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Savage Love

One of Tatiana's absolute favorite things to read is Savage Love, a sex and relationship advice column that can be found in free newspapers across the country, in Las Vegas you can read it in City Life and in Anchorage in the Anchorage Press that comes out every Thursday. Savage Love is written by Dan Savage, an openly gay guy and one of Tatiana's idols. He gives really good advice to the people that write in with all kinds of questions, he is kind, funny, intelligent and straight to the point. He promotes great things and Tatiana agrees with basically every thing that he has to say. Like his opinions about sex workers, you can read about Dan and some of his opinions if you look him up. Everybody can benefit from some Savage Love! Tatiana has learned phrases like GGG and DTMFA by reading Savage Love. GGG stands for "Good, Giving and Game".
To quote Dan, "GGG stands for good, giving, and game, which is what we should all strive to be for our sex partners. Think good in bed, giving equal time and equal pleasure, and game for anything within reason." Tatiana thinks that's great.
And DTMFA stands for "Dump That MotherFucker Already". Meaning if somebody treats you shitty in a relationship, don't wait around, just DTMFA! Great advice!
Tatiana loves it that Dan is openly gay. Tatiana doesn't care what people do as long as it is consensual. We all just want to be happy ultimately. Some like women, some like men - whatever. As long as you are a good person, that's all that matters.
Ok, Tatiana has to wrap it up, it's time to shower and shave, work is waiting, Tatiana's fans need her.


Tatiana decided that today was a fine day to see Seward since she hadn't been there yet, until today that is. So Seward it was. No SeaLife center, Tatiana has already been to a few similar places, so she went on a hike through the forest instead.
And then she found an additional faerie in a cute store to add to her growing collection.
Tatiana loves faeries, mermaids, pink, purple, baby blue, stars, glitter, rainbows..........anything like that. That is some information about Tatiana you should know in case you don't already.
Life is sunny and beautiful, hope yours is too!

Twitter is lame

Tatiana thinks Twitter is kind of lame. Just to throw out a bunch of meaningless sentences randomly to the masses, like who cares?
That' why Tatiana doesn't write blogs every day, there needs to be some kind of substance in a blog, even if only a little.
So no,Tatiana doesn't tweet. It's lame. If you do - that's fine, Tatiana doesn't.

So what's new in your life lately? Here in Anchorage, it is still sunny, sunny is wonderful. Tatiana has been occupying herself with laundry the last few hours, she lets her laundry pile up before she reluctantly does it. Tatiana needs a boy maid in a skimpy outfit. Send your resume.
Earlier, Tatiana met up with Kennedy and Ireland for some avocado sandwiches at Middle Way Cafe, super yummy those sandwiches.
Later today Tatiana will do some errands and take Chhaya out.
Besides things like these, it' been work. A few trips down to Soldotna, one coming up.
Tatiana has found a new appreciation for Ford trucks, they are great, they are her new hobby.
More from Tatiana when she is having another moment of inspiration.

Line up for Monster Massive announced

And it is sooooooo good! Tatiana is super excited! Hernan Cattaneo, TV Rock, Murk - this will be GOOD, DARK AND EVIL. Perfect!
Are you curious about Monster Massive? Do you NEED? You probably do! It's good for you. Almost as good as a dance from Tatiana.

And here's one of Tatianas favorite songs. Sexy. Enjoy!

Kate Moss and fashion

Tatiana looooooveeeees Kate Moss! She has such a gorgeous face. Exquisitely photogenic. Tatiana loves fashion, models and the catwalk. The art of photography. It is just something about it all that draws her in.
Like right now Tatiana is so lusting after the thigh high, incredibly sexy and just drop dead gorgeous Rodarte boots by Nicholas Kirkwood. These boots are so hot they should be illegal! Tatiana predict thigh high boots to be the big trend for fall.
Or some super sexy black leather leggings with zippers? Tatiana loves leggings.
Juicy hand bags! Bebe leather legwarmers! Free People harness suspender! So bad!
Tatiana could totally spend, spend, spend on fashion and Hello Kitty accessories.
Then there is the Tatiana that just wants to be walking around naked in flip flops. Well.......not naked, just kidding, but flip flops (preferably pink), cute jeans and a cute tank top. Tatiana thinks it is good to be versatile. There's a way to be in Alaska and a way to be at Monster Massive. It makes life interesting.

Check out the boots! Warning! Orgasm inducing!

And look at that face! XOXO to Kate from Tatiana.

Narcissistic? You betcha!

Does Tatiana love looking at herself in the mirror? Oh yes! She loves pictures of herself (if they are good, she is picky with her pictures). She is sooooooo vain, totally narcissistic.
What else can be expected? Tatiana is a Perfect Polish Princess with some Super Sweet Swedish mixed in, a great combo. She is like that ice cream you get at Stone Cold Creamery - the ultimate mix.
Seriously though, Tatiana has good days and bad days. Sometimes she is on top and looks it and sometimes she is tired and looks it. Peoples compliments usually go in one ear and out the other, she has been hearing those since she was 14. What Tatiana notices is if the other person pays attention and puts in some effort. Action speaks louder than words, so true.
But yes, it's nice to get compliments but Tatiana doesn't get carried away by them. After all, she looks at herself all day long. It is very nice! YES!
Here are some Tatiana pics. You will like!
In one of them, Tatiana with a can of bear spray, the only thing that will keep the men off her. It's tough being Tatiana. And the others, self portraits from the dressing room at work.


