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WHAT is going on in the world today? Seriously, Tatiana is disgusted.
After spending first half of the day taking Chhaya out, doing some errand on getting some food, Tatiana settled on the couch to eat her sandwich and drink her chai, and watch some tv. She channel surfed before she got stuck watching HLN "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell".
Not that these were any news to Tatiana, but it got her annoyed enough to write about it. There are a lot of disgusting people out there walking around! And how come that the majority of them are men? Tatiana is talking about these sorry excuses for humans that kill, rape and molest. You don't hear about many women out there that kidnap another woman or a man, to rape and torture them and kill them. Tatiana had a fucking peeping Tom outside her window a while back. Do you that it was a woman that was shivering outside Tatianas window in Alaska in February? Of course not, it was a man.
What the hell is wrong? Tatiana better not encounter anything similar in the future because she will beat the shit out of him. And you better believe it!
They say that it is actually dangerous for a woman in America today to be out alone at night, even taking a walk by herself in the daytime. In America! Not Iraq or Afghanistan. Here. There are creeps out there that pray on women and children. It is so disgusting. Lock them all up, once they are caught and found guilty, cut their dick off and throw away the key. Once you rape, kill, molest or murder in cold blood - that's it - that persons time in society should be over.
How come Tatiana never had any thoughts of kidnapping a young child and having sex with it? Because it is not normal, that's why. Tatiana never hid in the forest hoping to encounter a lonely, male jogger so she could rape him. Tatiana rather be sex less for the rest of her life than to force an unwilling person into something. Force is WRONG!
Tatiana is not saying that women don't do anything wrong, of course they do. And Tatiana is not saying that she hates men, far from it. Tatiana is expressing her disgust with these issues. It is sad, frustrating and wrong.

Afternoon delight

This afternoon Tatiana had Kennedy and Ireland over her place for pastries and coffee. They had a fun time. You know......the usual.......fat lines of quality coke and topless massages.......usual stripper hang out time activities. Yep, all the stereo types about dancers totally fit Tatiana and her group of friends. Fun times! You wish you could had been here, don't ya? :-)
Now Tatiana is relaxing her mind and body from last week of work. Last night was really loud. That can be exhausting.
And now Tatiana has a shoe dilemma. She needs some kind of a rain boot and she is undecided whether to get the Hunter original boot or the new Uggs wellies style.
Anyways......hope you had a great Sunday too!

More shoe talk

So Tatiana is awaiting the arrival of some new shoes, not for trips to the grocery store - for work.
Super cute, pink and black/baby blue glitter! 6 1/2 inches added to Tatiana.
Oh by the way, this is getting on Tatianas nerves...... Guys staggering up to Tatiana just to blurt out "You are really tall". Like........yes? And? Tatiana KNOWS this already, heeellooo! She is about 5'10, maybe 5'9 and a half depending on her eversochanging mood. That's the average height of the runway models in NY and Milano btw. So, please don't blurt out things like that. Yes, in 6 1/2 inch heels everybody looks taller, pay attention, all the girls in the club are wearing heels. Tatianas Havaiana flip flops are on top of her locker. So yes, she is going to be tall but it's not HER problem if somebody else has a problem with it.
Here are pics of the new shoes. And the boots? Those are for Monster Massive and other Special Occasions, like rides in Ford trucks etc etc.......
You NEED to come and check out Tatianas shoes!

Maybe you need to know where you can find fabulous shoes like this? Here's where Tatiana got them. GREAT stuff!

Womens rights

Tatiana came across an article today that talked about how the Scandinavian countries fight FGM (female genital mutilation). In case you don't know Scandinavia consists of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Beautiful countries.
Tatiana thinks that is is very good that it is illegal in Scandinavia to subject your daughter(s) to FGM. It is total mutilation and against human rights. Here are some extracts from the article and at the end of this blog there will be a link to the full article.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - When she was 11, a Swedish-born girl was taken on vacation to her mother's native Somalia. The mother wanted to “make her daughter clean” and paid a man to cut off her daughter's clitoris and labia while two women held her down.
Afterward, the girl was stitched to her urethra.
No anesthesia was used.

