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Tatiana loves animals........

Tatiana is kind of an animal rights person. It is basically proven that animals share feelings with us humans (the brutes that we are) like compassion, love, embarrassment. Ponder that for a minute! Tatiana gets upset when she hears about a pet that has been mistreated or any other animal that's hurting.
Tatiana is mostly vegetarian. She makes exceptions once in a while in regards to her meat consumption, also she is not a vegan - though she has a lot of admiration for vegans. Tatiana does not need an animal to give up it's life to feed Tatiana. They have the right to life just like us. And while they live, they should get treated well, like milk cows for example, they should live in a comfortable environment. Have you ever petted a cow or a calf or a pig? They are so cute!!! Tatiana loves them!
One day Tatiana would like to have a large area where she would build an animal rescue. She would rescue all kinds of animals right now but can't because she wouldn't be able to provide for them properly. There are other ways to help, like volunteering at animal shelters or making donations.
One other important issue that Tatiana would like to point out is the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. Looking back, Tatiana should had adopted a dog, instead she bought Chhaya in Las Vegas. Of course she does not regret this, Chhaya is Tatianas wonderful companion.
But it is so nice to rescue a dog or a cat instead of buying a new pet.
Also Chhaya won't be a Mom, though Tatiana had many proposals to breed Chhaya since she is a very pretty blue nose pitbull, the puppies can sell for up to $ 1000, but there are too many pitbulls that end up in shelters due to neglect. Tatiana would be heartbroken if Chhaya had puppies and even one of them would get mistreated.
So please, think about the animals, think twice before acting. They are so beautiful and they have rights just like you.
Here are some PETA ads.

Update on Daisy....... London decided to quit "Daisy Of Love"........Tatiana is disappointed because London was the best looking guy on the show and now Tatiana can't look at him anymore. And Daisy and London seemed to have a real interest in each other. Hopefully they will bring him back later, or him and Daisy can get together another time. Or he can come up to Anchorage?! Even better!
So now Tatianas new fave boy for Daisy is.........Flex or maybe Sinister? Tatiana is not sure because she had her vote on London!


Yesterday was the first day of the seasonal summer market on 3rd, downtown. Tatiana went there for the food! Funnel cake with berries and powdered sugar! Corn on the cob with melted butter! Real lemonade! Fried rice and pierogis! She is going to go there once a week to eat, the market is only there on Saturdays and Sundays.
The other day Tatiana found another great place for dessert, Sugarspoon, they had some really good cupcakes there, new favorite place! And today Tatiana ate at The Bradley House but she won't go back there, nice location but that's about it.

Today there was also the annual employee meeting at The Bush. There was talk of upping the lap dance price from $ 20 to $ 25. Sure if all the girls would stick to it, right now there are girls that don't have enough sense to charge $ 20 per dance, instead they do $ 10 dances or dancing for drinks, hello........lame! Maybe those girls should leave and go work somewhere else, then we can talk about upping the price.
And the club is going to start charging out of staters $ 10 to enter. Right now it is free to get in. What they really need to do is weed out some of the inebriated locals that go there just to drink, they just take up space and they are annoying. Hello, it's a strip club, not a bar! The club should just charge everyone that wants to come in $ 5, that would eliminate some of the locals that go there for the wrong reasons.

Earlier today Tatiana got a new pair of Havaianas flip flops, she found then at Nordstrom, baby pink. She already has a dark pink pair. Tatiana wears flip flops when it's warm. Or cold. Flip flops are great.

Right now Tatiana is watching "Daisy of Love" on VH1. Remember, Tatiana danced/worked with Daisy at Shotgun Willies in Denver? Daisy is really cute. So far Tatianas fave boy for Daisy (she is looking for loooooveeee) is London. He is really cute too!

Interesting indeed

First off, today Tatiana got Esquire magazine because Megan Fox is gracing the cover, Tatiana likes!
Megan is quite beautiful........what do YOU think? Watch and let Tatiana know!

