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The four books in the TWILIGHT series......

.......found a new home at AWAIC today, a shelter for abused women here in town. Tatiana thought maybe they would like to read the books. She also donated washcloths, shower cremes and some toys. It is nice to do good for others.

What I did today and some fresh pics

Today I took Chhaya to Russian Jack park so she could have a fun time in the forest. I had to put booties on her feet because she was cold. It was beautiful outside. A picture perfect winter day.
Yesterday I met a drunk obnoxious weirdo at work that wanted to show me that he could break my hand and then he fell in love with me and wanted to kiss me, then he told me over and over again how rich he was. And gave me $ 60. WOW. Tatiana has never held that amount in her hands before, she almost fainted, WOW, big spender!
Seriously, do not go in to the stripclub trying to impress us girls with your karate skills, we don't care. Do not try to kiss me, gross! I don't want to kiss you, and if I do, I will let you know.......ok!? And please, I really don't care how rich you are, that does not impress me, spending $ 60 is not going to blow my mind. Try $ 60 000. Pay off my mortgage or buy me a brand new 4 Runner. I don't need to hear about your bank account, I am not that interested. Talk to me about something engaging instead.

"Slumdog Millionaire" is here, so Tatiana is going to see it, she loves Indian movies and Indian food. Yeay! Indian movie!
Tatiana is spending this evening at home, drinking tea, eating chocolate wafers, reading, tv, radio - the usual.

Here are some recent pictures, do you like the smiley or the non smiley better? Tatiana wants to know!