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So yesterday Tatiana went to Barnes & Noble and picked up the latest Elle on her way to work. Tatiana is a rather impatient girl and if she gets bored at work she makes her way upstairs and reads in the dressing room. Of course she reads more than gossip and fashion mags, she is reading "Plant Spirit Shamanism" right now, but that will be another blog. Fashion mags are good to indulge in at work.
In Elle there was an interview with some lady, Gigi Levangie Grazer, supposedly just divorced from some Hollywood big shot producer and also an author of some juicy novels. One which has been made into a tv series, "The Starter Wife". Good for Gigi! In this interview Gigi's physique during her years with her big time husband was described. This is what she looked like. "Gigi's biceps were rock hard, her famously well toned derriere was smaller than a 10-year-old boy's."

Hmmmm....... WTF? 10 year old boy's? How PEDO is that? And why would a grown woman want an ass the size of a prepubescent boys ass anyway? That is so not attractive! Tatiana has to take a picture of HER famous derriere and put up here, maybe Gigi and the other Hollywood ladies can read Tatianas blog and see what a nice ass REALLY looks like. Rock hard biceps on a woman? Yeah, if you compete in a body building competition. Muscles are nice, but rock hard? No.
Further along in the article Gigi talks about how else the Hollywood ladies spend their time. "Everyone does Botox, fillers, cosmetic surgery. You get highlights and blow-drys and everyone's got hair extensions; if you see long hair on a person in LA, that's not her hair- she just bought it. You get a manicure and pedicure once a week at home. There's the self-tanning guy who comes to your house. Your teeth are bleached and bonded; everybody's got veneers. You laser the hair off your legs and get bikini waxing and eyebrow transplants and that chemical that makes your lashes grow; who knows what's in it-I did it and I'll probably end up blind with botulism. Half of my friends in LA are doing labiaplasty or vaginoplasty. It's tough in LA when you are sitting next to a 22-year-old who has an intact vaginal passageway."

Wow, talk about high maintenance! How the hell do these people have time to enjoy life? Do they eat? Go camping? Live life?
Yes, Tatiana too has to shave her legs, come on, she has to but if it wasn't for work she would let the forest grow out once in a while. Sometimes when her thighs are a little fuzzy she makes guys admire the fuzz, they all love it. The vagine hair needs to be controlled, even before stripping Tatiana preferred a controlled bush. Tatiana gets an occasional manicure and pedicure. And she buys box color to cover up her streak of grey hair she's had since a friend discovered it when Tatiana was 18 (a sign of high intelligence, lol). And Tatiana has been thinking about maybe getting Botox too, she admits to it, yes..... But all that stuff Gigi is talking about, it is just too much! What do these people REALLY look like? And vaginoplasty? So some guy can feel like he is doing a real tight vagine? Kegels, ladies or just forget about it, don't give out the vagine, keep it for yourselves! Ok, maybe if the lips are hanging out of the underwear.......or bother you physically somehow. Then Tatiana can understand the desire to trim a little down there.

By the way, Tatiana writes VAGINE because that's how BORAT says it and that's how Tatiana says it, now you know, in case you didn't know already!
Tatiana loves BORAT.

Ok, Tatiana has to jump in the shower and shave the vagine now.


You should know that a dedicated Tatiana dragged herself out of bed at 7 30 this morning to watch Obamas inauguration. To you 7 30 might be a normal time to get up, but Tatiana is one of those spoiled strippers that sleeps until noon every day of the week. Keep in mind that she also goes to sleep around 3 30 am. Tatiana needs sleep, actually she loves sleeping.
Tatiana heard a few really funny Obama, Palin jokes at work last night but she will refrain from retelling them here, you will have to hear them in person if you think you can handle it.
Thoughts about the inauguration? Tatiana thinks that he race issue is stupid and too focused on, the man is mixed, big deal. What matters is to be qualified and intelligent. Also, Tatiana is not happy with Rick Warren. Whatever God people choose to believe in or not to believe in should be separated from politics, also Warrens views on gay matters are so outdated, he needs to get with the times, Tatiana loves Ellen, remember?!
Besides this, Tatiana does not have a lot of faith in politics. She thinks that us, the masses are pawns being played in a game that revolves around money and power. A game we can't really understand and are kept from trying to understand, more on this another time.
Tatiana likes Obama, but he is another politician that is talking and making promises, time will tell what will happen. Action speaks louder than words. Or like Elvis said "A little less conversation a little more action please".
You should listen to Coast To Coast Tatianas fave radio show.
Tatiana just wants peace and love and food and shelter for everybody. And a respect for our Planet, we only have one, be nice to it!!! We are all in it together though it might not seem like it because we are so caught up in ourselves.
Here is a pic of something Tatiana put together while in Homer.
Many hugs!!!

William Hung

Tatiana really really likes William Hung. She just wanted you to know this. If you don't know who he is you can paste the link. And then admire him.
William is great and cute, Tatiana wants to adopt him. Tatiana hopes that he is very happy!

The pastries prevailed!

Tatiana woke up today, determined to go to the gym. She has been to the gym a grand total of three times since her arrival to Anchorage. She decided that today would be gym day. She kept that determination for a good 15 minutes until an image of some scrumptious pastries appeared in her head. The pastries won......Instead of the gym she headed straight for The French Oven a great place where you can find really delicious almond croissants, (Tatiana got two), and apple strudels, (Tatiana got one). After that she got herself an iced vanilla with whipped cream, of course, and a fruit smoothie and headed home to indulge and read all the latest gossip magazines. A great way to spend a few hours, don't you think?