Another thing. Back to Miss California, interestingly enough some topless pics of her (Carrie Prejean is her name) surfaced. What's even more interesting is that Tatiana shot with the same photographer that took these pics of Miss California. Tatiana was quite happy with the results. She is sharing two of the pics with you now, she has plans for the other pics for another upcoming project.
: )

Same Sex marriage right and pageants

Tatiana is very happy that gay people exist. Oh so very happy! Thank you gay people! The world sure would be a less colorful place without them. Tatiana spent many nights dancing in gay bars, mostly guy gay bars, those are great, good looking guys dancing around and not trying to hit on Tatiana, what else can be better? One of Tatianas best friends is gay and he is so awesome in every way and one of Tatianas fave dj's and also a friend, is gay and he is the hottest.
So the recent Miss California can take her anti gay marriage remark and stick it up her bony ass. California should be represented by a gay friendly chick anyways. Just make PEREZ Hilton Miss California already!
Miss California says that her remark is "biblically correct". Oh whatever, you lame fogbone says Tatiana to that. To bring the bible into the gay thing is just so tired and old and wrong. If she is so into her bible and so church going she should be less worried about competing in pageants where all she is being judged on is what she looks like and not what's inside her brain, obviously. If she really is such a good bible follower she should rip out those implants she just got "to boost her confidence" and wash off all that make up and go and do something good for human kind instead, that would boost her confidence more than those implants will.
Pageants are so passe anyways, that stuff is so dumb.
And who cares if two people that like each other want to be together even if they are of the same sex? Seriously, it's 2009.....get with the times people!
Being gay or not should not matter! Kids get bullied at school over "being gay" and many are so sad and fed up that they commit suicide over it! Imagine being 11 and so sad over being bullied at school that you resort to suicide!? This is no laughing matter. It is very serious. And this Miss California can take her "biblically correct" opinion and shove it!
Tatiana is sending every intelligent, open minded person all her love!

LOL and YES Tatiana still needs......

On April 3 Tatiana announced that she still needs the OLIVIA painting and suggested that YOU get.........
Somebody calling themselves "Tatiana Richardson" decided to leave this comment "well not everyone can attend to your needs. you better learn to work!"
Tatiana thinks this is great, she loves comments. YEAY! She knows that many are reading her superfun and awesome blog but majority are not leaving any comments. Don't be lazy all of you! Tatiana doesn't care if you come with positive or negative comments. She is happy with herself no matter what.
So Tatiana just wants to say to "Tatiana Richardson" that YES she still needs and no she does not need to learn to work because she already works and she does it quite well. Maybe "Tatiana Richardson" can come in to The Bush one night to see for herself how well Tatiana knows how to work? Tatiana thinks that this "Tatiana Richardson" really needs at least 10 lap dances with lots of good old fashioned boob slapping, because that's really good therapy!
Tatiana also thinks that "Tatiana Richardson" has a very interesting first name! What a coincidence, WOW!
Here it is once again, Tatiana needs this!

Nice day!

The weather is soooooo nice here in Anchorage! Tatiana is remembering the usual Vegas temperatures in May - too hot.
Tatiana had lunch at Tap Root Cafe today with a friend. Good food, too small portions, hello Tatiana eats, no diets here. In fact, Tatiana has been eating so much lately that like four or five pounds could come off now. But not by dieting, if Tatiana dieted she would be too mean and scare everyone at work. Instead she probably has to go to the gym at least once, preferably twice a week, oh horrid thought! Tatiana has to make an effort? Oh no!

After that Tatiana did some errands and finally got rid of those leather gloves.
Remember the bum in need of gloves that Tatiana saw a few months ago, when it was still cold? Well, Tatiana was sure she would see him again but didn't. So instead she got some more gloves and nice wool socks, three pairs of gloves and three pairs of socks and donated to "Vets Helping Vets" an organization that collects for homeless or in need vets. They need too. Tatiana needs stuff and so do others, Tatiana knows this!
Somebody made a comment about Tatiana needing that Olivia painting, that somebody thinks that Tatiana should work. Hello YOU FOGBONE, Tatiana does work, ok. But sometimes people like to give gifts, just like Tatiana did to the vets today and others in the past. So if a nice person wants to give Tatiana that Olivia painting then they can. If you don't ask you will never know, ok. More on the fogone and it's comment tomorrow.

