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HEJ means Hello/Hi in Swedish.
Tatiana has been pretty much busy all day today, since 8 30 this morning. In stripper time, that is an ungodly hour, unless Tatiana is out dancing and is just leaving the party to go to another party or going home. She needed to take care of lots of things today and accomplished quite a bit. Like her taxes. Tatiana heard that paying taxes is against The Constitution, is that so? If you have any info about this or if you live by it, e mail Tatiana with the info please.
Regarding taxes......some of Tatiana's thoughts are....... Ok if the money is used to pay for things that pretty much all of us use like roads, streets, public transportation (it's a good thing), parks, schools and free healthcare for everyone! Tatiana is not ok to fund wars and bailouts and The Octomom- she didn't make the choice to go to war, if anything she wishes there were no wars. Remember, Tatiana grew up in Sweden, pretty much free healthcare, unless you go for some kind of a plastic surgery, then you pay out of pocket, for example boob implants. Did Tatiana suffer terribly by growing up in Sweden, this "scary, socialist country" where people can get free higher education and not worry about hospital bills of they break a leg or get cancer? Hardly. Like, who gets sick on purpose or breaks a limb on purpose anyway? Not many. But since Tatiana considers herself a Global Citizen, she left Sweden to experience the world. The world needed Tatiana's presence and boobs! But she tries to go back and visit Sweden every so often.

Speaking of Sweden. Today Tatiana saw a commercial with Conan O'Brien, she loves Conan, he is so funny and so very cute. He has a great commercial out, and yes........Sweden is mentioned in it.
You should see it too!

Hej Hej!

House music never left!

Again, The New Yorker made a mistake. But as always, Tatiana is here to correct the mistakes made. It is good that YOU know Tatiana, how else would you be able to find out what's really going on?
Tatiana LOVES House music, basically electronica, Techno, but especially House. Oh yumminess! House has been around for a long time and according to The New Yorker it was kind of gone (???) but is now back due to songs like Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" and Kanye West's "Flashing Lights". Seriously? First of all, House never left and probably never will. It was just not "trendy" to go to raves and clubs that played this kind of music and it was more of an underground movement. Which is good by the way! It has been more trendy to go to lame ass clubs, like all the big clubs in Las Vegas for example, meat market atmosphere, full off annoying drunks, sipping on some spiffy drinks while listening to the latest top 40. If posing and trying to look important while texting on a cell is fun, then go to a club. And stay there please!
But if you want to enjoy life and dance your ass off, not worrying about anything else, then welcome to Tatianas kind of party.
She has been going to her raves for years now. Not only her. Monster Massive, Together As One, Electric Daisy Carnival are raves/parties that attract thousands of electronica music fans yearly, we are talking numbers like 20 000 - 40 000, at one party. And Tatiana can almost guarantee that most of the attendees would not be there unless there was House and Techno pumping out of the speakers. The best time, EVER.
Back to Lady Gaga and Kanye, these songs mentioned are hardly even close to House music, more pop. The use of a synthesizer doesn't make a song a House song. Tatiana likes Lady Gaga, she is refreshing but she wouldn't go as far as calling the songs she has heard from her to fit in the House music category.

Another thing that kind of fits in here. Paris Hilton had some commotion at a club recently. She went to a club during Winter Music Conference in Miami, a yearly electronica music event that draws some of the best dj's in the world. She probably forgot that she was attending a club were top 40 was not going to be played, she is confused and somewhat dumb, we all know that. She decided to go up to the dj and started telling him to change the music, she was getting "a migraine" supposedly. Whatever, leave then you dumb cow! The dj, Steve Angello, a guy from Sweden, probably thought she was notally nuts, which she is. A scuffle occurred, I hope he sues her ass. Steve knows how to dj, Tatiana is a witness to that. Paris needs to shut up and get busy with working on her tan and take care of her pets instead of bothering people that are trying to enjoy themselves.

The ashes from the happy Alaska volcano are under control, life is back to normal for now. Tatiana did some errands today and ate lots of food.
Enjoy the pic capturing Together As One, a great event.

Remembering a thing at work last night......