“The reasons given for female circumcision are traditional, cultural and religious. It is believed to encourage cleanliness, to control promiscuity, enhance the males´ sexual pleasure, preserve virginity and protect against unwanted pregnancies,” said Timnit Embaye of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Kenya.

“Women in most African communities are taken as second-class citizens. Although the mothers may not want to circumcise their daughters, it is often very difficult for them to openly oppose the practice,” she said. “It would be a bold woman to stand up against a practice that has been endorsed by all her women ancestors for centuries.”
So Scandinavian governments are trying to stand up for the women. Sweden we have lots of immigrants from all kinds of countries. Tatiana arrived to Sweden from Poland with her single Mom, not a word of Swedish but quickly learned. There are lots of issues in Sweden regarding immigrants. Tatiana thinks that a person that moves to a new country should embrace the new country as well keep the original countries traditions as long as they do not compromise the new countries laws.
And you should definitely learn how to speak the new countries language. There are people in Sweden that do not know how to speak Swedish after years in Sweden, that is so not ok. Those people should not get any special assistance whatsoever, they need to learn the language, asap.
Tatiana didn't know a word of Swedish upon arrival, first grade was scary due to the language barrier, later she excelled in Swedish, probably because she would bury herself in books a lot. First novel read from cover to cover "Roots" by Alex Haley in second grade.
If you feel like you can not conform to the new countries laws you do not need to live there, go back to where you came from. That is the best solution for everyone. If you want to circumcise your daughter, do not move to Sweden. If you want to wear a burqa or force your daughter or wife to wear a burqa then don't move to France. Or Sweden either for that matter.
Tatiana is applauding the French president Sarkozys decision to ban the burqua in public. Western Europe and Scandinavia are countries where equality between the sexes is strived for, as is should. Burqas and FGM do not belong.
Tatiana wouldn't move to a country where she couldn't live the way she wished, you need to somewhat be able to assimilate yourself into the society you live in. That does not mean you have to be a sheep in a big flock, not be able to think for yourself. Thinking outside the box is great, that is how we as people can move forward.
Tatiana admirers women from Mother Theresa that immersed herself in altruism to Anna Wintour, the super successful and totally in charge editor in chief of American Vogue magazine. Pippi Långstrump is a great role model for girls too.
Tatiana doesn't like women like Jessica Simpson and Heidi Montag. Anyone that changes the way they talk and act when a man is around. Any woman that gives up who she is for a man. Bleh! Compromising is fine but not totally changing.
Women should do whatever they want. If they want an education, travel, do whatever - they should. Not every woman wants to have babies and cook and clean, that is ok if that is what a person wants to do.
Equality, a great concept, Tatiana is all for it.,0

Since this blog is about circumcision and equality......what about male circumcision? This does not happen too much is Sweden (Tatiana is not familiar with Swedish laws on this issue) but is common the USA. This is usually performed when the child is still very young, not like FGM. But really it should be that individuals choice whether to get circumcised or not. A child has no say in a decision like this, it's the parents decision. If the foreskin and the clitoris were so bad for our bodies we would not have been born with these parts.
Thanks for reading!

Tatianas theme song...... of them. Listen to the lyrics. Tatiana is bossy, in case you didn't know.......and you like it! Love this song by Lindsay Lohan!

Stop touching me
Without permission
Don't disobey
Answer to me............


