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Inspired to share some more opinions.....

Tatiana was supposed to work tonight but decided to stay home and rest her arm that is hurting. She hugged way too many people last time she was working and needs a break. What better way to spend her off time than to enlighten you with her valuable wisdom? Soak it up!
The first lesson will be in RAVES.
Many people do not understand what a "rave" is, many think and believe due to faulty media information that it is some kind of a drug fest, full of underage kids running around, high off their minds.
Yes, there are some high off their mind kids at raves (and they are very cute and harmless btw) but there is also SOOO much more. Raves are really a neo hippie movement, something that stands against the rat race society. Many highly educated and interesting people have attended and spoken at raves, for example Terence McKenna and Albert Hofmann. People that harbor very valuable knowledge that should be shared.
PLUR is a word that is associated with the rave movement. That stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. What is wrong with that?
The music is the key at a rave, people are dancing everywhere and if you think about it, dancing is very primal. Humans have been dancing to the drum beat since the beginning of time. Dancing is a form of communication, healing and therapy, it makes you feel better. And the music at raves is SO GOOD, you have to experience it to understand it.
Many people that turn to raves will be ravers for life if they are open to comprehend the full meaning of a rave. Tatiana will be a raver for life.
What about the drugs? Yes, drugs are prevalent at raves. But you need to understand that there are plenty of drugs everywhere in everyday life. Such as cigarettes and alcohol. Doctors prescribe sk legal drugs generously, even to young children. Tatiana would rather "damage" her body with Ecstasy and magic mushrooms once in a while than get drunk every weekend and smoke a pack of cigarettes every day. Guaranteed the later gives you more damage. And we as a society do not fully comprehend the results of prescription drugs yet. People are gobbling up anti depressants, Adderall etc like it is the answer. Surely not beneficial for most.
Tatiana believes that drugs can do wonders but it is important to educate yourself about them and use them in moderation instead of abusing them. Sure drugs can have a devastating effect, unfortunately, but so can driving a car if you are unlucky.
Drugs in nature such as magic mushrooms, iboga, ayahuasca have been used for spiritual enlightenment by groups of people. Don't you think there is a reason for the government to outlaw drugs that can enlighten us and allow drugs like Zoloft to zombify the masses? Be careful to buy in to the illusion that we are truly free as humans. The fact is that we are more or less controlled by the government.
Raves are movements against this control. They are happy gatherings, Tatiana has never witnessed violence at raves and that nasty meat market behavior that is prevalent at most nightclubs where alcohol is usually the first drug of choice.
Raves are some of the highlights of Tatiana's life, she is constantly looking forward to her next one.

Sunday evening

Tatiana changed her schedule and is now off on Sundays, that's a good thing.
Actually Tatiana often feels a slight hint of sadness on many Sundays, it probably stems from childhood, that whole "oh no, the weekend is over and school starts tomorrow" thing. But yeah, Tatiana often feels a little down on Sundays.
So Tatiana watched her new guilty pleasure on VH1, "I love money". Do you watch it too? Who do you think will get the money?
And now Tatiana wants to share some of her great opinions with you.........ready?
Tatiana does not like Sarah Palin, the republican lady from Alaska. Tatiana does not like any ladies that pose with dead trophy animals, yuck. And even more, ladies that want to bring women's rights back to the middle ages with backwards views on abortion.
Sara Palins 17 year old daughter is pregnant. What's really funny is that the boy that impregnated the daughter, had a Myspace page (not anymore) that stated that he did not want kids, and that he is a redneck that likes to shoot things and that if someone messes with him, he will fuck them up. Nice. He definitely needs to do diaper duty.
Now he is forced to marry Bristol Palin, good luck. Kids having children. Why?
People are focusing in way too much that Barack Obama is "black". Really?
Tatiana recalls that he had a white mom, that passed to cancer. His dad is black, so he is mixed. Right? That should be a pretty good representation of America. What more do people want?
Who cares what the next president looks like, it is what that person can do that counts. But even a moron should be able to figure that out.
Tatiana thinks that health care should be free and available to everybody. When people are healthy they can be productive. If America wants to get out of the current economical situation they need productive people. Productive is not somebody sick, that needs to file bankruptcy due to sky high hospital bills. Productive is not another dead or injured soldier overseas. War is wrong. Where does the Hippocratic Oath fit in to the health care business nowadays? If you are not familiar with The Hippocratic Oath, Tatiana is suggesting that you look it up.
Tatiana read that the people that bought their own home and now have trouble with their mortgage payments are "greedy". Interesting. First you get fed all this propaganda about "The American Dream" of being a home owner. That it is better to own instead of renting. And then when the market crashes and people are stuck with a loan that makes them sick, they are called greedy. Maybe they too thought they should have some of that "American Dream". Or is that too much to dream for? Is that dream only allowed to be lived by a selected few of the population?
But the bankers that got millions upon millions in severance pay, they are not greedy. Oh no....... Now they are retired with more money than they could ever spend.
Tatiana thinks this is unfair and disgusting.
Ok, enough of opinions for now. Tatiana is getting tired. She is going to put on her new pink and white Juicy pajama and go to bed.