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Tatiana is really excited because she is flying out to Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park tomorrow to see the bears! Yeay! This is going to be so much fun. Bears are cute!


Tatiana and Sonja met for lunch at Glacier BrewHouse this afternoon. During lunch they decided to seize the day, CARPE DIEM, and drive to Hope.
Tatiana was surprised with how gorgeous the drive to Hope was. The forest over there is perfect for faerie sightings. Tatiana wants to go back to Hope and spend the night there, camping. And the girls also came across a beautiful beach, when they return next time they will take cute lingerie pics here.
Tatiana liked Hope so much she didn't want to leave........

Flattop again

Tatiana was feeling like going up Flattop again. Second time this week. She doesn't know where all this extra energy is coming from but it is great. Today was a perfect day to hike Flattop, it was a little cloudy so it looked very mysterious up there. It felt so good.
Here's a pic from the top.

The day so far.....

Decided to get some exercise on hopefully a nicer ass, lol. So me and Chhaya went up Flattop today. Phew!
Planning on doing some laundry later and as little as possible. Great day so far.


Btw this past morning Tatiana felt an earthquake! Her second since being in Alaska, but this one was pretty strong, it measured 5.4. Tatiana was still in bed, slowly waking up when her bedroom window rattled and then her bed shook twice.
George Noory even mentioned it on tonights Coast To Coast.
If Tatiana would tell her Mom about the earthquake, her Mom would demand that Tatiana return to Sweden right away.

Kvichak Lodge

Tatiana has a really hot insider tip for all of you that wish to experience Alaska outside of Anchorage. Go to the KVICHAK LODGE! You need to see this place, it is so nice! Kvichak Lodge is located on the Kvichak River that flows out of Lake Iliamna, which is the largest lake in Alaska. You can only get here by plane and the plane ride is very scenic.
What can you do there? Mainly fishing. If you want to have a great fishing adventure with plenty of chances to get trophy fish...... THIS is your place! Also relax, since the lodge is perfect for just that. Enjoy the river by boat or take a nice walk. See wildlife. Or try to get a glimpse of the rumored Iliamna lake monster!
And bear viewing! Katmai National Park is a short 25 min flight away and there you can watch the bears catch the salmon by Brooks Falls. That is definitely something to remember forever.
Actually Tatiana has been here. Not to fish but to relax and plant flowers. It was soooooo wonderful and she wants to go back!
Here are some pics to get a better idea of what Kvichak Lodge looks like but it is so much better in reality.......Book yourself an adventure there!

Faeries and Hatcher Pass

Today Tatiana decided to take Sonja, her friend from CA, that's back for some more of Alaskas action, up and over Hatcher Pass on a scenic road trip. Tatiana loves road trips, remember?
First the girls had some breakfast in Wasilla and after that they went searching for faeries at a store called Alaska Midnite Scents. Seriously, Tatiana wanted at least half of what was in that store. Faeries, mermaids.......Tatiana loves them. Tatiana got a cute faerie laying on a mushroom, a fly agaric mushroom, one of the more interesting ones right? Tatiana needs to go back to that store very soon for some more stuff that she needs.
Then off to Hatcher Pass........Little Susitna River has the most gorgeous turquoise water, Tatiana wants to live by that river for like a week. So, Tatiana was hoping to show Sonja Summit Lake and then drive across the pass to Willow and go back from there.
But this is Alaska and there was still too much snow up there to drive through. That trip will have to wait.

Then Tatiana indulged to her dessert cravings and went to Peggy's and got two slices of rhubarb pie to go. That and some vanilla bean ice cream, hot Earl Grey tea with lemon and sugar and the latest episode of Daisy Of Love will make a great ending to this day.
Speaking of Daisy......Tatiana thinks she is planning on reintroducing London to the show. Yeay! This will be great. Though Flex is hot too Tatiana decided.

One more thing......Alaska in the summer time is just so awesome, the long nights are the best. Tatiana loves her life!

Hot off the press

Here are some new pics of Tatiana by popular demand.
Tatiana likes taking pictures. She was recently offered to sign with IKON (a modeling agency in NY). Sounds great initially but they wanted Tatiana to stay in a "model apartment" meaning you share a New York size apartment with at least one, probably a few girls and on top of it, you have to pay rent, way too much rent. And go on castings every day, hoping to get a job. Chanses are the modeling agency would want Tatiana to change her hair. It's no guaranteed income and since Tatiana has bills, like a mortgage, this is not feasible.
Where was this offer years ago?
Anyways, it's not a big deal.
Tatiana likes to eat her potatoes and drink her vanilla lattes too much to have some person at the modeling agency tell her to drink only water and eat only salad. And change her look.
A lot of the girls in NY that try to do the whole modeling thing have to rely on other jobs, like waitressing, dancing, baby sitting to make enough to get by. Only some actually make a living modeling. Not everyone gets discovered at Heathrow airport at the tender age of 14 like Kate Moss.
It's after 3 am and Tatiana is about to go to sleep. Work was a waste of time and effort. Tomorrow is a new day. Tatiana is already fantasizing about what to eat when she gets up.

It's nice to have good friends!

Tatiana got home from work not too long ago. It was really her night off but she decided to be ambitious and work sum it up......B O R I N G!!
It was certainly nice to get home and take a hot bath. Then Tatiana rinsed off some cherries, Chhaya helped with eating them. Yes, Chhaya eats cherries, potatoes, peppers, oranges......she likes lots of different things. Tatiana is proud of her.
Tatiana saw that Kennedy had sent her a bunch of pictures from the trip they went on a few weeks ago. It made Tatiana happy, she hopes they can go back there soon, it was soooooo nice.
Tatiana thinks that Kennedy is a great friend. And she is really hot too! Here's a pic of Tatiana and Kennedy outside Blackbeary Bog (a supercute store) in Homer.

National Day of Sweden today!

June 6 is the official national day of Sweden! Today is an especially exciting day because they are playing a soccer game, FOTBOLL that is, in Stockholm........Sweden against Denmark.
Tatiana misses Sweden in the summer. Stockholm on a nice summer day is such a gorgeous city, it's right at the ocean and you can walk everywhere.
Sweden is a great country. Tatiana moved there with her Mom from Poland when she was around four years young.