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I love this party!

Though I am not there this year.......I am in my heart.
I love Together As One. Best time ever.......
Happy New Year! Happy Dancing!

Stuff I did today

Did my last preparations for Christmas. I am not going to have a tree since I already have a plastic tree in Vegas and there is no need to get one for here, since I don't need any more stuff to bring back to Vegas when I return. I do have some cute Christmas decorations laying out and lots of candles.
I got a star lamp that I have been wanting for a while, really cute. Will hang it up later.
And I went and dropped of toys, a teddy bear (I wanted to keep him, he was so soft and cuddly) and dog food and cat food at Sadlers, a store in town that have a Christmas gift collection. The stuff will be donated to children and to the ASPCA, I hope the children will like the toys and that the teddy gets lots of love. I get really happy when I can give something to somebody. It is nice.
Then I had to do laundry. I don't have a washer and dryer in my apartment, I don't like that too much but oh well. So I went to this laundromat place I go to and there was a totally crazy, schizo lady there, yelling really loud and waving her arms around. I think she smoked too much crack in her lifetime. Another reason that doing your laundry at the laundromat is one of my NOT so favorite things to do.
Now I feel tired and lazy.

Twilight again!

This afternoon Tatiana and Kennedy went to see Twilight again. They needed to quench their thirst for vampire romance and Edward.
Yes, Tatiana likes vampires (cute ones preferably), faeries, mermaids, pixies and gnomes. Hello Kitty and everything else that is cute.
Afterwards they went to eat at Leroys. They were out of apple pie, Tatiana was disappointed. Then Tatiana did some Christmas shopping, she got Eclipse the third book in the Twilight series and some other things.
A nice thing happened at work last night! Amber came in and surprised Tatiana with some super cute Christmas gifts! So nice! Tatiana got a really cute KANDI bracelet,
a Hello Kitty lunchbox, a Hello Kitty doll, a rave movie (!!!!!) and some other things.
That made Tatiana really happy, Amber is great!
Today it is Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year.........magical.......

Hooked on Quinoa

After hearing some of the girls at work talk about quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah) Tatiana too wanted to try it. So she went to Organic Oasis and got some. It was delicious, now she cooks it at home several times a week.
Quinoa is a grain, or a seed, it is an ancient food and really nutritious and really yummy!
You should try it!

Lucia celebration at Viking Hall

So the other day I went to PIAS, a store on 4th Ave where you can find all kinds of things from Scandinavia, mostly Norway and Sweden. I bought a traditional candle holder that most homes have on display in the windows in Sweden during December.
A lady working in the store told me that there would be a Lucia celebration today at Viking Hall in town. So I went and it was fun. There was glögg!
And risgrynsgröt, one of my favorite foods, it's a rice porridge, served with cinnamon, butter, sugar and milk to your liking.
Then there was a Lucia train, that was really nice. Btw, I was Lucia once, in 6th grade. And then some singing and dancing around the Christmas tree. So nice, but of course it made me miss Sweden even more!!!!

I miss Sweden!

So it's getting closer to Christmas and I miss Sweden, a lot ! Today, December 13 they are celebrating LUCIA in Sweden, a wonderful tradition. There will be singing, a LUCIA train, lussekatter (LUCIA day marks the opening of the Christmas season in Sweden). Lussekatter are delicious saffron buns made in any number of figures: cats, "S" shapes, or figure eights), glögg (a Swedish drink for a cold winter evening). Glögg is a heated, spicy and sweet wine, a bit like the German Gluchwein, delicious. It is so nice, Christmas-y and yummy and I am not there!!!!
I miss my friends, my real friends. What am I doing here? Seriously. I am sad. Sometimes life sucks. I love Chhaya, she is my angel.

To view LUCIA copy and paste this into your tool bar

Tabloid gossip

Tatiana has been feeding her gossip magazine addiction this week, due to an unexpected and annoying stomach flu. And now YOU NEED to know what Tatiana has to say about some of the latest happenings in la la land.
Britney - (Spears that is), it was Britney's 27 birthday on Dec 2. Tatiana loves Britney, she loves her a lot and thinks Britney is great in every way. She is so hoping Britney will take the world by storm with her new album "Circus" and the rumored tour. But she thinks that there is a small chance that Britney will get ill from all the pressure that's on her now. Britney said it herself, she is sad. Tatiana feels bad for Britney. Britney needs to go to a rave with Tatiana, a whole night of dancing, giggling and looking at cute boys and girls will help Britney for sure.
Paris and Benji broke up. Tatiana knew that would happen. Benji was just eeehhhh......not up to par. Paris should be with Stavros. And she should donate some money to Tatiana. Yes.
Lindsay and Sam - very cute together but Tatiana does not think this will last. Lindsay is too young and she still likes boys. Sam will not share Lindsay with a boy. She is all butch (yum). Sam should come and find Tatiana after it is over between her and Lindsay.
Btw Tatiana loves Lindsay's line of leggings, 6126, Tatiana loves leggings. Tatiana needs some of those leggings!
Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz - very cute and a good fit, they seem happy. Also their wedding had an Alice In Wonderland theme. That is awesome! Next year Tatiana is going to have an Alice In Wonderland theme tea party for her birthday at The Four Seasons, it is going to be great!
Jessica Simpson - still annoying, even more so with plumped up lips, now she looks even dumber. Tatiana didn't think that was possible. Lip injections are ugly.
Madonna - her divorce and rumored A Rod romance is just stupid. Why this A Rod character? He looks like a meat head. She should had worked on being married.
Why do so many give up on their marriages? That's weak. It's not going to last with A Rod and she will miss the old husband.
Heidi Montag and Spencer - seriously, why are they even around? They are so missing at least a few chromosomes each. Spencer looks like an ape.

That's probably all that Tatiana can muster up for now. She is sure YOU are thrilled to know all this information, right? And if you do have any questions about any celebs, ask Tatiana, she knows everything.
It's getting late and Tatiana is going to go to bed. Hopefully she will have a dream about hot vampires. Goodnight!