So Tatiana just thought of something that happened at work last night while she was on the stage. We dance two songs on the stage, in case you don't know.
There was this obnoxious and to put in mildly, not attractive woman sitting at the stage. Pulling down her shirt to show the whole club that she had two dollars stuck inside her fat cleavage. Thinking that Tatiana would go and dig those dollars up with her perfectly glossed lips. First of all, Tatiana does not take dollars in her mouth. That is yucky and totally passe. Maybe that was hot in the early 90's. Not anymore.
We get this a lot. Women that come in to the club and think that we, the dancers, should be all over them, wanting to make out with them and feel them up just because they are women in the stripclub. Um, NO.
Then the lady, removed the dollars from her sweaty cleavage and started waving them around in the air, making sexy faces at Tatiana and putting her hand inside the stage. Creepy. Tatiana can be mean at times, and she will ignore any stupid behavior. Had this lady been more normal, Tatiana would had payed her attention. Besides, there was a nice guy at the stage tipping four 20's and a 5, that was more interesting plus all the other guys sitting there.
Tatiana sees naked girls all the time, if she was going to make out with a girl she would make out with a HOT girl. Like Britney (Spears that is), or Megan Fox or Gisele.

Here is a pic of Gisele Bundchen. Tatiana likes pretty, modely looking girls, pretty from head to toe.

Ashed in

Well, it finally happened........not that Tatiana is thrilled about it or anything...... but the ashes from Mount Redoubt's eruptions finally blew to Anchorage.
Tatianas day started off normal, she got up early to get a pedicure. Her toenails were getting way too long. Though last night somebody admired Tatianas feet and called them "high society feet". LOL.
After the pedi, color pick grey sparkly steele in case you are curious, Tatiana went to eat at Middle Way Cafe, very good as always. Then a quick stop at the mall to pick up something from the MAC counter. After that Tatiana took Chhaya out for a walk. Then she got ready for work........
Pulling in to the parking lot she saw that there were no cars outside the club, a note on the door said that the club was closed due to the ashes from the volcano. Oh no! Tatiana shaved and lotioned up for nothing! No work tonight.......
So then Tatiana decided to go and get some groceries because who knows how long these ashes will lay around. You're not even supposed to be driving around.
BAH! Annoying!
Tatiana is spending the night at home, tv, ice cream, chips, cookies, tea and Chhaya.

More thoughts on other people......just because it's FUN!

So what's new in the "celebrity" world? Tatiana knows you are just dying to find out. Hmmmmmm, ok here we go.......
Hot, naughty sexpot Jenna Jameson gave birth to twin boys. Proud Papa is Tito Ortiz, big muscle guy and UFC fighter. When Jenna was asked if she would let her daughter, if she ever has one, do porn, she answered that she would lock her up in the closet. Wonder if she would lock up her boys if they wanted to do porn? Still, Tatiana likes Jenna. Go Jenna!
Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer broke up. Again. Hopefully for good this time. He is just creepy Tatiana thinks. Really big head. Ben Affleck too has a big head and is creepy. But what do women see in John Mayer? Tatiana doesn't see it at all. He is just not that cute. Or anything else for that matter. Jennifer Aniston is better off without him. Being alone is better than being with him.
Britney is on tour, the tour is called "Circus", just like her latest album. Britney looks fantastic! Tatiana LOVES Britney!
Lindsey Lohan and Samantha Ronson are still fighting and loving each other. Awesomely dysfunctional. They are great, Tatiana would like to go clubbing with them. Maybe next time she is in LA.
Madonna and her new boyfriend Jesus. Funny name combo here. Jesus and Madonna. Match made in Heaven. So what that she is 50 and he is 22? Nobody is saying anything when an old geezer is stepping out with a hot, young girl. Hypocrites! Get with the times, it's 2009 you fogbones!
Rihanna and Chris Brown abuse scandal. Ok, Tatiana feels for Rihanna. It's not easy to get out of a relationship when you think you love somebody, even when there is abuse involved. Chris Brown looks just like a chimp whereas Rihanna is super pretty. And chimps are violent, remember? Tatiana would be angry too if her bf had an affair with his much older manager. Rihanna is the prettiest girl he will ever have.
The Octomom. Disgusting. She looks grotesque and swollen. And if she has more kids Tatiana will petition so that lady will be forced to have her tubes tied. 14 kids, what was she thinking? Oh, that's right......she wasn't.
Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are not getting married after all. No, say it ain't so! Really? Sarah was just talking about a wedding while out on the campaign trail so she would not lose face. If they really wanted to get married they would had done so before Bristol squeezed Tripp out. Btw Tatiana heard a rumor months ago that little Levi was providing OxyContins in his high school. Don't know if there's any truth to that. But his Mom is currently awaiting trial on drug charges. Coincidence?
And who still wants Sarah for a potential president in four years? Oh, horrific thought! Tatiana is way better equipped for presidency than Sarah.
Vote for Tatiana NOW!!!


My friend Amber went to the animal shelter yesterday and rescued an adult male pitbull. To me, that makes her an angel. Rescuing a dog is a very nice thing to do. He is such a cutie! And he looks a lot like Chhaya, he is a blue nose too. Maybe they can become good friends?

