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The Pick Up Artist

Ok ok, so Sunday is Tatiana's day off and she usually ends up totally engulfed with the crazy reality shows on VH1. Now it is "Charm School", Tatiana LOVES Megan and Brandi C, detest Heather (yuck, typical used up and mad Vegas stripper) and this other show called "The Pick Up Artist".
Tatiana yells at the tv and at no one in particular during The Pick Up Artist. SERIOUSLY, this show is too much! A bunch of guys are gathered up at some mansion in Arizona where they will learn how to develop their "game" with women. The teacher is some joker called Mystery that is supposedly a "master pick up artist". More like a circus artist, because he looks like he belongs at a side show somewhere in Alabama.
There's really nothing wrong with the guys that supposedly need to improve their women hunting skills. They are maybe shy, but they are NORMAL. This Mystery character on the other hand is never seen without a black beanie or a bandana (balding maybe ?), a very flamboyant outfit of some sort, he has a pair of ski goggles permanently attached to his forehead, black eyeliner, some outdated face piercings and on occasion a feather boa that serves as a tool to lure his lady victims with.
Mystery is teaching his pupils the art of getting women. And this "art" even comes with it's own words like "opening up a set", and "kino".
It is soooooo stupid and vomit inducing. Just try to hook up with as many girls as possible! No emphasis is put on genuine interest for the girl, feelings, love. It's all about one thing. And the women they are trying to approach in the bars (filmed in Arizona) are the types that won't give a guy the time of a day unless he is driving the right car or has a connection to The Playboy Mansion. In other words your typical LA, Vegas and Scottsdale hooker in disguise.
One by one, the guys will be dropped out of the show until there's one lucky and totally confused winner that will be Mystery's new sidekick.
Yes, Tatiana knows this is tv and it is a show and all but still, it is stupid and some guys out there might watch this and think that this is real. Oh horror!! That this is how you are supposed to behave to get a girl. The same guys that read Maxim and think that all the stupid women advice in there are real. What is wrong with just being yourself???
This Mystery man-thing would be very much out of luck with Tatiana, no "kino" here buddy. She would rip that feather boa up and put it up his arse where it belongs.
Tatiana's advice for guys are be yourself, be polite, shower, use a good deodorant, don't sport obvious nose hairs, don't wear clothes that stink like BO unless you are homeless, brush your teeth, don't act desperate, have something interesting to converse about, don't get annoyingly drunk and don't be too shy and sooner or later things will work out. They say that there is someone out there for everyone. Quality is better than quantity guys, yes some of you find that hard to believe. And being alone in nothing bad either. It's better than to get involved with some psycho chick.
There's no need to look like you spend every free hour in the gym, not every girl think that's hot. At least not this girl. And as you all should know by now, Tatiana knows everything. A Bill Gates is much sexier than a brutish body builder, unless you are into muscle guys that is.
If you have any women problems, e mail Tatiana and she will give you advice worth listening to.
Until next time XOXO, T.

Fun with Borat at work

Finally Tatiana found a group of people with the same humor as hers at work. IT WAS NICE! She could have a whole conversation, Borat style, and get understood.
Maybe Tatiana should be Borat for Halloween? Neon green high riding one piece bathing suit. A dark curly haired wig. And maybe if Tatiana stops shaving the VAGINE and legs now....... the growth will get nice, long and thick by October 31? Probably.....And then she needs a dark mustache. MUCH SUCCESS!

Went flying

Today was fun! Tatiana went flying together with Kennedy in a bush style airplane, a single engine Cessna. It was great. Beautiful weather and amazing views. Tatiana was not operating the plane, she sat in the back as a passenger. Hopefully she can so this again.

Microlending, Tatiana NEEDS!!!!

Tatiana doesn't know if you have heard of the term "microlending" before......
Basically it means that a person lends money to another, usually another poor person, with not much money but with a business idea. And then when they can, within a certain time frame, the borrower will repay the lender. It is a much nicer system than getting a loan from a bank (with sky high shark interest rates, also many countries might not lend money to poor people etc. So you are basically helping somebody out to hopefully better their life. It is NICE!!!!
Tatiana has decided that she will help, and lend to two people this year. A man and a woman. She has not searched for them yet but there is info about this if YOU are interested in helping on and

Now Tatiana NEEDS YOUR help!!!!! She NEEDS to find somebody that is willing to lend her money so she can pay off her condo in Las Vegas. And she will work out a payment plan with you, with much more reasonable interest rates than the ones she has. Tatiana's interest rates should be illegal!!!! That's how bad they are! So if you want to help another person out, you should do some good and do some microlending to Tatiana. She will repay you and everybody will be happy!!! Your karma will improve and Tatiana will be SOOOO grateful and in return she will be able to help more people!!!
Yes, YOU NEED to help Tatiana!!! E mail her for details.

First Snow!

Sunday, day off. Decided to go to Thunderbird Falls with Chhaya. On the way out there it started raining, then snowing. I guess winter is here, it feels good, it was so nice out, really happy I got out today. Thunderbird Falls is a great little hike and the waterfall at the end is strong and impressive. Have to go there again soon.
I love the nature! I can't stand people that think it's ok to discard their empty cans, bottles, cigarette butts etc etc when they are finished consuming their stuff out in nature. That's gross and so low life. Pick up your trash!
Not that I saw a bunch of stuff laying around on my hike today. Only a can and a plastic bag. Just wanted to let you know how I feel about this subject.
Now go hug a tree!

This might interest some of you......

Have you ever, or do you know and/or care for somebody with a substance problem? Have you heard about ibogaine? It is a Schedule 1 drug here in USA, meaning it is illegal to possess and use. But it is an actual treatment for substance problems in some places. And it can also be used to reach greater insights about your own personal self. Something that is extremely fascinating I find. I would love to try ibogaine, maybe one day, if the timing is right. I don't have any substance problems but I want to know myself and "the great unknown" better.
There is some very interesting and educational stuff on YouTube about ibogaine.
Start with Ibogaine, Rite Of Passage a six part introduction on the subject.
Must also add here that I am totally against restricting adults from using, if they wish, things like ibogaine. This can help people. But the pharmaceutical companies would not benefit from this and since we live in a society that is for capital gain instead of happy, healthy people, a root like iboga is illegal.
But by all means, just feed people Methadone, Prozac, Adderall, Zoloft and all that other crap. At least they will have to spend $$$ on doctor visits and prescriptions.
This makes me mad.