Tatiana thinks this blog needs more stuff about Chhaya..........Tatiana's best friend.
Chhaya is four, she was born in Las Vegas in a Mexican family. Her first name was Bala, which means bullet. Tatiana thought about it and renamed the puppy Chhaya. When Tatiana got Chhaya she was 11 lbs, she is about 72 lbs now.
Chhaya's best friend lives in Las Vegas, her name is Honey and she is a Rottweiler. She lives with Tatiana's friend Angelica, another Polish Princess.
Chhaya is well traveled, she has been to California several times, she loves running around on the beach in Malibu. She has also been to New Mexico, Denver and she came all the way up to Alaska with Tatiana. She spent her first birthday in Solvang California, the Scandinavian village.
Since Tatiana loves Chhaya so much she has given her many names........Chhaya knows all of them. Because she is very intelligent. Tatiana can't really explain the reason and meaning for all these names, they just fit. Here are some......Stingy, Kroiki, Gina, Gini, Ginelet, Bundini, Kai Kai, Nakaina, The Mama, Mamelette, Knuda. And Chhaya is also a Food Crawler........meaning she will sneak up on you when you eat and stare you down until you give her some food. Her Food Crawler name is Kajuk Nilchina, there are native Alaskan legends about this Food Crawler.
When Tatiana means serious business with Chhaya she will speak to her in Polish. But Chhaya is usually very well behaved. Her favorite games are tug (she is super strong) and she also loves playing search.
Chhaya is a super good cuddler and gives lots of kisses. And she smells really good. She is very protective of Tatiana, she is a pitbull after all.
You might think Tatiana is crazy to love this dog so much and yes, Tatiana is crazy - totally insane, that's why YOU love Tatiana so much. But really, this is no crazier than when people show off their boring baby pics and go on and on about their special children. At least Chhaya doesn't whine or cry.


So it's August already. Time seems to go faster and faster, Tatiana thinks. And it's no fun. Tatiana doesn't want the Summer to be over. So far it has been a really good one, another sunny, warm and gorgeous day today.
Tatiana actually has mild anxiety that Summer is slowly wrapping up.......the nights are dark now and chilly, no more light, long Alaskan Summer nights.
But then Halloween is just around the corner, that's Tatianas favorite time of the year, she loves the decorations and the haunted houses she can visit. And MOST OF's MONSTER MASSIVE time! Time to dance all night long to dark, pumping, evil sounding, body shaking house beats in LA. Nothing is better! Seriously.
Then it's Christmas and New Years. Christmas is ok. Then December 27, Tatiana birthday, she wants to have an Alice In Wonderland/Madhatter tea party this year. New Years, kind of bitter sweet......a new year.......a year gone, it's kind of sad. But New Years means Together As One, another fantastic party that Tatiana will be at.

Tonight Tatiana has cleaned her place a little, cleaning is kind of therapeutic. All of these feelings and thoughts make her feel a little sad. Tatiana misses her friends in Vegas. In LA and in Sweden. : (
It's no fun to miss people. Tatianas Mom is in Stockholm, Sweden and her little brother in Tokyo, Japan.

Tatiana's blog!

Tatiana wants to make sure you know that currently there are over 270 entries on this blog.
It came to her understanding that some people think that Tatiana's blog only consists of the first blog page. Oh no! You need to SCROLL DOWN to the bottom of the page and click NEXT PAGE. Or you can search through the archives. The blogs go back a few years and YOU NEED Tatiana's blog so START READING! It doesn't get much better than Tatiana's blog!
In the beginning Tatiana had a co blogger, her other fargosister Julia. Julia is no longer blogging but to all of you that want to know, she is doing well and looks as good as ever. And Tatiana agrees with Julia that fake eye lashes are DA NANG!

Hand Tram

Tuesday is Tatianas day off. Chhaya needed some fun so Tatiana decided to go to Moose Flats past Girdwood. There's a lake there where Tatiana went swimming a few weeks ago. The weather wasn't sunny today and it was cold out by the lake, Chhaya went swimming for sticks while Tatiana stayed dry. Then Tatiana remembered that she heard about a Hand Tram somewhere in Girdwood. And yes, there really is one. First you need to drive to the trail head and hike for about 1.3 miles through some seriously enchanted forest. Green, mossy, large trees, so nice.
And then you get to the Hand Tram. It's basically a small tram that you get into and then you pull yourself across the river. Chhaya wasn't as enthusiastic as Tatiana to participate in this but she got into the tram. Tatiana made some progress and then she felt like she was going to faint. Tatiana is scared of heights and this tram is way high up in the air, dangling, attached to some ropes. So Tatiana pulled the tram back to safety. Scary! But really cool. This is a great hike and a fun thing to do if you want to experience sitting in a little tram high up in the air. Tatiana will go back here and next time she might actually be brave enough to cross over.