Feigning over Twilight

Sitting at Kennedys house, watching Twilight..........mmmmmmmm........... Fantasizing about steamy hot make out sessions with sexy vampire boys.
Tatiana and Kennedy NEEDS!!!
Actually, the sequel to Twilight, New Moon, is being filmed in Vancouver right now. Tatiana is seriously thinking about packing a suitcase and going down there for a few weeks. She wants to run into Edward/Robert and hopefully make out with him. Maybe Kennedy can come with her?

Ugly Doll

Tatiana came across some news recently that little Sasha Obama brought her Ugly Doll to school. And supposedly a new trend was born.
Well, hold on now! Tatiana think it is great that little Sasha likes Ugly Dolls because they are supercute! BUT Tatiana was there first! Tatiana took her first Ugly Doll clipped to her Hello Kitty backpack to Monster Massive in 2006. Ugly Doll had a great night that night, he danced with many people, got lots of attention, good times! After that Tatiana got some more Ugly Dolls, the first Ugly Doll needed friends to accompany him to other raves. She has a big pink one laying on her bed in Las Vegas. And a few more small ones.
So before New York Times writes about who started the Ugly Doll trend.......they need to do their research better! Tatiana was definitely one of the first walking down that avenue. Tatiana has a knack for finding new things. Ugly Doll is just one of them...........

Hanging out with Kennedy

Sunday night around 9 pm here and Tatiana is at Kennedys house with Chhaya. Chhaya loves visiting Kennedy. They just ate some delicious quinoa tacos and had some tarts for dessert. Food is fun! Desserts even more fun.
It is Monday tomorrow but Tatiana rather it not be. She has a few things she needs to take care of this week that she had been putting off. Tatiana can be really good, or rather really bad, at procrastinating. She can put things off though she knows very well it would be in her best interest to get them done. So hopefully this coming week she will get some of the stuff taken care of. Bleh........
While writing this, Tatiana is also doing her laundry next door.

You are dying to know about the vagine hair design, right?
Well, as soon as the laundry is done, Tatiana and Kennedy are going to put down a pink sheet on the living room floor and get to work. Tatiana is tempted to try a new design down there, instead of the conventional cropped landing strip. How about a bright pink heart? That would be cute Tatiana thinks. Or a star?
Kennedy is not sure what she wants yet. A purple lightning bolt? Or a propeller, since she loves aviation so much!? The excitement regarding the designs is building up. Maybe this can become a new career? We can travel around the country designing vagines!
Who said girls that work together at the club don't get along? Tatiana and Kennedy get along great.
So now you need to make sure you come in to The Bush asap to inspect the new designs!

The week so far......

It is Saturday night, Tatiana should be at work right now but she worked every night this week since Monday and when it got to be around 6 pm today she just felt too unmotivated for work tonight. She is staying in. Catching up on VH1 and reading. And telling you about the life of Tatiana.
Earlier today, Tatiana met up with Kennedy. They were planning on going to Simon & Seafort's because they were both craving raspberry iced teas with fresh raspberries in the glass, sooooooo refreshing and good! But they were early and the place was still closed so they went to Snow City cafe instead. The iced teas will have to wait until another day.
Tatiana also went to Two Fish Gallery, it is a really cute jewelry place, she wants a new ring. Noooooo, not a diamond ring! It's a silver ring and the stone will be either pink, blue or green. Tatiana has not made up her mind yet.
A few days ago, Tatiana and Chhaya went to Eagle River Nature Center. They walked the Albert Loop trail, very nice. They will go back for sure! They both need this kind of stuff. Tatiana also picked up a vacuum for cheap in Eagle River. Found it on craigslist.
Her place needs to be vacuumed and the laundry is piling up......... Do you want to do Tatianas laundry?
No gym this week, just some long walks with Chhaya. It is warming up in Alaska and the sun is staying up longer, much needed.
Hmmmmm, what else did Tatiana do this week? She gets this question a lot. So here it goes in no particular order.....
Shower, shave, wash hair. Starbucks. Subway, foot long veggie baby! Walk Chhaya. Cuddle with Chhaya. Feed Chhaya. Post office. Write bills. Meet Kennedy. Fred Meyer for some groceries. Pet Zoo for dog food. Read books. Sleeeeeep, love to sleep.
Tomorrow though.......! Tatiana and Kennedy are meeting up, probably not for a bikini pillow fight this time. Tatiana is going to suggest that they design each others hair, down there. Tatiana is thinking about a new cute design for Spring, maybe some color too, pink and bright yellow?
Yes, there will be a report about it here. So keep reading!