So it's a little after 5 am here, early Saturday morning. Usually Tatiana is sleeping by now but tonight she is still awake. She got home from work about two hours ago. Work sucked, there were lots of people in the club but they seemed to be in there for the wrong reasons and kind of confused to where they were actually at. A stripclub, HELLO! The energy was bad.
One person was especially pathetic in the crowd of patheticness tonight. This man that was sitting at the stage without tipping a single girl, just sitting there with his arms crossed, no expression on his sour face. Tatiana went on stage, it was extremely lame for a Friday night, people looked like they were attending a funeral instead of a strip club and there he was, the man with no sense to tip. Fine, he didn't tip Tatiana.......or the next girl or the other 5 girls after that. Trust Tatiana, us girls do notice this. But this really pissed Tatiana off so she went over and calmly explained to him that at this particular club is is customary to tip if you are sitting on the stage (should be obvious), at least one dollar per song (seriously, ONE dollar) and if you do not want to tip then there are plenty of places to sit where you are not expected to tip and somebody that is willing to tip may take your place. He just looked at Tatiana and said that he gets dances once in a while and that for now he was just looking around. ???? Yes? And? Looking around? At the stage? And then he thanked her for the advice. Tatiana told him not to thank for the advice but to take it. So, what happened after this? Do you think he started to tip? No, he just continued to sit there with his arms crossed like a moron. Since tonight was extremely lame Tatiana had time to observe this moron closely. After watching him not tip about 4 more girls she walked up to him again. Still no money on stage, she asked. And then she informed him that he was one of the most pathetic persons she had witnessed in there and that she hoped he was happy living his life like that. This was all said in a calm matter. No bother for his response since it was going to be dumb anyways, Tatiana just walked away. He left 5 minutes later. Good. We don't need you in there anyway.
Seriously? How can a person be this pathetic? There's no cover charge at The Bush, in Vegas you pay $ 30 at the door to see the girls. Here there is no cover charge, a beer is a measly $ 5, if you sit on the stage - TIP - or go sit somewhere else for crying out loud! There are plenty of seats to choose from.
Even if you do not fancy the girl that is on stage you should tip AT LEAST a dollar since you are sitting there, if not go and sit somewhere else!
There should be a manual handed out at the door so the people that have a hard time understanding things can read and follow.
If you hate women, or dancers, do not bother coming in! Stay at home and watch You Porn with your hand.
Other extremely pathetic/annoying things that bother Tatiana at work since she is writing about this anyways........
Women that come in to the club, stare and talk about us girls, don't tip anyone and act obnoxious. Most of them are on the heavy side or just plain unattractive. Please you dumb bitch, Tatiana or her co workers don't want your man anyways, so lighten up and remember where you are at, if you are not ok with seeing girls that are prettier than you, in a bikini and heels then go hit the bars and act dumb (like you are anyways) or go home and eat some more chips. Don't come in to the club with your fat ass and bad attitude.
Guys that only want a dance if Tatiana wants to have "breakfast or hang out later". LOL, or let me spell this out, LAUGH OUT LOUD! Since Tatiana is very out spoken she is not going to tell these guys any fake promises about meeting later. Later? Tatiana goes home. No, she does not want to hang out, she just met you, why would she want to hang out? Have you said anything remotely intelligent that would make her want to hang out with you later? Breakfast? If Tatiana is hungry for breakfast after work she will go with her girlfriends, herself. She prefers her own company to some guy that is horny and wants to get in her Honey Dew undies, because that won't happen.
Guys that want a girl in the club to act overly happy to dance for them. Or beg to get a dance from them. Ok, ok, Tatiana is there to make money.........but she is not going to compromise herself to get that money. So any fake acts of happiness and worship will not happen. If anything YOU should be happy that Tatiana is dancing for YOU, sorry but that's the reality of things. Tatiana will give you a very good dance, of course, but within limits. Ask anyone if Tatiana is good at what she does. She is absolutely fantastic but you can forget about the extras. No begging, no worshipping.
To sum it up, please come in to The Bush, we'd love to have you but tip if you are sitting on the stage. If you do not want to tip, sit somewhere else. Remember you are in a stripclub, not just a bar. Act somewhat civilized, Tatiana and many of her coworkers, and this might come as a surprise to your narrow minded brain, are probably more intelligent than you, judging on your actions. * YOU in this context is not about YOU per say, Tatiana is talking about the pathetic people.
Ok.........time to sleep now. And to all of you that are reading this, you must be cool since you know of Tatianas blog - many hugs, Tatiana loves you!

