is almost by Lake Mead so it's far from Tatianas place, she lives on the edge of Summerlin. Though Lake Las Vegas is very nice and scenic, the shopping is like non existent, for Tatiana at least. So on the way back she stopped at The District in Green Valley and walked around there. Better choices but nothing really caught Tatianas eye besides a few almond croissants at Whole Foods that she got to go, to eat later at home, and that can hardly be accounted for as shopping, that's eating and we all do that to survive.
There's lots and lots of shopping in Vegas. Many malls, from the ordinary mall to the more luxurious ones. And smaller shopping districts, like Boca Park (by Tatianas place) where they have American Apparel and a store called PINK where Tatiana took Julia the other day to get a pair of black UGG boot knockoffs with peace signs on them. Tatiana already had a pair and when Julia saw them she needed too. Actually the girls are already preparing their EDC outfits, they found super cute pink ROMPERS (lol) at American Apparel, they will wear them with some knee highs and the black boots, so far that outfit idea looks promising.
Tatiana is going again tomorrow. Fashion Show Mall and Town Square are on the list, maybe one more if Tatiana still has some energy left.
She is not looking to add a whole lot to her closet. She wants a pair of JUICY sweats and maybe two pairs of PINK by Victorias Secret sweats, easy to throw on with a cute tank top and comfortable.
Maybe a pair of MISS SIXTY jeans, Tatiana is hoping to find a cute pair, she saw a pair in LA last time she was there, hopefully she will find them here at the MISS SIXTY store at the mall in Caesars Palace.
It is nice to be back home. Tatianas place is so much more comfy, clean and homey than the apartment she rented in Anchorage, it's like night and day. It feels serene and it's roomy and pretty. So nice.........


It's getting late and Tatiana is going to sleep soon, she will read a few gossip magazines first, just to get the updates.
But before that, while she still remembers, she needs to tell you about the Prinsesstårta!!! That's in Swedish and means Princess cake. And it is SOOOOOO good and to Tatiana's joy, was served at IKEA this last time Tatiana was there, on New Years Day.
Tatiana looooooveeeees Prinsesstårta, it is a cake that originated in Sweden and she would get it for her birthday. If you are close to an IKEA, go in and try this cake, it is the best!
They even have it prepackaged to take home, Tatiana ate all four pieces in the package she brought home with her tonight, she had plans on sharing the Prinsesstårta with some friends but couldn't help herself and scarfed it all down this evening. Actually, she has been on a scarfing down binge since New Years, there needs to be some jogging done this week. Seriously. The thighs are filling out.
Yeah, Tatiana is super happy that she can have Prinsesstårta in the US now, thank you IKEA!

Only in Vegas

Tatiana just got home after spending some time with Julia at Barnes & Noble, yes the same Julia that's on the front page of the blog, in bed with Tatiana. They had some quality time spent with cupcakes (again) and chais with lots of whipped cream. No lattes tonight, Julia had taken a caffeine pill or two earlier that she had bought at the 99 cent store and was feeling kind of weird. Here in Vegas you can get a WHOLE bottle of potent caffeine pills for ONLY 99 cents, plus tax. That's a GOOD deal! If you need some, put in an order with Tatiana and she will send you the bottle. Take advantage!
What else is going on in Vegas besides the good weather? And that Tatiana is back of course........
Well, Tatiana and Julia are planning on going to "Little Darlings" next week, a strip club, to watch a "Miss BBW" contest, the first price is $ 1000 and only large women that are in charge can enter. Tatiana is in charge but not large enough, we are talking big and beautiful ladies here. The girls are exited, they are hoping to see some fat camel toes squeezed into some too tight booty shorts and fat asses rippling with cellulite. Yeay! Good times! They are bringing lots of dollar bills and a few fives to give to their favorites BBW's.
Also happening in Vegas........a great opportunity not to be missed! For all the ladies out there wanting to work at one of the lovely brothels scattered around Nevada....... Tomorrow night only, a contest at the "Deja Vu Erotic Ultra Lounge". The price? To become a "Bunny Ranch Girl". Dream job! Hello! Tatiana might have to go and watch this spectacle too. Imagine bringing your Grandparents to this contest.......they would LOVE it, LOVE IT!
The current unemployment rate in Las Vegas is hovering around 12.5 % and a staggering 70 % of Las Vegas homeowners are underwater on their mortgages (Tatiana falls into this category).
Maybe now is a good time to work at the Bunny Ranch? Well, not for Tatiana.......she is just spreading the word, in case somebody is looking for a job. See how considerate she is! She thinks only ladies can apply, maybe she - males too.
It's getting late here, Tatiana is going to do some cleaning. Then sleep. She just had to inform all of you about the latest Vegas news. Oh yeah, City Center is open, not all of it but big parts, Tatiana hasn't been there yet but it looks very nice from the outside. There are some nice stores there, Tatiana is curios.
Well, at least there's no room to be bored in Vegas, unless you choose to.