A rainy day...... a great day to have a manicure and a pedicure. It has warmed up here and the snow is melting and Tatiana can ice skate instead of walk on the streets. Tatiana and Kennedy decided to have a manicure and a pedicure today. It was raining outside and warm and cozy inside the nail place.
Tatiana had her toes and fingers painted in pretty pink and Kennedy chose a sexy burgundy red for herself.
Also, Tatiana and Kennedy want all the guys to know that it is very manly and sexy when a guy goes to the nail salon for a manicure and a pedicure for himself. Tatiana thinks that sky blue or jet black are hot manly colors for guys to decorate their nails with, or just go natural.
Next time you want to go and get pampered, let Tatiana know, she will bring Kennedy and we can all go to the salon!

Book comparison

So Tatiana finished reading all four books in the "Twilight" series. The author is Stephenie Meyer. Tatiana decided on reading these books after watching "Twilight" at the movies a while ago.
So the verdict according to Tatiana is that the movie is better than the book, it is usually the other way around. Tatiana could at least look at Edward in the movie. He was HOT, so much so that she saw "Twilight" twice. The books were rather boring. Drawn out. Tatiana didn't like that Bella only had Edward as an interest in her life, Edward came off as controlling and jealous. Then on top of it, Bella got pregnant, while still a teen. Not so good. Tatiana thinks that Bella should had been more worried about herself and her own life.
Anyways, Tatiana is donating the four books to a shelter for women and teens. She will not re read them.
A while back, Tatianas good friend Rose Marie that lives in Sweden, sent her a book, "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini. And for Christmas she sent her "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by the same author. These books are incredible! "The Kite Runner" is also a movie based on the novel, but in this case the book is so much better that the movie. It would be difficult to make justice to a book like this in a movie. These books are so well written, so interesting and at times very difficult to read because they are sad and gripping. Tatiana loves these books! She thinks Hosseini is a literary genious. She will keep them and re read them many times.

Tatiana the chef

So Tatiana is not a wizard in the kitchen. She is not totally clueless either but she would rather go out and dine or have someone cook for her instead of attempting to make an elaborate meal herself. She can make pierogis, but they have to be premade, then all Tatiana has to do is fry them up with some onions and serve them with sour cream. Very good! She can boil water for tea and boil eggs. She knows how to make a yummy greek salad. Things like that.
The other night when Tatiana got home from work, she was HUNGRY and needed to eat something, fast. So she decided on making some Quinoa. She doesn't really know how this happened but she had some kitchen towels laying on the stove and somehow the towels managed to catch on fire. The whole apartment got really stinky, kind of smoky and the fire alarm went off at 3 am. Tatiana was jumping up and down, wearing her thong only, frantically waiving a towel in front of the fire alarm to make it stop ringing. Chhaya looked at her like "seriously, WTF"? Then Tatiana had to open the front door and a window to air the place out. It was really cold out, so her apartment got icy.
At 3 am, after work, all Tatiana wants to do is have a nice, quiet down time. This was not her idea of relaxation.

Yet another reason to read Tatianas blog!

Tatiana heard that newspapers are shrinking due to the negative economy. For example Anchorage Daily News is cutting down on pages and other papers in the nation are doing the same.
BUT DON'T WORRY! You can still stay informed and updated on all kinds of events, world wide and local by reading Tatianas blog. Here you can read about topics like Tatianas recent crushes, news in the rave world, ingrown hair problems, who is hot or not, recent strip club gossip and even updates on what's going on in politics and wars.......Tatiana is an endless source of information. You don't need the tv or a newspaper, all YOU NEED is Tatiana!
If you have any specific questions or problems you can send Tatiana an e mail, she will mail you back as soon as she can, she gets hundreds of mails daily, so be patient while waiting for a reply..........!

Bla, bla, blaaaaah.........

Today I had a block heater put in my car. It is rather cold here actually, about - 15 at night, for all my European friends that are reading this, that is - 26!
Hopefully this block heater will work out well.
I had to get little boots for Chhayas feet to protect them from the cold. And the salt on the road.

Ok, so I just finished watching Rock Of Love 3. Seriously, what a bunch of extremely scary looking women they managed to scrape together for this one. Freak show! Once again, I recognize one of them from the clubs on Vegas. Brittany. I remember that I used to think that she was really scary looking, with gargantuan way too large fake boobs, I mean just awful looking and a stretched out, a weird looking face due to too many surgeries. Horrible style and could not walk like a woman at all. And that would pretty much sum up what the rest of the "things" he has on this third round look like. There might be one or two that are cute, time will reveal them, I hope. There is a pretty brunette and maybe one or two more promising ones. But looking at those things and their bad boob jobs and duck lips and melting faces makes me really appreciate natural beauty. Too much plastic surgery makes a woman look WEIRD, a man too btw, Bret himself should definitely not go under the knife any more. He looks almost womanly, more womanly than some of the "things" on his show actually.
After watching all of these Rock Of Loves, my faves still are Daisy (worked with her at Shotguns) and Megan. I am happy Daisy is getting her own show and I hope Megan gets one too.
Plastic surgery in moderation ladies, if you feel the need to do it. The tranny look is not in unless you are a tranny!
But in the end I guess we all do whatever we think will make us happy.........

I am going to take Chhaya out now and then get ready for bed. Good night!