Flat Top this week

For some reason Tatiana decided to hike up Flat Top this week. It's been a while. Well, today her and Chhaya were on top of Flat Top for the third day in a row. So now Tatiana can say that she hiked Flat Top three times in a week and three consecutive days.
It was gorgeous out today and the view from the top was great, many nice colors since the leaves are changing.
If you ever go to Anchorage you too should hike up Flat Top and if you live here, Tatiana hopes that you have been up there at least once.


Tatiana is IN LOVE with these Burberry boots! They are SO SEXY and FIERCE! Why do they need to exist? Tatiana is lusting for them! Shoes like these should be outlawed! Tatiana wants! and handbags, leggings, cute bijouterie - this makes Tatianas heart beat faster.
As well as MANY other fun things.
You need to see these boots! LOOK! Do you like? Tatiana would look so hot in them!
: )


Tatiana is at Middle Way Cafe, waiting for her avocado melt sandwich, sipping a warm Sattwa Chai.
How come when she wants to talk to someone, a friend, there is no one available? None of her friends is answering their phone and Tatiana wants to talk, NOW! When Tatiana is sad she likes to talk, she doesn't hold things in, it feels much better to vent and let it out.
Nothing really bad is going on because then Tatiana wouldn't be able to sit here calmly in a public place, writing a blog.
First, there is a set back in her attempts to get a modification on her home loan, the people at the loan departement are dumb and annoying. Tatiana spent so much time faxing all her info over to them and now they claim that they didn't get all the paperwork on time, when Tatiana knows they did. It's annoying, so time consuming, Tatiana hates dealing with stuff like this and it's bureaucracy. So now Tatiana has to do it all over again!
Then something of Tatianas is missing from work. Last Friday she must have left her small Hello Kitty bag, not the new make up one, on the counter in the dressing room. This is very unlike Tatiana but she must had forgot it. Last night at work she looked all over for it but couldn't find it. It was full of her necklaces, rings and bracelets, really nice stuff. Tatiana is not sure what to do? She is going to put up some notes at work, hoping to get the stuff back with a nice little reward. Hopefully somebody is just holding it safe for Tatiana. No one at work has these kinds of trinkets, they are very unique and Tatiana loves her stuff. This is making her sad........... : (
It's a cloudy day and kind of cold. Flip flop season is coming to an end.
Tatiana is going to read the latest Savage Love column, hopefully this can make her smile.

UPDATE ON "SAD"...........

Well, after Middle Way Tatiana made it home.........she saw a Nordstrom bag by her tv, she went shopping for new Honey Dew panties the other day. "Honey Dew" - interesting name on a panty brand, don't you think? So, Tatiana peeked in the bag, and what was in it? Yeah, her Hello Kitty bag with all her trinkets she thought were missing. And that wasn't the end of good things, Tatiana found some money in the pocket of one of her hoodies in the closet. Nice!
Then Tatiana got a little sad again for a while because she realized that she is attached to her stuff, not good. Bu then she declared to herself that she can't help but being attached to her cute Hello Kitty necklaces, they are just too cute.
So, it's almost time for work, Tatiana needs to go because she is going to grab an iced vanilla latte on her way to work.

Fireweed is gone

Today is 9/9/09. Kind of funny.
So Tatiana decided that the Fall has arrived. No more Fireweed (a flower here in Alaska) and she also saw leaves falling off trees yesterday.
The weather is still pretty nice, Tatiana went camping the other day.
But Summer is over, Tatiana had a panic attack but after a few pastries and some deep breaths she realized that there is beauty in every season. Tatiana has a feeling that this will be a wonderful Fall and Winter for her.