Now Tatiana is going to take a nap and then shower and shave because there are lots of people that need Tatianas smooth.....moist......legs at work.

Funny stuff at work

Some nights, during her time at work, Tatiana is observing all the people in there. It is fun and interesting to watch how other girls try to make money at work Tatiana thinks. Sometimes really fun!
There was a girl there a while back that would offer free dances and then guys would feel bad for her and tip her afterwards. Or she would dance in exchange for drinks. Like, "hi I am too ugly to get a dance by just asking so I am resorting to this and please feed my alcohol habit too."
Now there is a girl that tells guys she is looking for a boyfriend or a husband, she probably thinks that if she seems available for "outside of the club activities" she will manage to make more money. Like "if you get a dance I might date you".
Then it's really funny and desperate looking, Tatiana thinks, when girls walk around with their tops off asking for dances, especially funny when they get a no! LOL! Seriously, "put yer top back on, you are looking sooooo desperate!"
Or the ones that talk a bunch of bs during the dance about "how horny they are", or "how hot they think the guy they are dancing for is" and bla bla bla. Come on! Purring in guys' ears? Too much effort! Moaning? Ich don't think so..........Licking somebodys neck? Gross.
Even better, whispering a bunch of stuff to a try to to get a dance and still get a no. If Tatiana would put in that much work to get a dance and still get a no she would kick the guy so she better just stay away from that.
If Tatiana has an honest compliment to give she will but it will be honest, not a bunch of empty misleading crap in hopes to make more cash.
How about the $ 10 dances, instead of $ 20? Seriously, if all a girl can do to make money is to offer half price dances maybe it's time to retire or loose 30 lbs or invest in a strong mouthwash.
Tatiana is willing to give FREE dances, yes, FREE, that's right, to personal friends or someone that would come in on a very regular basis or to someone buying ten dances, then you can get one or two for free. But just random $ 10 dances throughout the night? Once again.......ICH DON"T THINK SO.
Then there are the girls that don't take no for an answer and basically bully the guys into getting a dance. Super pathetic ok?! Guys, listen up. You do not have to agree to a dance just because some girl is latching on to you or pushing her boobs in your face. Just say no politely, or even better say that you are waiting for Tatiana!
How does Tatiana ask for dances? Something like "YOU NEED!?" or "hi, would you like a dance?" and a smile if she feels like it. Tatiana is way too proud to force people to get a dance or beg for a dance. Not only too proud, too pretty also. Maybe there will come a day when Tatiana has to resort to other ways to make money at work, but hopefully this day will never come. Hopefully Tatiana is not dancing anymore by then. Please no!
You either want a dance or not, it's simple, Tatiana doesn't feel like she has to convince anyone.
Tatiana would rather go home with less money made in a night than more money made in a way that collides with her integrity.
People are in there to have fun, not to get conned into spending money or feel bad for some drink needing dancer.
That's all on that for now.
Oh and a recent pic so you all can see that Tatiana really is too pretty to ever beg for dances. LOL.
: )

Ich Liebe Bruno!

Ooooh Tatiana can't wait! Bruno will come out here soon!
Who is this Bruno? Another Sacha Baron Cohen character, like BORAT that Tatiana loves!
Bruno is a gay, flamboyant and from Austria - just fabulous!
Sacha Baron Cohen is funny, smart and hot. He should be with Tatiana, instead his wife Isla just squeezed out a baby. Bleh!
Tatiana thinks "Ich don't think so!" Sacha will come to his senses soon and go away with Tatiana, maybe on a vacation to India?!