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WHAT is going on in the world today? Seriously, Tatiana is disgusted.
After spending first half of the day taking Chhaya out, doing some errand on getting some food, Tatiana settled on the couch to eat her sandwich and drink her chai, and watch some tv. She channel surfed before she got stuck watching HLN "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell".
Not that these were any news to Tatiana, but it got her annoyed enough to write about it. There are a lot of disgusting people out there walking around! And how come that the majority of them are men? Tatiana is talking about these sorry excuses for humans that kill, rape and molest. You don't hear about many women out there that kidnap another woman or a man, to rape and torture them and kill them. Tatiana had a fucking peeping Tom outside her window a while back. Do you that it was a woman that was shivering outside Tatianas window in Alaska in February? Of course not, it was a man.
What the hell is wrong? Tatiana better not encounter anything similar in the future because she will beat the shit out of him. And you better believe it!
They say that it is actually dangerous for a woman in America today to be out alone at night, even taking a walk by herself in the daytime. In America! Not Iraq or Afghanistan. Here. There are creeps out there that pray on women and children. It is so disgusting. Lock them all up, once they are caught and found guilty, cut their dick off and throw away the key. Once you rape, kill, molest or murder in cold blood - that's it - that persons time in society should be over.
How come Tatiana never had any thoughts of kidnapping a young child and having sex with it? Because it is not normal, that's why. Tatiana never hid in the forest hoping to encounter a lonely, male jogger so she could rape him. Tatiana rather be sex less for the rest of her life than to force an unwilling person into something. Force is WRONG!
Tatiana is not saying that women don't do anything wrong, of course they do. And Tatiana is not saying that she hates men, far from it. Tatiana is expressing her disgust with these issues. It is sad, frustrating and wrong.